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Spanking Model #250 is LEXI BELLE

by on Dec.06, 2012, under Spanking

Well Veronica Ricci and I searched long and hard for the special lady to check in as the official 250th model for the CF sites.  Some suggested Francesca Le, who Veronica contacted but discovered that Francesca only shoots for her own site and is exclusive to the Kink site.  We searched and searched and racked our brains until we finally agreed that it had to be Lexi Belle.  We both have had her on our radar as a super cute model who is willing to do some crazy things and she has an amazing bubble butt and the fact that she is popular and has well over 140,000 followers on twitter couldn’t hurt either.  Here is a link to her twitter.

Lexi Belle uses Veronica’s real bath brush on her.

Above is a photo from the scene with Lexi and Veronica that will appear tomorrow on Spanked Call Girls.  Who doesn’t love a bubble bath scene with two hotties?!  They of course end up spanking each other.  An interesting story about that bath brush that Lexi used on Veronica (leaving some interesting marks btw) is that this was Veronica’s real bath brush.  I couldn’t find a good one for spanking – the modern ones all come with weird handles not really designed for spanking as they extend onto the brush portion.  So I bought a new one and gave that along with $20 to Veronica in a trade for her bath brush that happens to be ideal for spanking.  She laughed at this trade, but was a good sport to make it (I was worried since I don’t really know if ladies become attached to a bath brush or not).

Model #250 has an anal surprise for Veronica

As you can see from the above photo, Veronica also took some anal beads.  This is a super sexy scene with really good spanking.  We shot two other scenes the same day that will be used for Veronica’s new site, which is called Spanking Veronica Works.  Look for that to debut some time around February of 2013.  We have been shooting a great deal for it recently and “WOW” is all I can say for now.  But I’m sure Veronica will share more about shooting with Lexi, because she loved it.  She directed all the scenes.  So check out Veronica’s BLOG as well for more info.

In the meantime, I hope you guys love Lexi at least half as much I do!  A very worthy model #250.  Also check out all of our models on this one LIST of models.  Who knows, maybe some time next year we’ll make it to 300 and be back asking for more suggestions.

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  • Mike

    hahahahaha veronica got it good from Lexi iam sure lexi taught veronica good lesson too and look like she herself could be strict spanker i have an idea what ever number the model are is and should be number of spanks they get how that for an idea

    on side not dontm ind me sometime i act silly and being goofy too i mean no harm just having fun with the models

  • tim

    Lexi is a nice choice ,she is giving Veronica big spanks ,best from ,Tim.

  • admin

    Mike, that is a good suggestion, however I have had a lot of negative feedback with counting or having a set number of spanks, so I am taking a break from that for a while – no counting policy in effect. However, but the time we get to model #300 – I think for sure she should get 300 spanks.

  • Mike

    i remeber diucussion about coutning out the spanks the model get but i dont mean she has to count out the spanks but the number the model is is how many spanks she get from the female spanker

    like lex belle is number 243 then that number of spanks she get i voulnteer ms Veronica Ricc to be the spanker to all these new model that be fair but also be fiar if veroncia get spanked too but by the model before or after her

  • admin

    Well, Mike, it would be challenging to get exactly 250 spanks if someone wasn’t actually counting them out loud. Not every new to our sites model will be spanked by Veronica (I did a shoot yesterday with a new model named Brandi – no Veronica alas) but many will. We are shooting new models this week in Asphyxia Noir and Ashley Graham. And guess who will be spanking them and getting spanked by them?

  • Mike

    my wild guesss be the sweet friendly easy going Miss Veronica Ricci will be doing the spanking and getting spanked by them i hope she go easy on them so they go easy on her

    your right be hard to get 250 spanks or any number of spanks if somebody wasnt counting but i was joking i knew this really wouldnt happen

    that cool your shooting with more new models that just been more shoots to put out too

  • tim

    Excellent the more the merrier with pretty girls spanked by other girls ,best ,Tim.

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