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Clare Fonda is Surprise Guest in Next Shoot

by on Dec.12, 2013, under Spanking

It is true that Clare Fonda stopped shooting spanking scenes about 1.5 years ago and has seemingly not been too tempted to jump back in.

But BIG NEWS is Clare will be shooting a scene for me (and directing it too) this Sunday and I must tell you the behind-the-scenes reason why.

Within the last month, I was near the start of a really bad shoot. Both models that I was using were very weak spankers and one even told me this “I can spank harder but I won’t. I am opposed to it.”

Now in my opinion, most of my models are good to sensational and occasionally I get a mediocre one. But I can’t remember ever getting two models so unwilling and/or unable to deliver a decent spanking scene. So shortly after the shoot started, I broke off and called my great friend Clare to see if she had any suggestions. She is wise and experienced and much to my delight, she came up with a plan that far exceeded my expectations.

Clare Fonda delivers the goods in the first “Mother’s Concern”

Clare said that she would return to shoot one (2 part) scene for me if I shot 2 scenes for her new site Jamie Foster Strips. I did, and the models were much better performers for forced stripping (the scenes have yet to appear on Jamie’s site).

Clare Fonda will be spanking Cassie Calvert in the sequel

I am SO EXCITED to be shooting MOTHER’S CONCERN PART 2 this Sunday, starring Clare Fonda, with our 300th model Casey Calvert, plus an appearance in the second part from Veronica Ricci.

A few members of Girl Spank Girl have requested some of the more old fashioned style that many of the past scenes on the site included, and this will be a throwback to that style.

Syren De Mer’s nun returns & will be spanking Casey the same day

Casey will first be shooting the third chapter of the Hallway House series that has been appearing on Hot Girls Spanked. Syren De Mer will be returning to play her strict nun character and there is a large cast.

But this big scene and the other custom being shot 2 days after that one (also starring Syren De Mer – but this time as the governess) is deserving of another blog.

This entry is all about the RETURN OF CLARE FONDA!! Even if it is for just one (2 part) scene – I am stoked and excited!! And all true fans of spanking should be as well.

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  • Tim

    It will be great to have Clare back again for a guest spot ,best from ,Tim.

  • admin

    I knew you would appreciate Clare coming back for a scene, Tim.

  • Dave

    w-w-whatttttttttttt?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Fantastic news!

  • mike

    bet lot of model be forming line to be next be spanked by Clare fonda lol bet miss be spanked hard by her. i often wonder if she spank model harder then last time she spank them

  • mike

    not just clare but i wonder if each time a model in spanking shoot if they spank model harder then the time before or if spanking harder then last time

  • mike

    as for one model who said she can spank harder but is opposed to it doesnt make sense to me but i guess some model is like that i guess. they know what can and cant do some just dont want do it and that ok to me

    like you explain to me you had some model refuse do a scene so you move on to next model but one that refuse normally do it for differnt reason again understanding same as you have make sure model can work together too and look good together get along too dont want 2 model working together that dont like each other

  • admin

    I agree Cherry Red, this is fantastic news!

  • admin

    Mike, Clare started working out hard that past few years, so the last couple of years of shooting scenes, I noticed she could spank harder. So we had to find models who can take a stronger Clare Fonda – hence Casey and Veronica.

  • scott

    Love Clare, Hope she sticks around!

  • admin

    Everyone loves Clare. I don’t think she is planning to make this a regular thing at all – she was just bailing me out, doing me a favor. But one can hope if it goes well, she might make an occasional appearance. We’ll see. Baby steps.

  • Tim

    Cameraman, are the 2 girls who spank each other not too hard playing on your sites now///?if so they are cute,best,Tim.

  • mike

    guess clare had to work out to make sure her spanks just as hard and the female model feel every spanks during their spanking from her

    kind of stink only casey and veronica can take harder and longer spanking from clare you can only do som any shoot with those girls get old after while

  • admin

    Clare did great, guys, I will blog about the shoots this week tomorrow.

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,they are the 2 girls spankingeach other on the current seriesa cute blonde and a brunette spanking otks ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Yes Tim they are the ones not spanking each other too hard (more playful). Still plenty of hard spankings to be found on the sites. And you are correct, the girls are cute.

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