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New DVDs Available

by on Dec.17, 2012, under Spanking

Three more DVDs have been added to our available DVD Library.  They include and oldie-but-goodie called YOU STOLE MY MAN, that is in Standard Def., but includes a super hard spanking between Spanky and Dahlia, along with Courtney Chambers and Patty.

Spanky can give and take extremely hard spankings

It also includes COPS AND CONS, with Clare Fonda and Miss Chris spanking Jenni Mack and Sarah Gregory with great force and ends with Officer Chris spanking Clare to tears.  The third new DVD has many Call Girls getting spanked and was written, directed and stars Veronica Ricci, as well as Aaliya Love and many others.

Jenni lets Clare know that “stick thing” hurts like Hell!

Officer Chris teaches the conning Sarah Gregory a lesson or two

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Two New DVDs Available Now

by on Oct.12, 2012, under Spanking


There are two new DVDs available.  ANGRY SPANKINGS consists of scenes that only were available on HOT GIRLS SPANKED.  So if you are not the guy to buy clips4sale then this will all be new to you and lots of hard, angry spanking action.  See the full list of DVDs HERE.


A scene that was mostly on Girl Spanks Girl, with Clare playing mother to Elise Graves is also available now on DVD.  Elise has a nice bubble butt and got spanked for a really, really long time this day – as the entire thing was all shot continuously, with her getting spanked hard scene after scene.


Please note there is one slight change to the ordering address.  Above is Odette getting spanked as Elise’s friend in A Mother’s Concern.  Below, Elise is walking up the stairs, rubbing her red bubble butt.


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New DVDs and New Mailing Address for CFWW

by on Aug.05, 2012, under Spanking

There are a couple of new DVDs being offered from the CFWW library.  First there is Exclusive Education Year 5.  Sorry about missing only EE4 – still can’t make the master work for that one – so it may end up being the only one of the series not available on DVD, instead only on Girl Spanks Girl.



Also being offered is a series about a stern mom (played by Clare Fonda) who spanks her two daughters, Missy Rhodes and Tegan Summers.  She also spanks her niece Alice and her friend Nena.

Please note when you check out the updated list HERE that there is a new mailing address.  The old one will no longer work.

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Three Titles Added to the DVD List

by on Jun.27, 2012, under Spanking


The DVD list has been updated with three titles.  I couldn’t include all of the requests this time, but I will try to add more of the requests when I add more titles next month.  There is a new DVD that features all hot cheerleaders getting spanked and is mostly available only on

So if you are a fan who doesn’t buy Clips4sale clips then perhaps this will be a DVD that interests you.  It features, Alexis Grace, Mary Jane, Veronica Ricci, Katherine St. James, Brooke and Mia Lelani.  Lots of cute cheerleaders with curvy bottoms.

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DVD list updated

by on Jun.07, 2012, under Spanking

The DVD list has been UPDATED.  Check out the new titles if you like to buy our spanking scenes as longer, full story DVDs.

 Some of you have been requesting more from the Exclusive Education series, so I include EE1, 2 and 3 on our DVD list (though all three were shot in standard def.).

 Below is a photo from one of the new offerings – GIRLFRIEND SPANKINGS.  I love what Alexis Grace and Ash Hollywood created – large girl vs. small girl – both with curvy bottoms, though.


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DVDs For Sale

by on Apr.04, 2012, under Spanking


Sometimes I get asked about ordering DVDs.  So here is the scoop.

Send check or money order to CF Worldwide, Inc. 

$25 per video or three for $70. Please include $5 for domestic shipping and $10 for international shipping


CF Worldwide

7657 Winnetka Ave. #223

Winnetka, CA 91306

NOTE:  The price is pretty good, but it takes a while to process and snail mail the orders – so please don’t expect them right away – from the time you mail the check to the time your receive the DVD in the mail, it could be a week or two.


1.Exclusive Education 6 – Stars Lana, Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza – 63 minutes (now playing on

2.  Strict Cousin- Stars Alicia Panettiere, Mary Jane, Ten Amorette and Clare Fonda – 92 minutes (available on

3.  Family Spanking Scandal – Stars Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke and Ashli Orion 67 minutes (available on www.spankedcallgirls and )

4. Missy Spanked to Tears- stars Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci, Snow Mercy and Clare Fonda 1 hour and 53 minutes (available on

5. Women Spanking Men – stars Miss Chris, Audrey Knight, Mary Jane, Clare Fonda, Kade, Tom Byron, Ace and Bart 62 minutes (available on )

6. Mom’s Spanking Journal – Stars Clare Fonda, Ash Hollywood,  Alexis Grace, Shay Golden   64 minutes (Available on and

7. Lesbian Sugar Momma – Stars Kay Richards, Madison Martin. Clare Fonda and Veronica Ricci (Available on and )

8. Men Spank Clare – Clare Fonda, Steve Fuller, Kyle Johnson, Kade and Ace  – 62 minutes (available on www.hotgirlspanked and )

 9. Spanked Superheroines – Snow Mercy, Alexis Grace, Mary Jane, Sophia Locke, Clare Fonda -63 minutes Snow Mercy looks the part as Wonder Woman. Lots of hot catfighting, special effects and good spankings (also available on )

10. Spanked Call Girls Volume 1: Audrey Tate- Stars Veronica Ricci as Callgirl Audrey, Miss Chris, Jenni Mack and Clare Fonda -63 minutes (also available on )

11. Spanked Callgirls Vol 2: Clare Fonda, Madison Martin, Mary Jane, Lana, Sophia Locke  60 minutes (available on

12. Women Who Spank Men Vol. 2: Stars Clare Fonda, Mary Jane, Miss Chris, Bliss Evermore, Julie Night, Nena, Kade, Ace, Cart 64 minutes (available on

13.  Family Correction Spankings: Stars Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci, Mary Jan, Dani Jensen, Alexis Grace  63 minutes (available on and

14.  Babysitter Spankings: Stars Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Madison Martin, Lea-Ann Woods, Kay Richards, Ten Amorette 60 minutes  (available on and

15.  Holiday Spankings Vol. 1: Stars Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Hollie Stevens, Sophie Nova, Kailee, Chloe Elise, Sarah Gregory, Ashli Orion, Abigal Whitaker 66 minutes  Includes New Years, Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas scenes (available on

16.  Men Spanking Women: Stars Clare Fonda, Mary Jane, Kat St. James, Chloe Elise, Ten Amorette, Kyle Johnson, Steve Fuller, Cameraman, Ace  64 minutes  (available on and

17.  Girlfriend Spankings: Stars Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Alexis Grace, Ash Hollywood 70 minutes  (available on and  Lots of hot girls spanking each other red and making out.

18.  Exclusive Education: Year One: The first big schoolgirl video we shot.  In Standard Definition.   78 minutes  (available on

19.  Exclusive Education: Year Two: The second big schoolgirl video we shot.  In Standard Definition.   62 minutes  (available on

20.  Exclusive Education: Year Three: The third big schoolgirl video we shot.  In Standard Definition.   84 minutes  (available on

21. STRICT TUTOR – Mother Clare Fonda seeks help from Miss Morgan, who is the strict tutor, to deal with her daughters (played by Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza).  Miss Morgan brings plenty of hand and hairbrush spankings and even the cane in this very traditional spanking epic, that also features Mary Jane as another student.  84 minutes (available on and

22.  UNDER MY ROOF – Clare Fonda plays a mom and Aunt to Genesis, Harmony and Kylee Worthy and she delivers many summer spankings over bikinis and bare bottoms, with hand and even a beach paddle.  44 minutes (available on

23:  SPANKED CHEERLEADERS- Alexis Grace, Mary Jane, Veronica Ricci, Katherine St. James, Brooke, Mia Lelani.  69 minutes (available mostly on

24:  EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION: YEAR 5  – Large cast of schoolgirls spanked long and hard.   (available on

25:  NAUGHTY DAUGHTERS SPANKED – Clare Fonda, Missy Rhodes, Tegan Summers, Alice, Nena.   67 minutes (available on,, with new intros)

26:  SPANKING SORORITY GIRLS – VERONICA’S INTRO – Veronica Ricci, Mistress Crystal, Roxy Jezel, Karina.   65 minutes (available on

27:  EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION: YEAR 4  – Large cast of schoolgirls spanked long and hard.   (available on

28:  NEVER TOO OLD FOR A SPANKING  – Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci, Kat St. James, Stevie.   (available on,, new intro)

29. A MOTHER’S CONCERN (67) – Clare Fonda, Elise Graves, Odette  (GSG, SS)  Elise is spanked by her mom even after coming back from college.  Mom even visits her daughter’s friend to spank her, too.

30.ANGRY SPANKINGS (65 mins.) – Clare Fonda, Ten Amorette, Alicia Paniettere, Dylan Rose, Tracy Skye, Alexis Grace, Riley Moore  (100%  HGS)  Clare Fonda plays a therapist who has a special way of dealing with anger management issues.  She spanks, get spanks, and angry roommates and co-workers also spank each other.

31.EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION: YEAR 7  (86 mins.) – Cast of 15.  Lots of amazing schoolgirl spanking action (from Girl Spanks Girl)

32.BACK IN THE DAY (72 mins.) – Clare Fonda, Veronica Daniels, Kay Richards, Addie Juniper, Rosario Stone (from Girl Spanks Girl).

33.SPANKED CALL GIRLS: AUDREY TATE vol. 2  (67 mins.) – Veronica Ricci (who wrote and directed), Madison Martin, Aaliya Love, Scarlett, Ashley Rose, Sharon Lee, Trace.  (from Spanked Call Girls)

34.YOU STOLE MY MAN (50 mins.) – Spanky, Dahlia, Courtney Chambers, Patty.   (from Girl Spanks Girl).

35. COPS AND CONS  (30 mins.) – Clare Fonda, Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, Sarah Gregory  (from My Spanking Roommate).  Get to see Officer Chris spank Clare Fonda to tears and

36. SPANKED CALLGIRLS VOL. 3  (66 mins.) – Clare Fonda, Alice Wonder, Kat St. James, Nena  (from Spanked Call Girls).  Clare Fonda spanks Kat and Alice and Nena, and the girls spank each other as well.  Lots of naughty girls getting spanked!

37. NO FIGHTING (60 mins.) – Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Kay Richards, Cammy Smalls, Mistress Crystal (from Hot Girls Spanked).  Snow is the mom who has had enough fighting from her girls Kay and Cammy. She spanks them both in front of their friend Veronica, who laughs and takes photos.  Later that night, Mom has had enough of Veronica’s mocking her daughters and she spanks Veronica. This begins a series of different girls spanks girls and ends with Veronica’s mom spanking her, too. Very popular, instant classic.

38. NEW:  PUNISHED SCHOOLGIRL (62 mins.) – Beverly Bacci, Clare Fonda, Lana Miller (from Girl Spanks Girl). Schoolgirl Beverly has her mom tell her she will not accept bad behavior at school any longer. So Principal Miller gives her a series of hard spankings and paddling. Then mom spanks her with hand and hairbrush before giving Beverly a mouth soaping. (from Girl Spanks Girl).

39. NEW:  SORORITY HAZING (49 mins.) – First Veronica Ricc is late to school. We hear her voice overs as she contemplates how she will be disciplined. Turns out she and Paris Kennedy both get spanked in front of an entire class of schoolgirls. Then Veronica is made to bend over while teacher Snow Mercy uses a large wooden ruler on her. Then later, it is time for all of the schoolgirls to receive their hazing, which includes spanking each other, then receiving the paddle from Miss Snow and Sarah Gregory. Lots of punished schoolgirls in this epic. (from Spanking Sorority Girls)

40. NEW:  SPANKING VERONICA WORKS VOL. 1 (83 mins.) – Veronica Ricci’s new site (Spanking Veronica Works) in which she tries new jobs, that always end up with her spanking and getting spanking other hot chicks. This DVD includes a parole officer scene with Veronica, Chloe Amour and Lynn Pops, a singing telegram office scene with Stevie Rose, and an exercise class in the woods in France with Veronica “training” Snow Mercy, Nikki Rogue, Missy Rhodes and Koko Kitten.

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