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Loving the Sets – Office and Prison Spanking Scenes

by on Aug.31, 2011, under Spanking


I am taking a break from blogging about the big school girl episode, which of course was shot in a large classroom set, to talk about an episode just finishing up on My Spanking Roommate.  It was epic in its own way, in that it had three models and was shot on two different sets, an office and a prison.

I have monitored many spanking sites and have come to realize why most scenes are shot at the same location, someone’s house or apartment.  It’s cheaper and of course easier because the producer becomes comfortable with the loud spanking noise. 

But it is definitely nice to mix it up sometimes and having a set provides more space for the cameraman to work with.  And sound is never an issue.  And I embrace the variety. 

In this episode, Kay is working at a medical office, where a patient (a hot female patient of course) comes in to complain to Kay’s boss about a bill.  Well the three begin arguing over who is responsible for some clerical mistake and they all gang up on each other, spanking away in the office.  This gets them into trouble and they end up in a holding cell in prison.  There, they still can’t decide who is at fault and decide to spank each other till someone admits blame. 

It’s a wildy entertaining episode, and I loved working with the extra space for my lights and cameras.  It makes it easier to get more interesting angles and let the action play out more (in the office there were three different areas where the spanking went on).

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EE6 – Profile on Veronica Ricci

by on Aug.27, 2011, under Spanked school girls

Schoolgirl spankingVeronica Ricci spankingveronica3.jpg

The next model I want to blog about from the Exclusive Education video now running on Girl Spanks Girl, is Veronica Ricci.  I have blogged a fair amount on her already, but Veronica stands out in the shoot because she is super hot.  While many of the girls are very beautiful in this year’s schoolgirl shoot, Veronica, in my opinion, stands at the top of the mountain.

Without seeking to do so, she plays the class hottie in this large schoolgirl spanking epic.  She is beautiful, with such a great figure, but I’m not sure she knows just how beautiful she is.  Or she doesn’t care.  She lets her hair fly (see photo 2 above), she is not afraid to give real reactions (cute yelps and hard jerking moves from the sting on her ass), and she blends in as one of the girls. 

Of all the models in this scene, she is the one who is the newest to spanking (outside of Mandee – who I covered in my last blog), and so there is a shock and awe to the way she fits in.  Veronica’s bottom quickly gets marked and speckled and it was bruised and red by the end of the shoot.  But check out photo 3 above and you will see the hand print from Snow Mercy, taken early in the shoot.  A sign of things to come for that tender white flesh. 

And here is some great news who are attending the Shadow Lane spanking  convention in Las Vegas next weeked, Veronica will be there as a model working exclusively for Clare Fonda.  She will be at Clare’s vendor booth on Friday night, and will sign any of her DVDs. 

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Mandee Gets First Ever Spanking in Schoolgirl Video

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Spanked school girls

mandee1.jpgschoolgirls spanked

Exclusive Education 6 is up now on Girl Spanks Girl.  The first two photo sets went up Monday and today, and the first video clip will appear tomorrow.  There will be lots to blog about this massive shoot. 

Today I want to talk about the thing that jumped out at me the most while shooting and editing this epic.  And that is Mandee Miller, who is the real life niece of Lana (who plays Principal Miller in this series).  Now I have known Lana for quite some time, and I met her niece once or twice.  She always seemed so shy that I was surprised she agreed to appear in a spanking video.

Lana raised Mandee as if she were her own daughter.  And Lana had never spanked Mandee before this shoot.  There is a great outtake, that will appear at the end of the run of videos in the “blooper” clip, where Lana admits out loud, on camera, that she has thought about spanking Mandee from time to time but never did it till now. 

So this was a long time coming.  And if anything, Lana seemed to spank Mandee a little harder than she spanked the other girls.  And Mandy was sometimes grinning (a nervious grin which happens sometimes in spanking scenes), and often Mandee was letting out this high-pitched yelping sound.  All very real reactions.  Mandee is in fact, a cute school girl, so she brings amazing authenticity to this scene.  We will have to see if she ever shoots another spanking video or if this started and ended her career in spanking.

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Exclusive Education 6: Schoolgirl Spanking Tease Scene

by on Aug.17, 2011, under Spanking

Schoolgirl spanking

Well, the big schoolgirl shoot is over and I have been editing like crazy to get Exclusive Education 6 up on Girl Spanks Girl soon (next week at the latest).  We had a few breakoff scenes after the shoot and Clare shot some stuff for another site, and I shot a few scenes that will appear exclusively on Hot Girls Spanked

The first, only 3 minutes, is now up and it features Snow Mercy as the teacher, and students in detention that include Veronica Ricci, Ten, Sophia Locke and new to spanking, Mandee.  If you need a quick fix schoolgirl spanking scene, check it out.  Otherwise, stay tuned.  Lots to report on this shoot (it gives me blog material for some time).

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Speckle Queens

by on Aug.08, 2011, under Spanking

v41l.JPGErotic spanking

Two of my all time favorite models are together in a scene on girl spanks girl.  Kay Richards, who we first shot on her 23rd birthday (her first ever spanking scene) did and erotic spanking scene with Veronica Ricci (who did her first ever spanking scene with us this year, when she was just 23). 

What they also have in common is how speckled their bottoms get when they are spanked.  They do a very good switch scene, then make out.  And Clare makes a cameo at the end, spanking them VERY hard in a new position. 

Kay and Veronica take turns going over Clare’s knee, while clutching their hands together.  Whenever they break contact, they get spanked with a hairbrush.  Clare even makes them kiss while she spanks them at one point.

These two ladies have lots of similarities, they are sweet, funny, super cool and super hot. 

But you gotta check out how their bottoms seem to speckle at the same rate.  Maybe there should be some scientific study done on this.

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