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Risks of the Hotel Shoot

by on Mar.30, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Shooting in a hotel always holds a few extra risks than shooting in most other places.  For one thing, someone is paying for the hotel and has given his or her credit card info to the front desk.  So if someone complains about strange noises, it can lead to some odd predicaments. 

A couple of years ago, there was a Clare Fonda shoot in which somone complained to the front desk and a hotel worker knocked on the door asking for us “to keep it down.”  Fortunately, this guy didn’t come into the room or he would’ve seen movie lights and FOUR NAKED WOMEN.  Clare talked to him for about 5 minutes before he finally went away. 

A recent shoot, which is now up on Spanked Call Girls features Ten and Alicia Panettiere, along with Clare Fonda.  It brought back memories of this hotel bust because the talent was especially loud – with hard spanking and screaming.  A couple of times the girls went out in the hallway, dressed in “hooker” outfits. 

And there was plenty of loud talking from a bunch of dudes watching some sporting event (with their hotel door open) across the hallway.  But somehow, we made it through the entire shoot without getting a call or visit from the hotel management.  Just the risks we take to provide you all with the best spanking entertainment.


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  • tim

    wow hot pics look forward to watching the vid excellently filmed as usual by yourself ,best tim .

  • admin

    thanks Tim – these ladies did a grat job.

  • Dave

    I’m amazed you can shoot anything at all in a hotel, as I would think what if folks adjacent to you hear all that cherry red butt-tanning noise….

  • admin

    They hear us many of the times I figure. But most people don’t want to tell- the ones that do, however, make it challenging for spanking companies to shoot in hotels….

  • Jefferson

    Fess up, Clare…Did you get a boob job?

  • tim

    just got back from a short holiday in an hotel but there was no spanking noises going on although there were cute little waitresses serving and maids ,best wishes from uk. from tim .

  • admin

    Hey Jefferson – not a boob job on Clare. Just natually perky.

    Hey Tim, sorry you didn’t hear any spanking noises in your hotel stay. Better luck next time.

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