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Sarah Gregory Interview

by on Aug.13, 2012, under Interviews

Welcome Sarah.  We have worked together many times and you have always been an excellent bottom and have grown in to an outstanding top. Here are 10 questions I would like to ask you.


1.  I remember being the one to record the first on-camera spanking you gave (see above photo as Sarah spanks Chloe Elise as Sarah’s first ever scene as a top).  You have come a long way since then.  To what do you attribute your ability to spank so much harder and fluently then that first time?

SARAH: The main thing I would say is just constant practice and working out so that I am a physically stronger person in general. My Momma, Dana Specht, has been working with me on my demeanor while topping and topping technique, especially on how to give a good solid hand spanking without hurting my hand like I used to.  Also, I have picked up a lot from her as far as scolding is concerned; she is one of the best with that. My daddy, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers, is writing a book called Spanking 101:The Book and filming set of videos to go along with it. I have been doing a lot of the implement demos for the videos, so while showing on video how to use each implement properly, I am also practicing and mastering each one. My favorite two to use is a flogger and a cane.


 2.  You had been a schoolgirl a couple of times in the Exclusive Education series.  Can you share what it was like to be one of the tops and spanking 8 lovely schoolgirls? (Above photo shows Sarah as the Teacher’s assistant in Exclusive Education 7)

SARAH: It was very different being on the top side of things for a change in EE. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a student, but being a top, I was more able to help the flow of the shooting move smoothly (we did the whole thing in one take) and I was able to have more dialogue. Honesty, I enjoy topping much more these days, especially spanking girls who are either younger than me or around my age. I feel that since I know what I am doing, I can have a lot of fun with it. Also, being an actress, it is wonderful to be able to try out different roles.


 3.  Anything you want to share about working with any of these girls in particular in EE7?  (Above photo shows Sarah’s good friends Katherine St. James having a pre spanking snack while Christy Cutie does a little primping – even though she is always super cute).

SARAH: I really enjoyed working with all the girls. I love big shoots as I always love to meet models I have not met. It is great for networking in the business. Also, it was great getting to work with Christy Cutie and Kat St. James as they are two of my BEST friends in the industry. So, getting to spank them both was a treat.

 4.  We shot the schoolroom scene of EE7 without cutting.  I asked if you could keep the story going because I know in the past, whenever we cut, it took a long time to get everyone going again.  So here is a multi-layered question – what is it that gives you that ability to improv so well and keep a scene going like that – for over an hour?  And did you find any challenges in doing it this time?

SARAH: Well, I guess it has always been easy for me to improv quickly as I have studied theater most of my life. I have taken many acting classes as well as been in many theater productions since I was a young child. Growing up I attended summer theater programs as well. When I shoot videos for my website,, all of my videos are improv, so many years of practice just make it easy. I really didn’t find any challenges with keeping the story going non-stop. It was fun actually to not have to cut.

 5.  Some of my audience loves counting – ie the girls count out some of their spanks – some have been telling me how much they hate it recently.  What is your take on counting?  You had the girls do a little bit of counting (the last 25) EE7.  What was your inspiration to have them count the last 25 spanks?

SARAH: As far as inspiration, I just came up with it as part of the improv to spice things up and make it more interesting. I like to give the fans all a little of what they want. In my opinion, as you said, some like counting, and some don’t, so to have them only count some of the spanks and not all of them gave all the fans something they love. You gotta be able to attract as many people as possible, so to include as many different “hot buttons” such as counting, or white full bottom panties…etc helps with that.


 6. I have shot you blonde recently, but for EE7 you went back to your natural darker color.  It looked great I might add.  I like your look both ways.  Care to share why you went blonde and why you went back?  (The above photo shows Sarah with her natural hair color and her blonde hair she had for a while)

SARAH:  OK….so the blonde. Last fall I auditioned for a musical production. On the audition form it asked, “Are you willing to change your hair for the production?” I thought writing YES would give me a better chance of getting the role, plus I always wanted a reason to go blonde since I was 16. It was a perfect excuse, plus it’s only hair and it grows back.  So I went blonde in November of 2011 and the show went up in January of 2012. After the show ended, I didn’t want to go back right away as I was quite enjoying the change. It helped me to book some work and add a new look to my portfolio.  Most of my vanilla and spanking friends liked it as well. The main reason I went back to my natural hair was the amount of damage the constant bleaching of the roots was doing. My hair was breaking off so I have lots of short pieces around the hairline. It was also very dry and getting hard to style, not to mention the bleach was irritating my skin. So, although I did LOVE the blonde, it was not a healthy choice to stick with. Now I have wigs for change.

 7.  Often when I meet a model, she will talk about how she wants to get her own site going and she will have various other biz. Plans.  Very few ever do it.  You talked about it and you did it on a massive scale.  You have your own site, your blog, a clips store and you seem to attend every spanking convention and are a successful traveling model.  How do you do it?  Care to share any secrets?

SARAH:  Well, modeling is my FULL time job. I don’t have a “vanilla” job to worry about, so I go all out. When I want something, I go for it. I never half-ass something. It is just who I am. I am also very money driven. I like to shop and like to travel. I also think about the future and want to make sure I will be able to retire one day having been a spanking model. I put money every month into a retirement account. I also always looked up to Clare Fonda as business role model. She taught me a lot. I always would say, I wanna be like Clare with 5 websites. Well, I have one and am in the process of working on 3 more, so it may happen. I am very organized and care more about my business than socializing, dating, or other vanilla activities. I am perfectly content sitting in on a Friday night editing clips for 8 hours. That is fun for me. I also love the travel and I feel that if I didn’t go to every spanking party that I could, I might not be as successful. 50% of running a business if marketing and networking, and putting myself out there face to face with my fellow producers, models, and fans is a must. I think that if someone wants something bad enough, such as their own business, they can make it happen, you just can’t give up.

8.  To those reading this interview, I want you to know that Sarah is a very smart and introspective young lady.  With that in mind, I want to ask you, Sarah, what your thoughts are about spankos telling their loved ones about who they are and what they like?  Do you think this is a good idea, or a dangerous idea?  Basically coming out as a spanko?

SARAH:  I have mixed feelings on this. I have told most of my vanilla friends what I do. I feel that if they judge me or stop wanting to be my friend because I am a spanko, then they don’t love me for who I am and I don’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t love the whole me, because being a spanko is a huge part of who I am. As far as the family stuff goes, I think one needs to tread more carefully when considering sharing with family. I recently told my mother about my kink (not that I do it for a living) and she is not taking it well. She says she wishes she didn’t know. This knowledge is taking a huge toll on her emotional being. So, I guess maybe not telling a family member to protect them emotionally might be wise. However, I told my father everything and he seems to be dealing with it ok. So, I would say coming out as a spanko should be treated carefully when dealing with close family based on their own emotional stability and values.  When choosing to tell your significant lover, I would think this is a MUST. I won’t ever settle again for dating a vanilla and think that if one is settling, they are not being true to what their needs are.

 9.  I know you love musicals.  Can you share anything about your non-spanking life?

SARAH:  Well, I do have a very busy non-spanking life. When I am not traveling for shoots, doing sessions, attending spanking parties, or editing for my website, I fill my time to it’s capacity. There is never a dull moment it seems. I am always busy. I audition and participate in many community theater productions in the fall and winter. I also take voice lessons and sing in a choir. I love spending time with my dogs and of course shopping. I enjoy watching many of my favorite TV shows which include, Weeds, True Blood, GossipGirl, and Law and Order: SVU. I also spend a lot of time in the summer going to yard sales and flea markets looking for props for my videos.


10.  Now that you are on Spanking Sorority Girls, you are one of three models to appear on all five CF sites – the others being Snow Mercy and Veronica Ricci.  I’m thinking that you haven’t spanked or been spanked by either of these models yet – though Veronica will be shooting with you at the Shadow Lane convention.   I know Clare Fonda loves working with you – so your personality and spanking abilities are why you are on all five sites.  Any thoughts on working on all of the sites (do you have a CF favorite?), and what it is like working with Clare Fonda?  (The above photo was from the last spanking shoot of Clare Fonda – Sarah was the last person Clare spanked on camera).

SARAH:  I feel VERY honored to be one of the 3 models on all of the Clare Fonda websites. I would have to say that my favorite two Clare sites are Naughty Diaper Girls, and Girl Spanks Girl, with my new third favorite being the new Sorority Girls website. I always look forward to the shoots that I do for you guys. I have been spanked by Snow Mercy now as she got to get a few smacks in on my bottom in EE7. I have also spanked and been spanked by Veronica off camera. I hope to be able to spank her on camera as well. As far as working with Clare Fonda….I can sum it up in a few words, amazing, professional, and fun. Clare is such a joy to shoot with whether she is in the videos with me or off camera helping. She makes shooting fun and her creative juices are always flowing.  I love her dearly and consider her one of my best friends and I respect her greatly.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me and ask me some great questions that really got me to think. I love a good interview.

Hugs and Spanks, Sarah Gregory

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EE7 Is In the Can and Coming out Saturday

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Spanked school girls


Couldn’t resist the cheesy “in the can” title for this blog.   Above are the 8 students in Ms. Snow’s class.  They were very naughty of course.  This scene will make its debut this Saturday on the Girl Spanks Girl site.


Snow Mercy (who plays the teacher Ms. Snow) continues to somehow look more amazing every year.  And of course delivers outstanding spankings.  This year, Sarah Gregory played Snow’s Teacher’s Assistant and she helped deliver the punishment.  I remember shooting the first scene in which Sarah topped some years ago.  She has come a long way since then and is also an excellent spanker.  She is great verbally as well and helped to keep this going as one unbelievably long scene without cutting while in the classroom.


We also shot in Principal Miller’s office.  Ms. Snow was called to the Principal’s office and of course happened to walk in while Principal Miller was giving a student a sound spanking.   Lana Miller has appeared in every one of the Exclusive Education scenes – this is year seven.  Clare Fonda was sadly missed, but we are glad Lana could make an appearance.


There is also a short scene in Brenda’s office.  Brenda is Principal Miller’s Assistant (played by Kay Richards).  As if Ms. Snow didn’t have enough girls to spank in her own classroom, she has to spank Veronica Ricci, Cami Smalls and even Kay Richards in her own office!

I will have plenty more to share in future blogs about this massive shoot!

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Nunsense on Sorority Site

by on Jul.11, 2012, under spanking sorority girls


Sarah Gregory and Christy Cutie just had their introductory episode finish running on Spanking Sorority Girls.  It was great to have them both on the site and I will be shooting with them a lot more very soon. Christy plays a pledge and Sarah plays one of the senior girls who will be administering lots of punishments.  Sorority girls are apparently very naughty.  At least in this sorority.  Just kicking off now is an episode with the senior nun, Sister Mary Olivia.

dsc_0573.JPGShe is played by Lady Olivia Outre, who has appeared in over 300 fetish videos and told me she hadn’t done one in a while.  I was honored that she decided to join our site to play the senior nun.  She is super cool and a fantastic performer.  She is also on a brand new mother-in-law daughter spanking clip on Hot Girls Spanked, in which she gives Ludella Hahn’s round bottom a nice thrashing.


In the sorority scene, Sister Mary Olivia is teaching fellow nun Sister Mary Ginger how to spank the unruly students.  And cane them.  There has bee lots of buzz on Danielle Hunt, who has made the rounds shooting with virtually every spanking site I have ever heard of (and then some).  Well she makes her debut on our sites in this episode, and was very game to get her nice bum caned.

Gotta love how bratty she plays and what a nice caning she takes.  And love her Brittish accent.  In real life Dani is as sweet as can be.  Before the shoot, as she was making her way from Northern California, she texted me that “I just got finish doing a run in San Francisco totally nude.”  Gotta love that, too.


Later this month, Katie Jordin makes her debut on the sorority site as Sister Mary Kate.  She spanks Veronica Ricci (wearing a wig and carrying a bottle of Vodka) and then of course Veronica gets a little naughty with the young, hot nun, trying to convert her to the darker side -which of course has more fun.  It doesn’t quite work and Veronica ends up getting some whacks with the giant pledge paddle.  Bring on the nuns!!

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Clare’s Last Spanking Shoot Up On Call Girls Site

by on May.17, 2012, under spanked call girls


Clare’s last spanking shoot is now running on Spanked Call Girls.  This is the last scene Clare filmed for any site.  But there will be more scenes, filmed before this one, that will pop up on our sites over the next few months.  In fact, one more scene with Clare will appear on Spanked Call Girls, and it includes two of our biggest stars giving Clare’s character a nod and a wink send-off.

But this scene, Clare last recorded spanking, definitely was a good one to go out on and it included long time friend and fantastic spanko Sarah Gregory, who has been a big part of all of our sites.  And it also included new to us, rising spanking star Christy Cutie.  She is so sweet and so bratty at the same time.  She has that delightful bubble butt, is very pretty and can take a hard spanking.  What’s not to love about Christy?!

Christy has a blog too.  As does Sarah of course.


Before we started shooting, Sarah was clowning around with Christy a little, trying to teach the youngster a little about the birds and the bees.  So things got off to an entertaining start, which I happened to catch with a sneak still.

This shoot was a little different because Christy and Sarah knew that is was going to be Clare’s last spanking shoot.  So there was a slight charge while we were shooting it, knowing that something was different.  A great run would be coming to an end.  Wonder if this will be the feeling when Meryl Streep announces that her next film will be her last?


Clare often tries to make the models laugh when I’m taking the stills.  So as a tribute, Sarah made Clare laugh.  Not with an off color comment (which is Clare’s MO), but by a sneak tickle attack – which I happened to capture with this photo.


Clare paddled Christy and Sarah.  Clare didn’t shoot many paddle scenes, but she wanted to include one in her last shoot.  She also included her standards – over the knee hand spanking and over the knee hair brush  spankings.  She excelled at those.

The scene ends with Clare spanking Sarah with a last flurry. Clare and Sarah were about to cry, as they realized the significance of the moment.  It may seem overly dramatic to say this, but two friends who were in the moment, one who has been a leader in her field for a dozen years, another a new star, and it was coming to an end for Clare.


Anyway, here is the last image taken of Clare spanking someone.  I’m glad it was Sarah.

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