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The Spanking Babysitter

by on Jan.30, 2023, under babysitter spanking, Spanking

We shot a custom recently that will play out as a 6 part story on the Girl Spanks Girl site. It stars Lexi Holland as a young lady who is used to having her expenses paid by her mom.

Sexy Lexi Hollands learns the hard way that you’re never too old for a babysitter or a spanking

The tall beauty Sky Terrapin plays the strict babysitter who was hired by Lexi’s mom to bring discipline to Lexi any way she sees fit. Of course that ends up being several severe spankings that finally adjust Lexi’s attitude.

Lexi Holland really had difficulty sitting as her shoot with Sky Terrapin progressed

It was a fun shoot, with lots of energy and Lexi was in fact having difficulty sitting as the shoot progressed. Part 1 is up now on Girl Spanks Girl and finds Lexi getting spanked by hand and a Brat paddle. Each scene will feature a progressively harder implement.

After the wooden spoon, Lexi started having trouble sitting between her scenes with Sky 

Part 2 features a wooden spoon. Part 3 a round wooden paddle. And it only gets harder for lesson with each new spanking.

The energy is off the charts in Part 3 as Babysitter Sky paddles Lexi’s amazing bottom

I will update the progress in the blog after the 3rd part. Enjoy!


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  • MikepOhio

    Wouldn’t mind if Skye was my babysitter & gotten spanked by her over her legs, i would dven go. ore as being the rude kid bullying other kids or peek in on Skye she catches me instead calling Cops or something she decides give me good long hard old fashioned Spanking to teach me lesson

  • MikepOhio

    wpuldnt mind getting good spanking by Skye if my babysitter. even get spanked by her bullying other kids peeking in her as well spanked hard learn lesson

  • mikeohio

    love if got spanking by babysitter as well Sky be perfect babysitter dishing out punishment. love if she spanked me livking in bulky. other kids as she our babysitter her spanking me in frint other mom too

  • admin

    Agreed, Mike – Sky is a great spanker and would make the perfect babysitter for just about anyone!!

  • Eddie

    Yes I agree, She could be my babysitter also!! I’ve even had thoughts of Her being a hot Teacher (wearing something very short of course!) and I’m a naughty student that She puts across Her Lovely Long Legs several times during class time; enough to warrant Her keeping me after school and taking me to the Detention Room!! Yes I’d be in big trouble but what a trip it’ll be across Her lap!!

  • Tim

    Best spanks , given.

  • admin

    Yes Tim, Sky can really deliver a great spanking!

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