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New Sweeties Casie Has Unusual Upbringing

by on Feb.02, 2013, under Spanking Interviews

Over time I have filmed many ladies being interviewed about their childhood spankings.  Adult model Casey Cumz is the most recent to candidly discuss this on Spanked Sweeties.

Syren De Mer plays a realistic mom to Casey

Listening to her being interviewed by Syren De Mer, I couldn’t help but think “this is a new one.”  Casey was a military kid and her dad actually punished her by making her doing exercises.  Just like in all those movies with the strict drill sergeant. Casey is short, but she now has bulging biceps thanks to being a naughty child.

Thankfully, her mom was more traditional when it came to passing out discipline and she often spanked Casey.  We got Syren De Mer to play Casey’s mom.  Syren is strict and a hard spanker – and is quickly becoming very popular on our sites.  So needless to say, she was fantastic as the mom. After the shoot, Casey admitted that Syren was so realistic playing her mom that she channeled back some of those emotions she had as a child being spanked.

Ashley Rose as the babysitter towers over Casey

We were also pleased to discover that Casey was spanked by her babysitter.  We called on Ashley Rose to play that part.  Ashley is about a foot taller than Casey and this was another spot-on scene with interesting dynamics.  Casey was very active in coaching the models in this shoot to make sure that we got the spanking scenes very accurate. I’m sure fans will appreciate that.

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  • Mike

    do the model who playing the babysitter has the actual name in video of the babysitter in real life who spanked the model who got spanked

    like casey being spanked here did ashley have the name of the baby sitter who spanked casey in real life

    Casey might be3 another hard spanker with her big bicep if she ever decide to switch and hand out the spanking i think the female with big bicep could dish out hard spanking storng enough to

  • Tim

    Very nice post ,young Casey is another welcmespankee girl ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Will not be using real names (to protect the innocent). Casey will definitely get a chance to spank someone else and test her strength.

  • Mike

    i get not using the real names for video so i guess nobody in shoots use real name during spanking shoots

    but i meant if casey babysitter name was ashley or katie something that then model that spanking her has or had that name

    sound like casey has alot of strenght and a real strong girl cant wait see aftermath of her doing the spanking

  • Dave

    The beguiling Syren de Mer rocking that orange mini-dress just made my day. @@:-)

  • admin

    Agree, Dave – that orange dress is pretty awesome!

  • Tim

    Thenew ones with Anikkas Birthday spankings is great with 3 lovely girls ,best,Tim.

  • patrick aloysius

    female on female hand spankings are boring

  • admin

    Patrick some people would find female/female hand spanking boring but they typically wouldn’t be looking at and commenting on this blog. Some people may also find you boring, but if they do, and you have a blog, hopefully they won’t read it and comment on it.

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