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Episode 100 on Sorority Site!

by on Apr.01, 2016, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

It is very exciting to have made it to 100 episodes on the Spanking Sorority Girls site. It doesn’t really seem that long ago that it launched with Veronica Ricci getting spanked by her mother (Mistress Crystal) before being sent away to a school for wayward girls.

Veronica gets spanked by her mom in the very first episode

Veronica gets spanked by her mom in the very first episode

Roxy Jezel was the first Sorority president, but now Veronica holds that honor.

Veronica learns that sorority president Roxy packs a powerful punch

Veronica learns that sorority president Roxy packs a powerful punch

For our 100th episode, we released a very special spanking in the woods episode that includes Teacher Snow Mercy, Veronica, Nikki Rogue, Koko Kitten and Missy Rhodes. There’s lots of spanking going on in those woods in France.

Veronica gets spanked by Teacher Snow and others in Episode 100

Veronica gets spanked by Teacher Snow and others in Episode 100

It was a difficult choice deciding which should be the 100th episode. There are quite a few multiple girl spankings on the site, so picking one that had more than 2 models seemed like a must. Also, occasionally we show off school uniforms, so there was that to consider. The site has a handful of spanking stars, and Veronica and Snow are two at the top of the list. And who doesn’t love to see the excitement and danger of some spanking in the woods? We even had to stop once because we could hear other hikers.

The sorority girls revolt and spank Snow in the woods, too

The sorority girls revolt and spank Snow in the woods, too

Shooting outdoors presents a few audio issues, but ultimately, it wasn’t too difficult choosing this episode to land at 100. The site is going strong and hopefully in a few more years we can bring you another 100 episodes of sorority girls spanking each other!

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Powerful Bonus Spanking

by on Nov.15, 2013, under Spanking, Spanking Interviews

I have done three interesting shoots this past week.

Jenna Rose spanks Maddy Marks

The first, with Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose was outstanding. We did a very traditional spanking scene that will appear on Girl Spanks Girl in which Jenna did a great job playing a stern, no-nonsense nurse who spanks the bratty Maddy very hard, with her hand and a powerful wooden paddle. Maddy can take a good one, so it was all good stuff!

Maddy’s revenge

Of course Maddy can give a find spanking, too. So Jenna gets a chance to see her bottom turn red.

New models were erotic, but light

The next shoot was all erotic spanking for a few of my sites, with two new models named Sunny Marie and Maryjane Mahem. This one was trouble in that I simply could not convince the models to spank each other with any kind of authority. Fortunately since it is erotic in nature, the lighter spanking is usually more accepted.

There is more to the story of this shoot, and it involves my friend Clare Fonda, who I texted during the shoot for suggestions. I’ll leave that as a mystery now, but Clare and I developed a plan during the shoot that will present itself in a few weeks from now.

“Mom” Lorelei spanks bratty daughter Christie

The most recent shoot was probably the most significant of the three, as it delivers excellent scenes for multiple sites, and starred three super models in the new Christie Stevens and the veterans Veronica Ricci and Lorelei Mission. Christie will appear in a few months as a Spanked Sweeties.

So what does this all have to do with my headline of “Powerful Bonus Spanking?” you ask. Well just from these three shoots, you will see such a range of how hard one lady will spank another. Sometimes very hard, sometimes, very light (even though she is capable of spanking harder – as Ms. Mahem declared – she CAN spank harder but she WON’T spank harder).

Even Snow Mercy can’t believe how hard Nikki is spanking Veronica for “fun”

There is a bonus spanking scene up on Girl Spanks Girl, as a part of the EE8 series – Part 2. Without any lighting, as this was an impromptu spanking that Nikki Rogue gave Veronica Ricci while we were just sitting around talking the night after the shoot – you will see how truly hard Nikki Rogue can spank.

She spanks Veronica harder than I have ever seen her spank anyone, and Nikki can spank pretty hard.  I asked her after why she spanked so much harder in this impromptu – fairly lengthy spanking outbreak – and she said it was more for fun, and not an official environment.

This is something I have often witnessed, when models just horsing around spank each other much harder than they do when the camera is actually rolling. I don’t know how to channel this into the actual shoots, but maybe with just no lighting, sitting around, and turning the camera on while they are horsing around is one way – as this bonus scene proves.

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Fourth of July Spanking Works

by on Jul.06, 2013, under Spanking

It is not exactly the 4th of July anymore, but it is still the 4th of July weekend. So I want to share some info on the Bondage Ball (10th annual) that I attended on July 3rd.

Some crazy and imaginative music

Well it started on the 3rd and we partied right into the 4th of July. I had heard a lot of buzz on this big bash, but never have attended one before. On a last minute whim I decided to give it a whirl and found a perfect partner in crime with the lovely Ashley Rose.

Looking sexy Ashley Rose!

If you are ever in LA around the 4th, I highly recommend this.  Lots of wildly dressed lovelies, lots of kink, dancers, music, drinks, models, mayhem, and of course, lots of spanking.

Snow, Nikki and Hudsy pose with others.

Among those I ran into there were the amazing dommes Snow Mercy, Nikki Rogue and Hudsey Hahn. We met a few newbees as well and Ashley was trying hard to recruit some of them for our sites.

Ashley trying to get a leg up on discovering new talent for our sites.

Big time fireworks at the Bondage Ball.  Ashley and I are already planning to go again next year!

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Domme and Dommer

by on Jul.03, 2013, under spanked call girls, Spanking

Two great dommes, hence the clever title for this scene called DOMME AND DOMMER.  Clever, right?

The scene started running today on Spanked Call Girls and it stars the two great dommes Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue, who also happen to be headliners at tonight’s 10th annual Bondage Ball in Los Angeles.

Nikki Rogue strikes first.

In the story, Nikki and Snow try to out domme each other. Won’t tell you who wins.

But these two lovely yet dangerous ladies are great friends in real life and embraced entirely this scene that had a built in competition element to it. It was shot in our big France shoot, and set there as well. And you gotta LOVE the latex.

Will Snow Mercy prove to be “dommer?”

Definitely worth checking out these two any time you can. If only to see which one is dommer.

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France Scenes Coming At Ya

by on May.30, 2013, under Spanking

Here is an interesting fact from the first two scenes to be released from our recent big spanking shoot in France – both scenes were photographed by hot models.

The Scene up now on Spanked Call Girls, starring Nikki Rogue and Koko Kitten, was photographed by Veronica Ricci.

Photo by Veronica Ricci

Veronica has a great eye and has been doing some pro camera work and even co-directed a feature film recently.

She volunteered (with maybe a little coaxing) to take the stills and operate one of the video cameras for this scene, in which Nikki and Koko play call girls operating in France, who of course end up spanking each other.

The fact that we shot the scene in the very room that Veronica was trying to sleep in may have had a little to do with her availability, too.

Photo by Snow Mercy

In the France shoot scene that is up now on Spanked Sweeties, Snow Mercy interviews her good friend Nikki Rogue about her childhood spanking experiences, which were many.

Then when one of Nikki’s childhood spankings was re-enacted, Snow operated the video camera, and also took the stills for the scene. Snow did great work.

I’m hoping these two ladies don’t put the cameraman out of a job.

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Not Always the Perfect Job

by on Feb.23, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Sometimes I get comments on the blog saying how I have the perfect job.  It’s close – working with hotties, surrounded by spanking fun, making money from all this.  But there are the odd jobs that aren’t so great.  Nena is a new model who went up recently on Spanked Call Girls

My job was simple.  Pick her up on the way to the shoot.  So I arrive outside her apartment and call her to let her know I’m there.  Only she doesn’t answer.  I try texting “I’m here to pick you up.”  Still no answer.  So I call Clare to make sure I have the correct phone and address.  I do. 

Finally, I get a text from Nena that says “b right down.”  So another 5 minutes go by and no Nena.  So I call her again – get the voice mail.  So I leave a message, if she is down, I don’t see her.  I explain what I look like.  More time goes by and now I leave a message that there is another model at the shoot and I need to be there so I must leave.  Seconds later I get a call – she is on her way out.  Soooo 3 or 4 minutes later, she actually walks up to my car.  With some dude.  Her boyfriend.  Maybe she said fiance.  He is coming along. 

At this point I don’t want to go into our “no escort on set” policy, at risk of starting the shoot late.  So they hop in the car and I drive away.  So I call Clare and mention the guy is coming, so she says “great, then she got her own ride.”  I explain, no, he is coming along for the ride.  What kind of escort/driver doesn’t have a car???  So during the shoot, there are a couple of times this guy can be heard talking loudly on his cell phone, causing us to cut. 

So at least I think he was the last straw and we will definitely no longer allow “escorts” (especially ones without cars) to hang out on our sets.  Well at least Nena was a fantastic model who had never been spanked and gave shock and awe reactions as her bottom turned BRIGHT red during her scenes.  See the photos above. 

The other model was Nikk Rogue and as you can see by the playfull behind the scenes photos, Clare LOVES working with Nikki.  Follow the arrow to see my arm reflected in the shot in the bathroom.  My arm is famous.

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