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by on Jan.15, 2017, under Spanking

I get many questions about spanking shoots either via this blog, occasionally on twitter, and many via email. I thought it might be entertaining to answer a few of them (shout out to Mike) today.

Lots of chatting and planning before EE11 shoot

Lots of chatting and planning before EE11 shoot

1.  QUESTION: Do the models talk about spanking each other before shoots or how they are going spank someone or their spanking style?

ANSWER: Almost on every shoot, there is at least a few minutes set aside for talking about the spanking scene that is about to take place. On EE11, now on Girl Spanks Girl, that discussion was extensive as it was a complicated shoot.  I would say at least 15 minutes were set aside and all models chimed in at one time or another.  If you are wondering if models ever talk about spanking on their own, and not related to the shoot, that does happen sometimes, too.  More often with models who are very much into spanking, such as Elor Stix, Stevie Rose, Maddie Marks, Bella Bathory — well, many of the models who were in EE11.  They talk about what they like, who spanked them recently, etc. I remember on this set hearing Elori talking in great detail about spanking before the shoot and interrupting her to say “we should be filming this, members would love to hear you right now!”  She did do a Spanked Sweeties and you can hear some of what she talked about in her interview on that site.


A couple of on-set butt slappers

2.  QUESTION:  Do any models slap each others butts in the dressing room or getting ready?

ANSWER: Not too many models spank each other before shoots, but some do.  I often catch myself saying “hey save it for the camera” when they do, especially if they are hard slaps.  When Veronica Ricci started out, it seemed like she was swatting another model’s behind often before shoots.  And Stevie Rose was another one.  Madison Martin, too.  The photo above shows Stevie and Veronica preparing for a scene for Spanking Veronica Works. There was definitely some pre-shoot spanks going on that day.

Celeste helps Jamie feel comfortable on her first spanking shoot

Celeste helps Jamie feel comfortable on her first spanking shoot

3.  QUESTION: Do all the models get along and are friendly during the shoot?

ANSWER: I have been shooting spanking scenes for a very long time and am pleased to say that I have never encountered a shoot in which models didn’t get along.  I have had times when a model has been mad about something going on with her life outside of the shoot and the model getting spanked by her typically gets an extra hard spanking because of it. And there are a few times when one model would tell me she will not shoot with a certain model because of some conflict. But I have never had any on set issues.  The more typical occurrence is when one model helps the other ease into her shoot, such as in the above photo when Celeste Star helped Jamie Hendrix feel comfortable with her first ever spanking shoot, here in a scene for My Spanking Roommate.

Kymberly and Veronica became friends after meeting on shoots

Kymberly and Veronica became friends after meeting on shoots

4.  QUESTION: Do any models ever become friends after meeting on a shoot?

ANSWER: There are many times when models become friends after meeting on a shoot.  Just as many times co-workers in any profession become friends.  In the above photo, Kymbery Jane and Veronica Ricci can be seen clowning around before a scene.  They both have a keen sense of humor and so they bonded instantly when shooting together and became fast friends. I’m sure it happens even more times than I know. There was even one time that I know of (I will not ever name them) that two models were so attracted to one another that they started dating after a shoot.  And they had a romantic relationship that included spanking.  Stuff of fantasy right there.

Keep those questions coming.

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