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The Whacks Heard Around the World

by on Jan.06, 2014, under Spanking

Exactly 20 years ago on this very day in Detroit, Michigan, Nancy Kerrigan was whacked on her knee by Tonya Harding’s ex. It was called the “Whack Heard Around the World” because it meant the princess ice skater most likely wouldn’t be available for her next competition.

Which she wasn’t. She was better in time for the Olympics however, but still didn’t win gold. Tonya became a mess after that for her alleged involvement in the incident. If spanking was more widely accepted, perhaps the rift could’ve been resolved if Nancy was simply allowed to spank Tonya.

Trailer Trash vs. Ice Princess - spank off

Trailer Trash vs. Ice Princess – spank off

And of course since Nancy was a little spoiled, perhaps she could’ve used a good spanking, too.  It is with the spirit of this famous “whacking” that we present to you on this day, exactly 20 years after the famous incident, our own version with Veronica Ricci playing Tonya and Jenna Rose playing Nancy.

Two Penthouse Playmates of the year, whacking and spanking each other hard.  Our best possible tribute – now on Spanking Veronica Works.

You can read the article all about the original whack event HERE.

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  • Tim

    Yes both girls deserved sound spankings espacally the little minx who crocked the other especially and if they sat on the ice rink it would melt ,young Veronica and young Jenna act it well in the first part and will carry on spanking ,best,Tim.

  • Tim

    The 2 girlsare so cute in kissing cousins spanking each other on the bed ,best,Tim.

  • Tim

    Poppy is a pretty little spankeenew to me and spanked well by yourself?,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Glad to hear you are enjoying all the new ladies on the sites, Tim!

  • mike

    rumor has it nancy stole her manger from his wife and married him all I can say his maybe she did or didn’t don’t know whole story about that nobody does

    I always wanted be spanked by tonya more then nancy liked tonya more another rumor is tonya claim her mom abuse her by spanking her even in locker room etc there even some wintess parent or mom of other skater admit hearing it or seeing it

    last thing is I would want be spanked by these model in the shoot too if ask me

  • Tim

    oh yes I am ,little Casey is receiving big spanks from Clare for beingnaughty ,best from ,Tim.

  • admin

    Good info, Mike, thanks for sharing. And her is to hoping your dream of having Tonya Harding spank you comes true. If you can find her, I would bet she would do it for you!

  • mike

    ya welcome cameraman from what I also remember lot of people was giving Nancy hard time for doing that even her manger husband ex wife claim that happen and was mad like I said if don’t know people involed or know whole story we can just go by what read

    some said Nancy not all appear be way she was shown on tvand etc. and done something too not even nice person

    since never met nancy or tonya icant say what they really like guess time like this just have see for yourself what kind of type people they are if nice or not I got an autrogrpah pic of tonya she sent me iam sure in letter I ask her if she would spank me as we know in fan letter celebrity wont personally answer your question just send sign pic to you

  • mike

    this Thursday on espn suppose be some show talking about nancy and tonya store title go for the gold even aftr all years one question ask was tonya really involed in the attack on nancy seem some people think she was I personally don’t think she was guess nobody would know tonya claim was scare of then husband who now her ex plus has had trouble childhood abuse from mother

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