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Sarah Gregory Talks About Spanking Relationships

by on Nov.06, 2021, under Interviews, Spanking

We recently shot spanking superstar Sarah Gregory along with John Osborne (who is no slouch either) for Spanked Sweeties. Clare Fonda asked Sarah questions about her relationships in spanking and Sarah was incredibly sharing.

John Osborne re-enacts the first spanking he ever gave to partner Sarah Gregory

It is easily one of the most spectacular and revealing interviews on the site and is followed up with an outstanding spanking from John.

It was nice to have Clare conducting the interview as Clare was the first person in the spanking community that Sarah reached out to when she was about to start her modeling career. They have been great friends since and Sarah has had incredible success as a producer and model.

Sarah learned to love the crop early into her spanking relationships

This is a must-see for friends of Sarah and any of you who just like to hear an expert talk about how spanking can be successfully incorporated into a relationship.

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Spanking Through The Virus

by on Mar.22, 2020, under spanked call girls, Spanked school girls, Spanked To Tears, Spanking, spanking sorority girls

Crazy times unlike most of us have ever experienced. As most of us are stuck at home, hopefully all of us spankos are still enjoying some spanking action, even if it just in the form of a spanking website. It has been nearly a month since I have been able to shoot, but I am continuing to release new content to all of the sites on our regular schedule.

Madame Clare Fonda spanks Sarah Gregory as part of our most recent shoot

My last shoot was with Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory and Miss Bernadette. One of the scenes from the shoot is currently up on Spanked Call Girls. A couple others will be coming soon, including one to appear on Spanking Sorority Girls.

Miss Bernadette spanks Clare Fonda for a scene to be released next month on the sorority site

Fortunately, we do multiple scenes at each shoot so there is enough content to last for a couple more months. So far I have had to postpone 2 March shoots, but am hoping to shoot again in April, including two new models who have never before shot spanking scenes.

It’s important to enjoy what we can through this difficult time, so if spanking is part of your life, hopefully you are still getting access to it- if it means watching it on the internet, spanking someone consentually who is not quarantined from you, or even giving your own bum a whack or two for a cheap thrill.

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Lone Star Spanking Party Last Weekend

by on May.26, 2018, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

Well Clare Fonda (also known as Jamie Foster) and I went to the Lone Star Spanking Party last weekend in Texas and shot a TON of scenes with many new models.  We shot one scene when we arrived Thursday night (late thanks to the airline), then shot for nearly 10 hours without stopping on Friday. Shot a bunch on Saturday, then one scene on Sunday before saying our goodbyes and heading back.

All told, we shot 19 models in multiple scenes. Clare wasn’t in every scene, but nearly every scene. The first scene from the weekend shoot is already up (it went up the day after we returned) and it includes Clare and Adriana Evans, who I have been wanting to work with for a few years now.

This scene with Clare Fonda and Adriana Evans is up on Spanked Call Girls

This scene on Spanked Call Girls has lots of energy, is very sassy and includes some excellent spanking.  Clare was like the energizer bunny, never getting tired.

Zoe Page is our 400th model

Also of note was our shoot with Zoe Page and Apricot Pitts. Noteworthy because Zoe became our 400th (female) model to be shot on our sites. We don’t count dudes in the numbers for some reason (make your own conclusions on that?). I had watched some of Zoe’s scenes that past few years and was captivated by her energy and amazing ability to deliver a great spanking, so I was super excited to be working with her and I am pleased as punch that it worked out that she was the 400th model!  Her scene with Apricot will appear on Spanked Call Girls in a couple of months.

Stevie Rose has become an amazing top! And Kitty cries in this scene

Before that, another scene we shot at Lone Star will appear on the same site – featuring Stevie Rose, Kitty Catherine and new to us Cleo Divine and Nuna Starks that is quite dazzling.

Reyna McKenzie will make her debut on Spanked Sweeties soon

And we shot a number of new models for the Spanked Sweeties.  The first to appear will be Reyna McKenzie, with Clare as the mom.

Kik Cali and Miss Anna shot for one of the rare scenes without Clare 

And after that, Kiki Cali (with Miss Anna as the mom).  There were so many memorable scenes, it’s impossible to mention them all.

Always thrilled to shoot with Alex and Christy!

But wait, one more – it’s been too long since I shot with Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie, so we get them both in a scene for My Spanking Roommate. And I was a little surprised that both were making their debut on that site.

Looks like Clare has some perverts in training who could be wearing her shirt soon

We mostly shot, but we did make it to the vendor fair (where Clare/Jamie Foster sold her pervert T-shirts and we sold some classic spanking DVDs).

Always a pleasure to see Sarah!

Our booth was right next to hosts Sarah Gregory and John Osborne, who along with Paul Rogers were the driving forces behind this fantastic spanking party. We met a large number of fans and members and it was really nice chatting with them!

Sad to say goodbye to all the sweet modles

The was an excellent dinner party (Sarah sang a touching song and Clare did stand-up comedy) and then there was a send off party on Sunday before we left.

I HIGHLY recommend this party to any spanko. It happens every May in Houston. Until then, enjoy the scenes we shot there with so many spectacular spanking models.

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Dria Gives Her First Spanking

by on Dec.01, 2017, under spanking soap opera, spanking sorority girls

New spanking model Dria has had lots of experience receiving spanks as a professional submissive. But when we asked her to spank Snow Mercy for the Spanking Sorority Girls site, she admitted she really hasn’t done any spanking outside of the playful swat here or there.

Dria makes her spanking shoot debut as a top.

She was pretty decent for a beginner, so we will give her some more opportunities to spank in the near future. But of course we will soon be unrolling her super human strength, which is to take extremely hard spankings, very soon. Which is another blog for another day.

Today, it’s all about the new spanker.  Feel free to check out Dria’s first scene as a top on the Sorority site. Another new model, Nikki Turner, will also be debuting soon on a few of the sites. She was the hardest first spanker I’ve ever witnessed and in fact spanks as hard as any lady around. Sorry, that’s another future blog.

Some other sites will often use the same handful of tops, which is good in its own way. But we like to have lots of switching, so we push models to find their inner domme. In some instances, as was the case with Nikki Turner, they are instantly impressive. But other models take a while before they become the amazing tops that they can truly be.

Sarah Gregory makes her debut as a top on My Spanking Roommate

Two outstanding tops that got their spanking top scene debuts on camera with our sites include Alex Reynolds and Sarah Gregory, among others.  Sarah was first, when she spanked Chloe Elise for My Spanking Roommate a number of years ago.  She was reluctant to take that first step, but with a little coaching and some coaxing, she gave it her best shot.  It was awkward at first, but now she is a Hall of Fame spanker!

Alex Reynolds made her top debut on the Sorority site

Alex Reynolds, a few years after Sarah’s top debut, did a scene for Spanking Sorority Girls, as a nun no less.  She was sort of all over the map with her spanks her first time out. Like Sarah, she was a little reluctant. And like Sarah, she is now one of the great female spankers in the biz.

We shall see if Dria ever reaches the elite spanker status of Sarah or Alex. It’s kind of a kick to see where someone starts and how far they can ride that spanking star train!

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Sarah Gregory Develops Into a Top Spanker

by on Oct.07, 2013, under Spanking

I remember the first time I shot with Sarah Gregory (a few years back) and had her switch.

Sarah’s first ever topping was with Chloe Elise on My Spanking Roommate

To say she was a bad spanker at that time would be an understatement. But Sarah blossomed into one of the best spankers in the biz.!

In my personal life I have often done things for the first time and been told how crummy I was.  I remember the first time I played little league, I struck out about my first 10 times at bat and everyone said I couldn’t play.  But the next time up I hit the ball over everyone’s head and it was extra pleasing.

Sarah spanks Veronica Ricci with authority on Spanking Sorority Girls

I assume that is a bit of what Sarah might feel as she spanks young hottie’s bottoms with such confidence and authority now.

Sarah gives Veronica a taste of the cane on Spanking Veronica Works

Sarah and Veronica have great “switching” chemistry

Presently Sarah can be scene on the most current episodes of Spanking Veronica Works and Spanking Sorority Girls, in both scenes she is spanking Veronica Ricci with her new-found power, evidenced by how red and sore Veronica’s bottom got.

Sarah and Christy Cutie get spanked hard by Dana Specht

It is with great pleasure that I inform you, readers that my good friend Sarah now has a 2 site special where you can see plenty of great spanking action from this ever rising spanking star.

Lots of F/F and M/F spankings

The first site is Sarah Gregory Spanking, which was Sarah’s initial site that now has plenty of excellent scenes stockpiled and more coming at you all the time. It includes F/F and M/F spankings that are sometimes very hard, sometimes very sexy, and everything in between.

Sometimes Sarah sheds real tears

Her newer site is Momma Spankings, in which she partners with superstar Dana “Momma” Specht. This site focuses on mother/daughter spankings that are very real and can even lead to Sarah shedding real tears.

Sarah loves her mother/daughter spankings

I am so proud of watching the evolution of my friend Sarah into a great spanker/spankee and a well-rounded person!  Love you, Sarah.

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Fet Con Part 2

by on Aug.28, 2013, under Spanking

As I work on all the sites like the crazy being that I am – to get ahead so I can get away to Vegas for the Shadow Lane convention this weekend, it occurs to me that I owe another blog about Fet Con. This time the focus will be on some of the models I shot with.

Has Veronica been working out or is Dakota Skye that tiny?

I will start with one that nearly got away, Dakota Skye. We had her scheduled, then she was a no-show, but thanks to some sound detective work on the part of Sherlock Ricci, she was tracked down and rescheduled.

Veronica spanks Dakota hard

We wanted to shoot her because she looks, well, young.  Really, really young.  And turns out she can take a pretty good spanking. The first scene you guys will see from all this Fet Con shooting will be Dakota in a scene for Spanked Call Girls in a few weeks.

Isobel Wren is back in action for us, this time with newbee Kitty

I ran into Isobel Wren, who I haven’t shot in a long time, but she was game for another go. I shot her with newbee Kitty, and their scene will appear on My Spanking Roommate in the next month or so.

Been wanting to shoot Nyssa Nevers (here being spanked by Fiona Murphy)

I have been wanting to shoot with Nyssa Nevers for quite some time, and was pleased to find her here and eager to shoot some spanking with another new to me model, Fiona Murphy. They did a scene for Spanked Call Girls.

Briella Jaden’s Sweeties will be a great one!

A model named Gigi plays the mom to Briella Jaden, for an upcoming Spanked Sweeties. It is amazing, in my opinion.

Sarah Gregory spanks lounge singer Veronica

And we were thrilled to shoot our good friend Sarah Gregory in her first scene for Spanking Veronica Works, which should be out in the next month. Sarah was great, as always, and she and Veronica always deliver something spectacular, playing off each other extremely well.

Hope another shoot with Sahrye is in our future

Also shooting for Spanking Veronica Works was the super sexy Sahrye. She seemed quiet before we shot her, but pulled out all the stops when the cameras were rolling.I would love to shoot with her again some time.

Some amazing stuff we shot!  Heck, I didn’t even talk about the convention and all the crazy activities that went on  there.  Maybe a part 3?

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