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Doll Spanking Off The Charts

by on Oct.19, 2021, under spanking soap opera

There is a new scene up on My Spanking Roommate, Episode 407, called Creepy Doll Spanking. It is a must-see scene, that stars Clare Fonda as someone who loves her creepy dolls.

Clare Fonda loves her dolls for real – she doesn’t just creep on them – they were hand picked.

When her new roommate Nikki Sweet complains about the dolls, Clare gives Nikki a spanking over her knee while the dolls watch. This scene is instantly one of my all time favorites because the commitment from the models makes it seem so real.

Clare gives her new roommate – the lovely Nikki Sweet – a sound spanking

It is funny and creepy and intense and Nikki takes as hard of a spanking as she could, which was quite a nice level for a sexy porn star willing to get her bottom bright red. Clare maybe actually has a creepy love for these dolls, or she’s a great actress, or both! And Nikki’s shock seems very real.

Next up Nikki gives Clare a spanking while the dolls watch. Painful and embarrassing!

Look for the next episode, which will feature Nikki’s revenge as she delivers a spanking to Clare, which is embarrassing to her because the dolls watch it.

Instant classic!


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  • Mikeohio

    been cool if all Dolls came alive and started spanking them as well that been awesome

    or one of Doll/all doll actually did the spanking to Clare or Nikki but then they Clair or Nikki wake up relax relazie was dream look over that doll was smiling holding a paddle but their Clare/Nikki butt feel soree warm wonder if really was a dream that got spanked

    Clare as doll spanking Nikki as Nikki shock wake up see Clare as doll

    Nikki as doll spanking Clare Clare wake up see Nikki as a doll been good idea too

  • admin

    A spanking from a doll that comes to like is a good suggestion, Mike. I’ll look into that.

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