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Celebrity Spanking Threats

by on Mar.11, 2014, under Spanking, spanking in the news

Who wouldn’t want to see Katy Perry give Miley Cyrus “the biggest spanking ever?” She probably deserves it.

Heck, who then gives Katy the spanking she also deserves. Volunteers?

It became a big “news” story the other day when Katy said she would spank Miley the next time she sees her, the threat coming via twitter. Read all about it here.

Lady Gaga has been seen with red hand printed ass

Lady Gaga has been seen with red hand printed ass

Lots of celebs over the years have been linked to spanking, including Madonna, Elizabeth Hurly, Carly Simon, Lady Gaga, and well heck, many, many others. Enjoy a few who have actually been photographed in the act of spanking:

Carmen Electra admits to being a switch

Carmen Electra admits to being a switch

Bond girl Barbara Bach - spanked by Ringo?

Bond girl Barbara Bach – spanked by Ringo?


Chelsea Handler often seen getting spanked

Chelsea Handler often seen getting spanked

Sophia Coppola directs others to spank her

Sophia Coppola directs others to spank her




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Lindsay Lohan Must Be Spanked

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Spanking

Lindsay Lohan Spanked
It should be obvious – instead of sending Lindsay Lohan to jail for something like 90 days when everyone knew she’d be out in a week, the judge should’ve simply spanked her.  Lindsay loves to show off her bottom, which is respectably spankable despite her efforts to starve herself.  On youtube there is an animation depicting a fantasy paddling of Lindsay – here is that link
Also, you can view her being sentenced  – with one creative person adding some spanking sound effects – seen here.  Lindsay Lohan has shown the ability to be a good actress – so maybe if she can get her act together it won’t be too late to get her once promising career jump started.  Could a spanking do the trick?  If you’re reading this Lindsay, we can probably find some volunteers.
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A Miley Cyrus Spanking Might Look Like This

by on Jul.22, 2010, under Spanking

Celebrity Spanking Look-alike

For those of you who have seen how badly Miley Cyrus wants to look like the hot chick (some would say slut), the next best thing to seeing her get spanked for this is to check out Brynn Tyler getting spanked on Spanked Sweeties.  During Brynn’s interview for the site, she talks about how she often received swats for misbehaving.  And Clare Fonda, who really looks like she could be Brynn’s hot mom, delivered one of the short, true reenactment spankings. 
But knowing that viewers would want to watch a longer, harder spanking, Clare (looking a little like Miley’s sexy mom Tish Cyrus) gave Brynn a fantasy spanking – which was very real – and this could EASILY have been what it might be like if Miley Cyrus got spanked.  Brynn was dressed is very short shorts and a loose top (much like the above photos of Miley) – and she was spanked to tears.  Not sobbing, but soft, genuine tears.
And according to her own bio book, Miley was spanked growing up – and even recently by her mom Tish (maybe it went down something like the scene on Spanked Sweeties).  Watch Miley’s interview with Tyra Banks through to the end to hear Miley admit her mom spanks her, while her mom says “I don’t care how old you are.”  Hey, maybe when Miley’s a little older she’ll shoot a Spanked Sweeties for Clare.
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