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Broken Paddles

by on Jul.13, 2022, under spanked call girls

On a rare occasion a paddle will break over a model’s bottom during a shoot. It’s usually pretty exciting to the models and the reactions range from laughter to shock. Or both.

Snow Mercy broke a paddle on Reyna St Clair in a recent shoot. Yikes and ouch.

It happened very recently when Snow Mercy was paddling Reyna St Clair for an upcoming scene on Spanked Call Girls.

Frame grab of impact at moment the paddle breaks on Iris’s bottom. Thanks Mistress Gloria

It actually happened at the same location (different room) where we shot a scene that was also for Spanked Call Girls about 3 years ago. In that shoot, Mistress Gloria was paddling Iris.  Iris is just under 6 feet tall, but Gloria is well over 6 feet tall, so she can really deliver a whack.

A frame grab of Mistress Gloria’s real reaction right after the paddle broke

She actually broke one of my all time favorite paddles (a gift from Emily Parker) that was in the shape of a shoe (you’re gonna get a boot up your ass) and had rubber on one side (for good girls) and wood on the other side (for bad girls).

We shall see if it’s another 3 years before the next paddle breaks.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • Mike ohio

    i say any top who break paddle over model she spanking

    should be punished get spanking frm model who passle broke in

    So Miss Snow should be spanked get good spanking by Reyna

    also even if femae top mistress or top she should get a spanking tooif break paddle in. odel butt

    sound like me so e model swing spanking too hard with paddle & brushes

  • mike P

    Who has to pay or buy new paddle when break paddle lol bet it funny moment make

    model does have iron steel butt or Spanker has strong hard hands arm swing spank to har

  • admin

    You rocked it, Snow!!

  • admin

    That does happen sometimes, Mike and Sky did eventually get to spank Snow as well.

  • Ray

    Hi Cam Man
    There’s a hot clip on spanked Caulfield under archive to called Gwen spanks Kaiya Lyn unfortunately it stops halfway thru, just wondered if you post the full c!ip.


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