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EE12 Part 2 is Something Completely Different

by on Feb.11, 2018, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

Exclusive Education Year 12, Part 2 is running now on Girl Spanks Girl. The longest running massive schoolgirl spanking series is branching out in part 2, to give members something completely different – a schoolgirl scene set in a dungeon. Snow Mercy generously set it up for us to shoot EE12 in her studio this year.

The schoolgirls are shocked to discover they’re in a dungeon and not a museum

The first part of EE12 was in a traditional setting, Snow’s large break room. But she has a massive dungeon in her studio, and it seemed like a waste not to utilize it. So in Part 1, the girls are spanked by Teacher Snow and Principal Clare Fonda in the break room before going on a field trip to the Amelia Earhart museum. In part 2, the girls find themselves in a dungeon instead of the museum.

Despite the mayhem, the spankings were hard – just ask Alice Goods and Ashley Lane

Seems like someone gave Teacher Snow bad directions to the musem. While she is parking the school van, the girls all start spanking each other in the dungeon, using the available implements, that include paddles and crops. When Snow enters to witness this mayhem, the story shifts to one in which she canes each girl, attempting to get to the bottom of this mishap.

Teacher Snow is shocked to see what’s going on and that is NOT the Amelia Earhart museum

At the very end of the scene, there is a cameo from Principal Fonda, which sets up the next part of the series.

The girls had a blast shooting this scene and were very creative in their use of implements. And while they were having a great time creating mischief, the spankings are still real, and painful. Alice Goods and Ashley Lane seemed to get the hardest spankings in this scene, and the harshest canings landed on Joy, Elori and Cupcake.

Cupcake Sinclaire receives a hard caning from Miss Snow

An interesting aside, I went through a few options for the destination of their field trip, but once I pitched the Amelia Earhart museum, the girls went crazy and it seemed like an obvious choice.  Enjoy this section that includes multiple spankings going on at the same time (possible sensory overload) and ends with focused one-on-one canings from Snow Mercy.

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  • Dave

    Schoolgirls in a dungeon for EE12, Part Deux? I’m luvin’ it! Great work Sir!

  • Jim

    What a fun concept! Just a heads up though, Cupcake’s last name is SinClair according to her twitter, not sinclaire. Just thought you’d want to know 😉

  • Snow Mercy

    It was a sincere pleasure to host this shoot!

  • Ellen

    I just subscribed to Clare Spanks Men, and most scenes are ruined by Audrey Tate.
    Why is she screaming at the viewer in every scene?

  • admin

    Audrey Tate is very popular on the site, but spanking models have differing styles and some members will like some and not others. There are 311 scenes on Clare Spanks Men and Audrey Tate appears in 18 regular scenes (not counting bonus scenes). That is 6% of the scenes that appear on the site. Of course she is always in the bonus scenes and if you want to include them, she is in 81 scenes, which is 26% of the scenes (though the bonus scenes are not part of the regular content). Still, any way you cut it, she is not in, as you claim “most” of the scenes. So you are clearly exaggerating to over-emphasize your point. Point taken, you hate Audrey Tate. That still leaves you 94% of the remaining regular content offerings to sift through since you just joined the site.

  • admin

    Snow, thanks MILLIONS for hosting this shoot!! Everyone had a great time and loved shoot at your place!

  • admin

    Thanks for the shoutout, Dave!

  • admin

    Thanks, Jim. Cupcake SinClair it is.

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