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Halloween Spankings

by on Oct.31, 2013, under Spanking

Halloween is a great time for spankings. People dress a little sluttier and are a little more open minded. At least a few whacks on the bum don’t seem out of the realm of possibility as it might be on, say Easter Sunday.

Halloween spankings with Madison Martin & Missy Rhodes

So in honor of this most awesome holiday, we offer up two Halloween spanking scenes.  One, with Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin, just concluded its run on My Spanking Roommate. The other is with Veronica Ricci and Jenna Rose (both Penthouse Pets of the Year).

One spanking usually calls for another

The one with Madison and Missy finds them arguing about a Halloween party and spanking each other. Cute, sexy, not too risky.

We snuck a spanking shoot in at this creepy location

But the shoot we did recently for the Girl Spanks Girl Halloween episode was shot outside, right near a busy rode. It was shot at a few different outdoor locations, actually.

Sneaking spanks at this crowded place was challenging – but we did it!

It starts at a roadside tourist stop, then moves on to an abandoned Halloween haunted house, that has been gutted.

We think this place was actually haunted

It was a little scary shooting there as clearly some transients lived there at various times (makeshift beds), and it was about 100 yards from a place where strange looking body sized crosses were sticking out of the ground (Blair Witch Project anyone?).

Jenna left that towel to sit on at the location after the shoot – on purpose

And there was a creepy looking baby stroller right outside. Ghostly spankings indeed.

Enjoy and have a spooky/spanking Halloween!!

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Shadow Lane Part 1

by on Sep.05, 2013, under Spanking

Don’t ask me why, but before I make my final Fet Con blog, I want to do a blog about Shadow Lane (maybe more fresh in my mind?). This is all about the drive to Vegas (with more to come about the actual convention).

Veronica Ricci went to Vegas as the guest model for CFWW and she shot with Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose on the way there. Jenna has an amazing rock hard body (from 2 hours of working out each day). But as hot and toned as Jenna is, she is even more daring, so she was the perfect person to do some public spanking scenes with.

What kind of zoo is this?

Starting with the Girl Spanks Girl site, we shot a scene in which Veronica (her idea in real life) shows Jenna a “zoo,” which turns out to be nothing but fake dinosaurs.

Check out Veronica’s blog for more details about this. It is always daring and fun to shoot outside, especially at a public place such as this.  The girls actually pulled down each other’s shorts for a few quick spanks while MANY people were walking around and looking at the fake dinosaurs. Or were they trying to check out two hot chicks wearing short-shorts doing something suspicious?

In the story, Jenna gets mad at Veronica for this.  Then Veronica takes Jenna to a haunted house – which turns out to be an abandoned house (that at one time was actually a haunted house attraction).

Resistance is futile.

Jenna is a STRONG spanker

So Jenna is now so angry she spanks Veronica right there.  Jenna is so strong, she turned Veronica’s poor bottom purple.

Veronica gets revenge

In classic f/f tradition, though, Veronica has had enough and also spanks Jenna.  Veronica is strong, too, so both girls ended up with sore and bruised bottoms from this shoot.

After this, we went down the road and shot another scene, this time for Spanking Veronica Works. In this scene, Veronica plays a real estate agent who shows Jenna the worst house in the world.

Real estate agent Veronica Ricci shows a “choice” house

This leads to her getting spanked, of course, because what else do you do with such a horrible real estate agent?

Who doesn’t want to spank a bad real estate agent?

This spanking was VERY public as it was near a road that seemingly everyone in this area used at this time. And there were some car honks and catcalls from passing cars, but no one stopped.  Yet. When it was Jenna’s turn to get spanked, she suggested that it happen near her super sexy car.

Jenna’s super sexy car has many uses

Who could turn that offer down, even though it was right at the side of the road.  So Veronica spanked Jenna over her car while even more drivers watched.

What a way to ride to Vegas, huh? More to come on the Shadow Lane convention.

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