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Models Prep For Shoots

by on Mar.30, 2012, under spanking soap opera


Every model we work with seems beautiful to me.  Depending on your taste, our models range in beauty.  I have been hearing lots of feedback on how stunning Missy looks in the current episode running on My Spanking Roommate.

Now Missy is a natural beauty.  She is an out of town model and one I don’t mind giving a ride to when we shoot her.  So I pick her up and she looks great.  But she has a process, like many models, to jazz up her appearance a bit.

So enjoy the photos above, which I snapped to reveal her process.  In the top photo, she is doing something strange to her eye.  I couldn’t tell you what, but if you have ever seen A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, it can’t be a good thing, right?

Also note the shameless tease of butt crack, perhaps Missy’s way of taunting me for taking a behind the scenes photo of her.  She mocked me slightly when I told her I got a photo of her butt crack.  She said something like “they’ll never even know it’s my butt crack.”  Sorry about that Missy.  I think they’ll know now.  Bwahhhaaa.

So in the photo below that, you can see Missy petting Clare’s pussy (geez that was fun to type).  Clare has many cats and she is always teasing me for not being able to keep their names straight.  To me this is the fat black hairy pussy.  Missy is a sweet lover of pets and stopped her prepping to show a little love to this visitor.

So if you enjoy the look of a certain model, such as the stunning Missy Rhodes, know that there is a complicated process to achieve it that involves eye torture, butt crack and petting big black hairy pussies.

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Best Phone Call Ever

by on Mar.24, 2012, under spanking soap opera


Here is an interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit.  If you check out the latest episode (103) now up on My Spanking Roommate, you will see Veronica Ricci getting spanked by Alexis Grace.  Which is cool.

And she is calling her roommate Missy Rhodes while getting spanked.  Which is even more cool.

And after the call, Missy gets spanked by a new character named Miss Claw, who is playing her acting coach.  All this is, as I say, cool.

But what is crazy interesting in my opinion, is that Veronica actually called a friend while she is getting full on spanked hard with a hair brush by Alexis.  Veronica was yelping and moaning and trying to explain (in character) how she has to kick Missy out of the apartment so that Alexis can move in.  And she explains how she is getting spanked hard.

This phone conversation goes on and on, and her friend that she really called had no idea what was going on and was worried something crazy was happening in real life to Veronica.  I think it took Veronica a long time the next few days to explain what that call was all about.

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Madanna’s Butt Bruise

by on Mar.17, 2012, under Spanking


Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m half Irish and I’m not wearing any green.  Yikes.  So how did that whole pinch you if you’re not wearing green tradition start anyway?

Well, this is all a strange way of featuring Madonna’s ass bruise – which is heart shaped by the way.  It’s all on the news and web how Madonna posted photos of her heart-shaped bruised bottom that she claims to have gotten from falling while dancing.  Maybe.

There is a lot of hate thrown Madonna’s way, but really, spankos should love her.  She is open about sexuality and obviously is really into spanking.  She talks about it often and heck, even sang a song about spanking.

So was the bruise made from a fall?  A heart-shaped paddle perhaps?  Or maybe she forgot to wear green today and someone gave her a nasty pinch.  I see you Madonna.

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Wrestling & Spanking on My Spanking Roommate

by on Mar.14, 2012, under spanked girlfriends, Spanking, spanking soap opera


The last 2 episodes of My Spanking Roommate included wrestling and spanking.

Episode 101 found Kay Richards and her friend Ashley (played by Ariel X) wrestling each other, then spanking each other in Kay’s bedroom.

Episode 102, now running, finds Madison Martin and Tawny (played by Madison Young) wrestling and spanking each other in an alley.

In both scenes, this animated spanking clip of wrestling and spanking was used as an example for the girls. Check it out and see if you can find any similarities.

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Cross Over For Horror and Spanking Fans?

by on Mar.05, 2012, under Spanking


Is there a natural cross over between horror film and spanking fans?  I think there might be.  At least to a larger extent than you would expect. Clare Fonda is pictured preparing to spank two new models, XCLR Moon and Celia, in a scene currently running on Spanked Call Girls.

But couldn’t she also be preparing to murder them?  Clare has appeared in a few horror films.  Celia has also.  They seem to enjoy both.  And


Veronica Ricci is both a rising B horror film star and rising spanking superstar.  She seems to have love for both as well.  Above she is pictured in her lead role of Bloody Mary, which can be found on Video on Demand.

She is presently shooting another horror film called SNAKE CLUB.  I don’t know, what do you guys think?  Any bond between the two genres?  Spanking and horror movies?

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