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by on Sep.14, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Spanking in Movies
I finally watched THE KILLER INSIDE ME on DVD and was surprised to discover that it had THREE spanking scenes, not just the two now famous Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba’s spankings.  The one with Jessica Alba is fairly lengthy, Kate Hudson gets about 5 swats on the bare bottom. 
And they cut to a young (incredibly) kinky mom (played by Caitlin Turner) who has marks on her bare behind she says are left from her husband.  Then she spanks herself with her hand and invites her young son to spank her, too.  The movie is not easy to watch because Casey Affleck’s  character beats his girlfriends sensely, which no spanko wants to see.  But the spanking scenes are pretty good.
 They seem very real.  And knowing that for each shot, there were many, many takes, and with all the different angles to cover the scene, no doubt these three starlets, all spanked on the bare, were pretty sore after filming their spanking scenes.
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