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The Girl Next Store Could Be a Porn Star

by on Jul.11, 2011, under Spanking, Spanking Interviews

Shay Golden SpankedShay GoldenShay Golden Spanked

As a teenager, I had this idea that porn stars were somehow different than “normal” people.  They probably never spoke to guys like me.  If they did, they would sound different.  Talk in some oddly strange sexual voice and only talk about sex.  Maybe they walked differntly, only ate long, weird vegetables or bananas.  I don’t know.  I’m not really sure what I thought. 

When I started shooting spanking scenes in the late 1990s, I was told by many spankos that you don’t use “porn” models for spanking shoots.  They don’t mix.  Well I have been shooting many adult models lately for spanking scenes, and I am here to tell you a “behind the curtain” revelation. 

Porn stars are just normal people who talk about normal stuff.  Where they like to buy clothes.  Some guy they have been dating.  What movies they like.  They sound normal.  Their laughs are normal.  They can eat hamburgers and walk like everyone else.

Shay Golden, who was shot recently for Spanked Sweeties, is very much like the cute girl next door.  She even has this shy giggle that you’d hear in some mainstream romantic comedy.  No tatoos.  Athletic build.  If you sat next to her in an airport, you’d think “cute girl.”  Without some cheesey bam chicka bawm bawm music playing, you’d never know she was an adult actress. 

Part of the misconception, in my opinion, is seeing these girls on “porn” sites, with too much make up on, photos touched up so much that the features of their faces are lost and then all models look the same.  

The great thing about the Sweeties site, is that when you hear someone like Shay interviewed, you get to hear how she is so earthy, sweet, funny.  Maybe just like the cute girl who lives next store to you.  Only this one is capable of taking a mega-hard spanking (see photos above – with facial features intact).  So the advice I got so long ago about not shooting adult models for spanking scenes was bad.  Porn stars often are fantastic for spanking shoots.  Shay Golden is on par with any spanking model I have ever filmed.

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