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Wrestling & Spanking on My Spanking Roommate

by on Mar.14, 2012, under spanked girlfriends, Spanking, spanking soap opera


The last 2 episodes of My Spanking Roommate included wrestling and spanking.

Episode 101 found Kay Richards and her friend Ashley (played by Ariel X) wrestling each other, then spanking each other in Kay’s bedroom.

Episode 102, now running, finds Madison Martin and Tawny (played by Madison Young) wrestling and spanking each other in an alley.

In both scenes, this animated spanking clip of wrestling and spanking was used as an example for the girls. Check it out and see if you can find any similarities.

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Best Friends Kissing and Spanking

by on Jan.13, 2012, under spanked girlfriends


We shot a scene recently that is now up on Girl Spanks Girl, and it featured real friends Alice Wonder and Nena. 

Alice is the one who got Nena involved in spanking, sending her Clare Fonda’s way a year or so ago.  When given the opportunity to do a makeout/spanking scene together, the two friends jumped at the chance. 

But the scene ended up being more about the spanking than the making out (maybe they are too close and it seemed strange – but at least they did a great job kissing each other passionately). 

They spanked each other without hesitation.  I remembered Alice spanking someone once before – Katherine St. James for Spanked Call Girls comes to mind.  And it was rather mild.  Alice definitely has improved as a spanker, even though she is thinner (go figure).  Alice gave Nena a very hard spanking. 

Nena doesn’t spank as hard.  But Clare comes into the scene and turns their bottoms both till they turn bright red and speckle.  It’s a very hard spanking for an erotic scene, even if the making out portion is on the brief side. 

Definitely worth checking out – two good friends kissing and spanking each other.  Which perhaps answers the age old question: What are friends for?

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Erotic Spankings Can Be Hard

by on Nov.29, 2011, under spanked girlfriends


I must admit that I sort of dig shooting erotic spanking scenes.  Dig, enjoy, love – however one might choose to describe it.  At first I thought they would be light spankings with two girls then making out. 

But sometimes, they end up being pretty hard spankings.  Mary Jane is great at  being a top.  She always brings it, even in an erotic scene.  Presently, there is an erotic scene running on Girl Spanks Girl in which she spanks Veronica Ricci. 

Then of course, they make out (it is an eroitc scene) and then Veronica spanks Mary Jane.  Pretty good stuff.

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Spanks on the 4th of July

by on Jul.04, 2011, under spanked girlfriends


I have included a montage of shots from the 4th of July episode presently running on My Spanking Roommate.  It was a pretty hilarious episode to film.  Sophie Nova is British and didn’t know a lot about the 4th of July.  So that was incorporated into the scene and Hollie Stevens spanks her making her say things like “America rules, Brittan drools.”

But what kicks off the spanking is Sophie lighting a firecracker under Hollie’s ass.  Hollie was a little nervious about this (with good cause), but totally up for having the firecracker go off under her bottom.  However, due to technical difficulties, it didn’t actual go off, more like fizzled.  So a sound effect had to be added in post. 

Sorry, better luck next year for those who want to witness an actual explosion under a hot girl’s bootie. 

There is lots of spanking, hand and hair brush, so hopefully that makes up for the explosion free gag.  In any case, hope you all have a Happy 4th of July and enjoy the irony of shooting a 4th of July scene with Brittish and American hotties spanking each other. 

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How to Shoot the Erotic Spanking

by on May.20, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

Erotic Spanking

I will admit that I enjoy shooting erotic spankings.  They tend to be lighter (though not always), and run a little shorter, but the pay off is that you get to see (or in my case film) two girls making out, which some may be into, others not so much.  It’s all good for me. 

Part 2 of “The Other Girl” is now up on Girl Spanks Girl.  In the first part, Alexis Grace spanked Ash Hollywood for cheating with Alexis’s girlfriend (who is played by Mary Jane).  In the second part, Alexis spanks Mary Jane before admitting that she also made out with Ash. 

So Mary Jane spanks her, then they have make-up sex.  The sex (or makeout) scenes are rarely scripted ahead of time.  99% of the time, it is the models who decide what they are willing to do, or in some cases want to do, and they make that part of the scene happen themselves. 

Alexis is an incredibly sexual person (not to mention super hot), and she is really into this sort of shoot, which makes it comfortable for the other model and for the guy shooting the scene.  Here’s to hoping we get Alexis on the schedule again soon for another erotic spanking scene.

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Spanking Great Amber “Pixie” Wells Vs. Tons of Spankees

by on Feb.13, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

Amber “Pixie” Wells

The headline to this blog makes me imagine Amber “Pixie” Wells (who of course is one of the all time great spanking models) fighting off tons of other spanking models in some big spankfest to see who comes out on top.  But that is not exactly what happens on the current My Spanking Roommate episode.  But it comes close. 

The episode begins with Ashley (played by Ariel X) showing up to a school girl party where all the girls spank her because it’s her birthday.  In what is a pretty unusual spanking, all the girls sit on chairs in a line and pass Ariel from lap to lap getting in several whacks (way more than one for each year).  For purposes of the story, Amber set this up. 

So Ariel pays Amber a visit and gives her a long, hard spanking to make things (more than) even. 

I always love shooting with Pixie.  She is so kind and sweet and genuine.  And of course she is known for her enthusiasm, great acting skills and how hard she can take a spanking.  And she plays a recurring character on the Roommates site that is a lot of fun to watch.  Her character is VERY naughty, which Pixie seems to relish playing. 

So if you’re a fan of lots of girls spanking one assembly line fashion and/or a fan of Pixie check it out.

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Shooting In Small Places

by on Jan.31, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

My Spanking Roommate

Clare Fonda often requests a spanking scene to be shot in a bathroom.  Now if you figure that I try to shoot with two cameras and at least two lights, plus me operating one of the cameras, and that there are at least two models in the scene, the math doesn’t add up. 

How do we fit 3 people, two lights and two cameras in one tiny space.  Well, the short answer is that we drop a few items.  One light bounced instead of 2 or 3 lights.  Sometimes it is just a one camera shoot.  And there is no space for the models to roam.  The above photo is Miss Chris (playing Officer Chris) spanking Clare in a bathroom for the My Spanking Roommate site. 

I was in the tub filming, and actually we had a second camera – being filmed through the bathroom door by Sarah Gregory.  The one light was bounced from the only corner that was not reflected off the mirror.  Yikes.  Clare actually cries during the scene. 

I wasn’t sure if she was crying from the pain (Miss Chris has a very heavy hand) or if Clare was crying from the guilt of suggesting we shoot this big scene in a tiny bathroom.  I’m still waiting for the day she suggests we shoot inside a closet.

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by on Jan.03, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

Spanking the Maid
So the latest episode on My Spanking Roommate features Kay Richards teaching her maid to speak English – while spanking her like crazy.  So I came up with the word “spanklish” to cover this.  Pretty hilarioius, huh? 
If you like a little comedy, with a very solid spanking – hand and a nasty hairbrush – then you should check this one out.  Rosario Stone plays the maid and her English could use some work in real life, so this episode has a real ring of truth. 
 If you can speak Spanish (that is spoken really, really fast) then this episode can be an added bonus because Rosario goes on and on in Spanish – I assume talking about how she does not want to be spanked any more. 
By the way, does anyone know the word for “spanking” in Spanish?
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Interesting Spanking Positions

by on Nov.26, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Spanking Positions
The latest episode on My Spanking Roommate offers 3 interesting spanking positions – 2 girls wrestlings while spanking each other, the classic over-the-knee (OTK) and 2 girls bent over each other while getting spanked. 
The episode begins with Madison and Kay spanking each other while wrestling.  They are being too loud and forgot to close the front door to their apartment.  The landlady Lina (played by Mistriss Gemini) hears them and walks into their room to first administer and OTK spanking to each girl – then she has them bend over one another for a strapping. 
 I will blog some time in the future about more spanking positions, but this episode is a good sample of some of the most traditional ones.  OTK seems to be the most popular, followed by the bent over position.  Madison and Kay are game for any position. 
Mistriss Gemini is a veteran top, who has often represented the fetish world in radio interviews and the like, and she really brought it on this shoot.  I’m not sure where she is from, but she has a British accent and is amazing verbally.  She is small, but definitely packs a wallop.  Check out her site.
Mistress Gemini is one of the most stern ladies I have ever filmed.  So check  out the latest epsisode if you like stern ladies and a variety of spanking positions.
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Brooke Is Back

by on Nov.05, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Brooke Lee Adams Spanked
Brooke Lee Adams is back on Girl Spanks Girl.  And as they like to say in the song, Brooke’s “got back.”  Her nice bootie was spanked again by Mia Lelani.  Then the two make out on a sofa.  In this story, Brooke takes a spanking because she wants Mia to cook for her, to impress someone who might hire Brooke.  Here is what was going through my mind as I filmed this scene – is it tantalizing if the model is being spanked to her limit, even if it looks like a light spanking? 
Now it is true that Brooke sneezed (on camera) a few times while being spanked because of her allergies, but she also had a few tears because she has such an unbelievably low pain tolerance.  Despite how it might look, this was a very REAL spanking for Brooke, but it put it next to a heavyweight spanking you might see someone like Kay Richards or Chloe Elise take, and it pales (literally as the butt doesn’t get very red) in comparison. 
But after the shoot and the cameras stopped rolling, Brooke complained about how sore her bottom was and how difficult it was for her to sit down.  Clare has been trying to schedule a Sweeties shoot with Brooke and her sister, who were both spanked growing up.  It has been hard to schedule and it probably won’t happen until some time next year.  But it will be interesting to see how Brooke takes a spanking from Clare, who spanks much harder than Mia.  Stay tuned.
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