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Willow May Need a Spanking

by on Feb.05, 2014, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking, Spanking Interviews

See what I did with the headline for the post?  Willow May is the newest Spanked Sweeties and I made a pun that she “may” need a spanking. And her last name is “May.” Pun-ished you with that one. Okay maybe not such a great pun worthy of this outstanding new spanking model.

Willow May learns what an "F" gets her

Willow May learns what an “F” gets her

I am proud to say I was her first spanking shoot. She is 19 and already working at the Dominion, a dungeon in Los Angeles. She really has it all together and she is so cute and sweet you guys will love her.

Willow May goes otk with MzFionaX

Willow May goes otk with MizFionaX

She wasn’t spanked growing up, so she is a late comer to the spanking experience. You should check out her interview to see how she got into spanking.  She is interviewed by MizFionaX, who works at the other big dungeon in LA, the Sanctuary LAX. Willow also does a re-enactment with a customer of the Dominion to show what a typical session is like for her.

Fiona insisted this was a great spanking position. Agreed.

Fiona insisted this was a great spanking position. Agreed.

I have shot ladies from both establishments, the Dominion and Sanctuary LAX, many times, but this is the first time I have shot one from each dungeon in the same shoot, working with each other.

Wilow suggested corner time

Wilow suggested corner time

After interviewing Willow, Fiona plays her mom in a fantasy spanking scene that is quite excellent. It is something the two models came up with together. They really got into it.  Fiona looked for something that looked like a test and wrote a large “F” on it (for fail). Fiona suggested that at some point she should spank Willow while bent over the desk.  Willow liked the idea of writing while in the corner. Great chemistry.

I will need to get them both back for the big shoot later this year, whether it be schoolgirls, a slumber party or cheerleaders.

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  • Tim

    Yes young Willow is lovely ,best,Tim.

  • Dave

    A lovely new spankette indeed! Great work by all! 🙂

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,for some annoying reason when I download your videos on the windows media player they come out with a green screen with the sound and no picture ,can you suggest anything ?,best from ,Tim.

  • mike

    willow may is a good girl doesnt need spanking lol

    think cool you had crossover and had 2 model working from differnt company that shot with before

    couldnt find willow interview either hope can find it

    have you ever heard of model hanging out after spnking shoot and talk about how both felt how they think shoot went

  • admin

    Tim, I think I have mentioned this before but please send tech questions to my email instead of comments area of my blog. Your issues sound specific to you but I need more info, such as what clips are you having issues with and are you downloading them, then playing them? What media player are you using?

  • admin

    Mike – there is a short interview from Willow May and it has been posted (the WMV version has). She is sitting on a red sofa talking to Fiona.

  • admin

    Also, I wish I had a camera running at all times because often after the shoots, Mike, models talk about VERY interesting things. And many of them carry on about how sore their bottom is and how much it hurts to sit down. Haven’t figured a way to share all that yet.

  • admin

    Glad you like her Dave! She is a true Sweetie.

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,Veronica and Kay are great playing littlies with GOverness ,.lovely girls.Very cute young Poppy is a great new spankee girl being spanked by a new girl ,sorry I have forgotten her name I apolgise to her she is lovely too ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Tim that is Star with Poppy. I am getting lots of great feedback on Poppy.

  • Tim

    Star ,yes of course a nice girl ,she is great in the video with Poppy ,best,Tim.

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