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Reading While Getting Spanked

by on Apr.12, 2017, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

There are two scenes up now on My Spanking Roommate where a new roommie must read the apartment rules while she is getting spanked.

Kitty Catherine cries during her spanking

It was an idea I got a long time ago when someone in a Sweeties interview said she used to have to pray while she got spanked.  I can’t remember which Sweetie it was, but it has been since re-enacted and recreated in some variation a number of times over the years.

Here are Kitty’s tears on the rules she was reading during her spanking

In the previous episode, Veronica spanked her new roommate Kitty Catherine while Kitty read the rules.  Kitty actually cried real tears, which fell onto the paper she was reading.

A closer shot of the tears

I snapped a couple of pics of that tear-stained paper for your enjoyment.

Kitty is so cute and has a nice curvy rump

In the new scene on the site, Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) spanks her new roommate, rising star Harley Havik, and also makes her read the rules of the apartment while doing so. She even makes her fetch a hairbrush for Kay to use on her.

Kay spanks Harley while she reads the rules of the apartment

Kym and Harley bonded on the set, and Harley let Kym know that she could take a hard spanking, but then warned that she would be dishing it out hard herself in future scenes. Something to look forward to on the roommate spanking front.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • Mike

    Firstoff Miss Veronica is big meanie spanker she should go easy on the girls first time around shouldnt be spanking those sweet girl breaking rules first time

    second i wonder how many time the model had be spanked for same rules or how many rules they broken how many has learn lesson as well after spankings

    last we all know miss sweet Veronica know rules are for her as well she iam sure had her share spent time over a lap being spanked paddle as well for breaking rules

  • Tim

    A Happy Easter to you Cameraman and all the beautiful girls on your great sites from Tim .

  • admin

    Thanks, Tim, happy Easter to you as well

  • admin

    Yes, Mike, I’m sure Veronica got spanked MANY times for breaking the rules!

  • Mike

    well we all knowhow Veronica is alway bad naughty girl and desver all those many spankings she get she love being taken over lap have her bare booty butt spanked hard it hontest truth

  • admin

    Well, Mike, I think you do speak the truth about Veronica, and while she may not shout it out from the highest mountain top, or write it on a cave with her own blood, or toss a message in a bottle in the middle of the ocean, or maybe not even admit it to her inner circle of of compatriots, she probably does realized, deep down, that she does deserve a spanking.

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