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Stern Nun Takes Action

by on Sep.28, 2015, under Spanked school girls, spanking sorority girls

There is a fun episode running now on Spanking Sorority Girls in which the always terrific Syren de Mer plays a stern nun who spanks a handful of schoolgirls.

Syren de Mer plays a strict nun spanking Tori Avano

Syren de Mer plays a strict nun spanking Tori Avano

The ladies had fun shooting the scene and Syren got some of their booties quite speckled.

Tori got quite speckled but will be back for more in EE10

Tori got quite speckled but will be back for more in EE10

The story begins with some of the girls from the sorority fighting with a girl from the other school (Aleksa Nicole).

The fight begins

The fight begins

Sister Sy catches them, and spanks them all. But when she discovers Veronica was the true instigator, she has all the other girls spank Veronica. The ladies had fun shooting this, and had lots of laughs before and after the shoot (and as you can see from the outtakes, a few during the shoot as well).

Sometimes Veronica can't help but crack up during a shoot, even when getting spanked

Some outtakes had by all.

They also all got very sore and red, and used up an entire tube of arnicare after the shoot.  Jynx Maze and Tori Avano also star in the scene. Tori (and her speckled bum) has agreed to appear in the EE10 shoot in December.

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Censorship (or Reefer Madness)

by on Dec.29, 2013, under Spanking

My secondary billing company recently looked over Girl Spanks Girl to see if there were any policy violations. Now keep in mind this is not something I asked for or was told was going to happen. And I don’t even know what their “policies” are. But they did the review and initially came up with over 20 “violations” of their policies.

Most of the violations were regarding family relations and spankings. I wrote back to them and asked how a mother/daughter spanking scene could be considered (in their words) “incest.” I asked them if a mother actually spanked her daughter as a means of discipline in real life, would this in fact be considered “incest?”

They thought about it and reduced their “violations” to three scenes. I argued about one of the three, and they saw my point, narrowing the offending scenes to two. One, that included a title “Kissing Cousins” was a very mild scene that did in fact show two models (who were not related in real life) kissing. Since there was no mention of them being related in the actual video, it was simple enough to remove the word “Cousins” from the text describing the scene. Sorry if anyone read the old title, actually believed that these two were cousins that kissed each other, and got offended by this.

A shot of the offending action leading to censorship of this scene

The final scene they wanted changed proved to be the most difficult. There were marijuana references and actually two of the models in this scene, Governess Rules Day 1, were actually seen on camera pretending to smoke weed. So I removed any “pot” references in the text and cut out the shots of them smoking and thought I would be good to go. Not so fast. If you crane your neck in the edited version, you can see on a small table in the corner of some of the shots in the video, the tiny bong they used for the fake pot smoking scene.

I have seen many shows and  movies on TV in which pot smoking is depicted. There was an entire series called WEEDS for Pete’s sake. Where are these secondary billing companies for spanking sites when it comes to public access to viewing marijuana? Maybe they should find new jobs that let them turn their attentions to a bigger network of risks – such as television and the rest of the world wide web (that is presently out of their jurisdiction).

You will only find this scene on Hot Girls Spanked now

There was no way around this “violation” of course, so sadly this scene has now been removed from Girl Spanks Girl thanks to someone who felt some risk for having something that looks like a bong in the background of some shots.

Thanks to Hot Girls Spanked, however, you can still see the offending scene if you so desire. And the rest of the excellent Governess series, starring Syren De Mer, Veronica Ricci and Kymberly Jane is risk free.

So there you have it. Censorship of the oh so dangerous (this is sarcasm) spanking web site.

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Clare Fonda is Surprise Guest in Next Shoot

by on Dec.12, 2013, under Spanking

It is true that Clare Fonda stopped shooting spanking scenes about 1.5 years ago and has seemingly not been too tempted to jump back in.

But BIG NEWS is Clare will be shooting a scene for me (and directing it too) this Sunday and I must tell you the behind-the-scenes reason why.

Within the last month, I was near the start of a really bad shoot. Both models that I was using were very weak spankers and one even told me this “I can spank harder but I won’t. I am opposed to it.”

Now in my opinion, most of my models are good to sensational and occasionally I get a mediocre one. But I can’t remember ever getting two models so unwilling and/or unable to deliver a decent spanking scene. So shortly after the shoot started, I broke off and called my great friend Clare to see if she had any suggestions. She is wise and experienced and much to my delight, she came up with a plan that far exceeded my expectations.

Clare Fonda delivers the goods in the first “Mother’s Concern”

Clare said that she would return to shoot one (2 part) scene for me if I shot 2 scenes for her new site Jamie Foster Strips. I did, and the models were much better performers for forced stripping (the scenes have yet to appear on Jamie’s site).

Clare Fonda will be spanking Cassie Calvert in the sequel

I am SO EXCITED to be shooting MOTHER’S CONCERN PART 2 this Sunday, starring Clare Fonda, with our 300th model Casey Calvert, plus an appearance in the second part from Veronica Ricci.

A few members of Girl Spank Girl have requested some of the more old fashioned style that many of the past scenes on the site included, and this will be a throwback to that style.

Syren De Mer’s nun returns & will be spanking Casey the same day

Casey will first be shooting the third chapter of the Hallway House series that has been appearing on Hot Girls Spanked. Syren De Mer will be returning to play her strict nun character and there is a large cast.

But this big scene and the other custom being shot 2 days after that one (also starring Syren De Mer – but this time as the governess) is deserving of another blog.

This entry is all about the RETURN OF CLARE FONDA!! Even if it is for just one (2 part) scene – I am stoked and excited!! And all true fans of spanking should be as well.

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Favorite Blog Listings Will Return

by on Dec.02, 2012, under Spanking

I upgraded the software for my blog, which means I need to learn how to do everything all over again without a manual.  So the Favorite Blogs and all the other listing on the side of my blog are gone for now – until I figure out how to put them back.  I don’t think most of my readers are that concerned, but I actually read all of those blogs and appreciate the convenience of simply viewing my own blog and linking to the other blogs that I like to read.

Veronica Ricci eventually laughs at her “sister” getting spanked. Until it’s her turn.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the new series up on Girl Spanks Girl.  It was a custom that stars Syren De Mer (very, very stern) as the governess to Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci.  I found it pretty hilarious that the custom guy asked if Veronica and Kay would have any problem playing stoners.  If he only knew…..


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