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Handmaid Spanking – Not Consentual

by on Jun.16, 2018, under Spanking, spanking in the news

The show “Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu is quite compelling and thought-provoking. In a nutshell, it is set in the slight future where babies are harder to produce and a religious sector takes over the United States and makes women second class citizens, much like they were made to be many years ago.

There is a commander who is a driving force behind this crazy society – and his wife who once helped their revolution, now is his “wife” in the oldest (they suggest Biblical) sense – in that she is not permitted to work or act on any of her own thoughts without her husband’s permission. While I was watching Season 2, Episode 8 recently, she defied her husband’s order and tried to help a baby.

When he calls her out, she asks him “what is more important than helping a baby?” He answers “obeying your husband.” Then I’m thinking, “is he going to spank her? This looks like a setup for a spanking scene.”  Sure enough, he has her bend over a chair, he takes off his belt and spanks her, even making the Handmaid who was part of her defiance, watch.

And after, they show her looking at her marked up butt in the mirror. This was not exactly fun to watch for me because I’m only into consentual  spanking. It can be forceful if agreed to in advance (this scene wasn’t).  But check it out if you get Hulu. The show is very powerful and intense. And decide for yourself if this spanking scene is a turn-on or simply another excellent scene to drive the story (and make you despise the commander even more).

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