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The Evolution of EE7

by on Jul.30, 2012, under Spanked school girls

Exclusive Education Year 7 is currently running on Girl Spanks Girl, just a week after it was shot.  I will admit that I am still editing it, but I am managing to stay well ahead of the updates.  So far.  It had an interesting evolution that I will share with those who may find this interesting.

Originally, I was going to do something different this year since Clare Fonda has moved away from spanking and she had always been the driving force behind this series.  I thought maybe cheerleaders or strippers at a bar (I know of an excellent bar set to shoot).  But it seemed like I shouldn’t just jump ship right away and decided to do another school girl video, just with slight variations.  First, I always thought it would be cool to include the principal’s office, as that always seemed to be a place of dread for naughty schoolgirls.


So Lana agreed to shoot at a principal’s office, spanking a naughty student, while teach Snow came to the office for a tongue lashing.  To make matters worse for Ms. Snow, she would need to arrive late to the Principal’s office and witness the student being spanked WHILE she was talking to the Principal.  Snow agreed to remember this outfit as we shot the scene a few weeks before the big school girl day.

I wanted to include Veronica Ricci in the big schoolgirl scene, and she wanted to do it, but a glamor shoot around the same time as the schoolgirl shoot would not allow for her to get her bottom marked the day of the shoot.  So instead she helped out on the shoot filming some behind the scenes interviews beforehand (they will be included in the profiles section) and she operated the third camera, and she did a little cameo, being the one to run into the classroom and tell Ms. Snow that the Principal wants to see her right away.


Since Veronica was doing a cameo and we were shooting some footage of her walking around an actual campus for her sorority site, we simply had her duck behind a bush and switch from the red skirt (which the sorority girls wear) to the new blue skirts (the EE7 outfit this year) and do some walking around so that we could include a voice over from Veronica to set up the story.

A few days after the big schoolgirl shoot, we filmed a custom with Veronica, Snow, Kay Richards and a new girl, Cami Smalls.  Fate?  Come on, it had to be.  The custom guy requested these very models and it seemed only natural to shoot a little scene so that Veronica could actually receive a spanking from Snow for EE7.  And it made sense since her character was a big tattle-tale.  This meant Snow had to wear that same outfit yet again (sorry, Snow).


Now Kay of course has been in a few EEs over the years.  And she has been working me hard to be the teacher one of these years.  So she was more than happy to play the Principal’s assistant.  Who of course got Snow into some trouble and earned herself a spanking.

So things sort came together for this complex story that includes 15 models and nearly 2 hours of spanking and interviews.

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EE7 Is In the Can and Coming out Saturday

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Spanked school girls


Couldn’t resist the cheesy “in the can” title for this blog.   Above are the 8 students in Ms. Snow’s class.  They were very naughty of course.  This scene will make its debut this Saturday on the Girl Spanks Girl site.


Snow Mercy (who plays the teacher Ms. Snow) continues to somehow look more amazing every year.  And of course delivers outstanding spankings.  This year, Sarah Gregory played Snow’s Teacher’s Assistant and she helped deliver the punishment.  I remember shooting the first scene in which Sarah topped some years ago.  She has come a long way since then and is also an excellent spanker.  She is great verbally as well and helped to keep this going as one unbelievably long scene without cutting while in the classroom.


We also shot in Principal Miller’s office.  Ms. Snow was called to the Principal’s office and of course happened to walk in while Principal Miller was giving a student a sound spanking.   Lana Miller has appeared in every one of the Exclusive Education scenes – this is year seven.  Clare Fonda was sadly missed, but we are glad Lana could make an appearance.


There is also a short scene in Brenda’s office.  Brenda is Principal Miller’s Assistant (played by Kay Richards).  As if Ms. Snow didn’t have enough girls to spank in her own classroom, she has to spank Veronica Ricci, Cami Smalls and even Kay Richards in her own office!

I will have plenty more to share in future blogs about this massive shoot!

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Spanked on Three Sites: Sophia Locke Profile

by on Sep.28, 2011, under spanked call girls, Spanked school girls


Sophia Locke is featured on the latest episode running on Spanked Call Girls.  She is also one of the students in the big schoolgirl scene running on Girl Spanks Girl.  And she is on Hot Girls Spanked, where you can see a short preview.  She is very sweet and can take an extremely hard spanking. 

The spanking she took in Exclusive Education was pretty impressive.  She got what all of the other girls got, with hand and hairbrush.  But she was one of the four models to volunteer to take 20 whacks with the giant paddle. 

And when we shot some additional spanking scenes to appear exclusively on Hot Girls Spanked, she was the one girl getting spanked in every possible variation.  The reason?  She doesn’t spank.  She only gets spanked.  So she got TONS of spanks that day. 

For Spanked Call Girls, she takes a very long, very hard spanking and caning from Lana.  Lana broke the cane on Sophia’s backside.  And for good measure, she broke it again.  I included the busted up can in a photo above.  You gotta give it up for Sophia, the spanker super trooper.

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EE6 – Profile on Ten Amorette

by on Sep.07, 2011, under Spanked school girls


My profiles on the Exclusive Education cast from the large schoolgirl spanking video running on Girl Spanks Girl continues with Ten Amorette.  Ten is becoming a big Fetish and Spanking star and it was great to have her in this video. 

She always brings amazing energy to her scenes and she is super spunky and playful in person, and this often shows up in the characters she plays.  Am I saying she is a brat?  Maybe.  A loveable brat?  Definitely.  She is also known for her curvy bottom that is very well toned (I suspect she exercises a lot). 

In EE6, Ten’s character seemed to be more defiant than bratty.  And it probably got her some extra whacks. 

An interesting aside, Clare asked for volunteers for the paddling to finish out the episode.  In essence, Clare was asking, after getting hand spanked, then hairbrush spanked by two tough ladies (Snow Mercy and Lana), who will step forward to be paddled by this giant paddle?  Four models raised their hands to volunteer.  It looked like Ten’s hand went up first.  

Be sure to check out Ten’s blog.

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Mandee Gets First Ever Spanking in Schoolgirl Video

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Spanked school girls

mandee1.jpgschoolgirls spanked

Exclusive Education 6 is up now on Girl Spanks Girl.  The first two photo sets went up Monday and today, and the first video clip will appear tomorrow.  There will be lots to blog about this massive shoot. 

Today I want to talk about the thing that jumped out at me the most while shooting and editing this epic.  And that is Mandee Miller, who is the real life niece of Lana (who plays Principal Miller in this series).  Now I have known Lana for quite some time, and I met her niece once or twice.  She always seemed so shy that I was surprised she agreed to appear in a spanking video.

Lana raised Mandee as if she were her own daughter.  And Lana had never spanked Mandee before this shoot.  There is a great outtake, that will appear at the end of the run of videos in the “blooper” clip, where Lana admits out loud, on camera, that she has thought about spanking Mandee from time to time but never did it till now. 

So this was a long time coming.  And if anything, Lana seemed to spank Mandee a little harder than she spanked the other girls.  And Mandy was sometimes grinning (a nervious grin which happens sometimes in spanking scenes), and often Mandee was letting out this high-pitched yelping sound.  All very real reactions.  Mandee is in fact, a cute school girl, so she brings amazing authenticity to this scene.  We will have to see if she ever shoots another spanking video or if this started and ended her career in spanking.

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Exclusive Education 5 – last week

by on Nov.01, 2010, under Spanked school girls

Spanked Schoolgirls
This is the last week for the big school girl video running on Girl Spanks Girl, outside of a few profile photos that will get worked in later.  So here is a look at a few behind the scenes photos. 
TOP LEFT: The girls break from character while standing in a row in front of the blackboard to present sort of a spanking chorus line.  Most of these ladies had a great sense of humor, so they were just cutting up for a few of the last photos of the day. 
TOP RIGHT: While the girls have a sense of humor about most things, most of them seem to be very serious about makeup.  Here Lindsay applies some lipstick prior to the shoot. 
BOTTOM LEFT: Lana is never shy about complaining about all the “pussy juice” (her words) that is dropped on her lap after a long day of spanking girls over her knee.  We should be so lucky to have this problem.  In the photo, Lana was caputre fanning off some of that “juice” using a nearby folder. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: It looks like Clare Fonda is getting ready to moon Marie in this photo snapped by the 2nd cameraman.  I’m not really sure what she was doing, but it may have had something to do with setting a wedgie free??  That is my camera and hand making a cameo on the side of the frame.  So maybe she was going to moon Marie (AND ME!). 
Wednesday the School Girl video ends with a blooper.  Hint:  it probably includes Lana and her folder.
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