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Is Veronica Ricci Becoming A Spanking Star?

by on Dec.17, 2011, under Spanking

veronica ricci spanked

Upon meeting Veronica Ricci on the set of a horror film (she played Bloody Mary in 3D no less), and knowing of her adult work as a Penthouse Pet, I never imagined that she would be open to work in the spanking biz. 

But she did a Sweeties shoot for us last year, and enjoyed it (though her bottom got extremely marked up and sore).  After that, she shot some more, then more, then more. 

Right from the start she could take a suprisingly hard spanking.  And she has improved as a spanker as well.  I imagine working a great deal with Veronica in 2012, and won’t be surprised to see her as a featured star on at least one of the Clare Fonda sites. 

She already is a featured star on Spanked Call Girls. 

Take a look at the above photos and see some of her contributions to the sites. 

In the top left photo, she plays Clare’s daughter in the new epic running on Girl Spanks Girl, called Strict Tutor. 

Some exclusive back story spanking scenes for Strict Tutor will be appearing on Hot Girls Spanked, which will include Veronica as well.  She has appeared in several exclusive scenes for that Clips For Sale site. 

On the top right photo, Veronica is doing some girl-girl action with Alexis Grace on the just released erotic spanking scene also appearing on Girl Spanks Girl.  Veronica gets a good spanking from Alexis in this scene. 

Second down, left photo shows Veronica being spanked by her  babysitter (guest spanker is Ten Amorette) for Spanked Sweeties, a re-enactment of an actual spanking that Veronica received by her babysitter when she was a little girl. 

The photo to the right of that one shows Veronica waiting while Kat St. James is getting spanked for her Sweeties scene.  Veronica would then step up and get spanked along with Kat (they played sisters) by Clare (as their mom).  In this photo, it sort of looks like Veronica is enjoying the Kat spanking.

Third down to the left shows Veronica getting spanked by Leia-Ann Woods for a popular scene running on Hot Girls Spanked

To the right of that, Veronica is watching, glass of wine in hand, as Clare instructs a model named Phoenix for a diaper scene.  No, Veronica has never appeared in a diaper scene, but she drove Phoenix to the set (hey why is the driver drinking???). 

Below that, a photo of Veronica being spanked by Missy Rhodes, then of course turning the tables and spanking Missy.  These are photos from New Year’s episode that will be appearing on My Spanking Roomate on January 1 (when else?).  It will be the debut on the site for both Missy and Veronica and they were amazing together as new roommates. 

The bottom two photos show Veronica being spanked by Jenni Mack, then Miss Chris running now running on Spanked Call Girls.  Veronica called “cut” (the only time she has down this) while Jenni was spanking her.  That means Jenni is a very hard spanker. 

It is really fantastic working with Veronica.  And if she isn’t a spanking star already, I predict that as she continues to work on all the sites in 2012, that she will reach spanking super-star status soon. 

And as a side note, I had heard that Veronica reads my blog and she in fact made a comment on my last post.  So Veronica, if you are reading this post, please feel free to comment. 

Maybe other readers of the blog can use the comment area of this post to encourage Veronica to consider starting her own spanking blog in 2012.


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  • Angela Bauer

    Let me second the motion that Veronica Ricci has the makings of a true adult spanking super star! As she posted, she has Clare Fonda Productions to blame or credit, depending on the throbbing in her bottom.

    And, Veronica, Many, many years ago when I was at university for a lark (and some cash) I did a couple of days shooting several spanking scenes for a production company. They never asked me back for other productions and they went out of business before they released any of my material.

    Cameraman and Clare know although I still get spanked for pleasure, I did produce two still popular big baby videos. Personally I consider that less convenient lingerie. While thinking about a career move, consider that following a diaper shoot your bottom is not marked.

    Thank you for driving Phoenix to the shoot. She is so adorable. Ask her how playing big baby made her feel.

  • tim

    yes Veronica is certainly a spanking starshe is a lovely young girl who takes big spanks and gives them to other beautiful girls on Clares sites ,Veronica could statr a grand spanking blog ,best ,tim.

  • tim

    Angela are your big baby vids online? ,best tim.

  • admin

    I agree with Angela and Tim that Veronica can be (and is) spectacular. I’m a huge fan and expect to work with her a great deal in 2012!!

  • tim

    Merry Christmas to you from tim.

  • admin

    Merry Christmas from all Clare Fonda group Tim – thanks for your support!

  • Mike

    veronica i hope you start your own blog and contiune in the spanking business maybe ever offer start doing session to where you get spanked and dish out the spankings i for one would love to earn a trip over your lap as you give me hard spanking want find out if your really hard spanker and if your spanking really does hurt lol

    and yes iam huge veronica fan been fan of her since i first saw her in all pics and video she has done

  • henrik

    Clare Fonda got named dropped on the oe Rogan (yes the guy from Fear Factor) podcast by Veroicas boyfriend who co-host it

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