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Happy New Year Deal

by on Dec.31, 2013, under Spanking

Happy New Year – no strings attached – I wish all the best for my blog readers and site members!! However, I would like to offer bonus clips on each site if I can reach 6,000 followers on my Twitter account.

Why do I care about getting more followers?

Well I would love it if members would follow because I can post instant notes about the sites, whether it is photos and notes from shoots, content being updated or even the occasional trouble shooting taking place. It’s the best instant way for me to drop a quick note to members. If I see the follower numbers going up, I will know that I am reaching members and I want the best content available in the spanking world as well as good lines of communication.

Don’t worry about privacy on Twitter, if you need to create an account to follow me as it is well protected and completely anonymous. I rarely send emails to members, but I am in the process of dropping all members a quick email to explain this pledge (so check your spam folder if you don’t see the email). I figure about 3 emails from me per year isn’t too intrusive (some sites send one every month at least). Click here to see my Twitter.

New Years spanking with Missy Rhodes on Roommate site last year

Happy New Year from CF Worldwide (whether you follow me on Twitter or not).

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Censorship (or Reefer Madness)

by on Dec.29, 2013, under Spanking

My secondary billing company recently looked over Girl Spanks Girl to see if there were any policy violations. Now keep in mind this is not something I asked for or was told was going to happen. And I don’t even know what their “policies” are. But they did the review and initially came up with over 20 “violations” of their policies.

Most of the violations were regarding family relations and spankings. I wrote back to them and asked how a mother/daughter spanking scene could be considered (in their words) “incest.” I asked them if a mother actually spanked her daughter as a means of discipline in real life, would this in fact be considered “incest?”

They thought about it and reduced their “violations” to three scenes. I argued about one of the three, and they saw my point, narrowing the offending scenes to two. One, that included a title “Kissing Cousins” was a very mild scene that did in fact show two models (who were not related in real life) kissing. Since there was no mention of them being related in the actual video, it was simple enough to remove the word “Cousins” from the text describing the scene. Sorry if anyone read the old title, actually believed that these two were cousins that kissed each other, and got offended by this.

A shot of the offending action leading to censorship of this scene

The final scene they wanted changed proved to be the most difficult. There were marijuana references and actually two of the models in this scene, Governess Rules Day 1, were actually seen on camera pretending to smoke weed. So I removed any “pot” references in the text and cut out the shots of them smoking and thought I would be good to go. Not so fast. If you crane your neck in the edited version, you can see on a small table in the corner of some of the shots in the video, the tiny bong they used for the fake pot smoking scene.

I have seen many shows and  movies on TV in which pot smoking is depicted. There was an entire series called WEEDS for Pete’s sake. Where are these secondary billing companies for spanking sites when it comes to public access to viewing marijuana? Maybe they should find new jobs that let them turn their attentions to a bigger network of risks – such as television and the rest of the world wide web (that is presently out of their jurisdiction).

You will only find this scene on Hot Girls Spanked now

There was no way around this “violation” of course, so sadly this scene has now been removed from Girl Spanks Girl thanks to someone who felt some risk for having something that looks like a bong in the background of some shots.

Thanks to Hot Girls Spanked, however, you can still see the offending scene if you so desire. And the rest of the excellent Governess series, starring Syren De Mer, Veronica Ricci and Kymberly Jane is risk free.

So there you have it. Censorship of the oh so dangerous (this is sarcasm) spanking web site.

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Merry Christmas

by on Dec.24, 2013, under Spanking

There are two new Christmas scenes on the sites.

Mistress Crystal back in action as Veronica’s mom.

The first is a long, elaborate scene on Spanking Sorority Girls, in which Mistress Crystal plays mom to Veronica Ricci and spanks her and Koko Kitten and also instructs Veronica as she spanks Koko. Lots of Christmas cheer and good spankings in this scene.  Crystal plays such a great mom!

Veronica Ricci had a blast shooting with her pal Stevie Sweet

On Spanking Veronica Works Veronica spanks her ex gf Stevie Sweet, in Stevie’s first and only spanking shoot done last week. There is quite an interesting chemistry between these two ladies, and Veronica often giggled during the scene at Stevie’s sexy little girl voice she used. Buts did get red, I assure you and a wooden paddle was also brought into play.

It’s like Christmas having Clare Fonda return for a scene

There are past Christmas episodes on most of the sites as well.  And though it isn’t Christmas themed, Clare Fonda returning to shoot a scene with Casey Calvert for Girl Spanks Girl surely seems like a Christmas present.

Lots of new great spanking plans for the new year, with many of our site stars and some more new ladies as well. So happy Holidays to all!  And to all a good night!

ps Maybe next year I will shoot a Christmas scene about Krampus.

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Wild Week of Shooting

by on Dec.19, 2013, under Spanking

It was a wild week of spanking shoots that has concluded with great success.  It was highlighted by shooting our 300th model, Casey Calvert, who will be appearing soon with Clare Fonda, who returned to be the mom spanker for our special occasion.

300th model Casey Calvert is spanked by Clare Fonda

Look for this scene in a few days, called “Mother’s Concern 2” on Girl Spanks Girl.

Casey first shot a scene for a custom, Halfway House Part 3, and that introduced a number of new models to our sites as well. The count is now at 304 and you can see them all at this MODELS LINK.

Sister Sy is the first to get her hands on Casey’s spankable bottom

The excellent custom producer chose lots of models with curvy bottoms who could take a spanking. The plan is to have that epic available on Hot Girls Spanked some time this weekend.

Dangerous to insult Clare just before she uses the hairbrush

There was definitely a buzz about the shoot with Clare on the set. I am guessing she hasn’t spanked in a while as she started slowly. I was glad Veronica Ricci was there (she appears in the second section of this scene) to egg Clare on a little by calling her old and fat (none of which she is of course) but it provided Clare with that little extra adrenaline so that she could spank harder (Veronica’s poor bottom).

Kmyberly Jane gets paddled hard on her diaper (yes, I said “diaper”)

Another shoot included another custom, part 3 in the Governess series which runs on Girl Spanks Girl.

l. I plan to have this available some time next week. It brings Syren De Mer (who also plays the nun at the halfway house) back as the amazingly stern governess who humiliates and punishes her charges Kymberly Jane (Kay Richards on our sites) and Veronica Ricci.

She spanks and paddles them both, and this time even puts them in diapers.

Veronica gives some painful elf training to her special friend

The final scene we shot this week will go up today on Spanking Veronica Works as it is a Christmas scene with a new model names Stevie Sweet who has a very unusual relationship with Veronica. Keep an eye on Veronica’s blog to see if she writes about this scene.

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Clare Fonda is Surprise Guest in Next Shoot

by on Dec.12, 2013, under Spanking

It is true that Clare Fonda stopped shooting spanking scenes about 1.5 years ago and has seemingly not been too tempted to jump back in.

But BIG NEWS is Clare will be shooting a scene for me (and directing it too) this Sunday and I must tell you the behind-the-scenes reason why.

Within the last month, I was near the start of a really bad shoot. Both models that I was using were very weak spankers and one even told me this “I can spank harder but I won’t. I am opposed to it.”

Now in my opinion, most of my models are good to sensational and occasionally I get a mediocre one. But I can’t remember ever getting two models so unwilling and/or unable to deliver a decent spanking scene. So shortly after the shoot started, I broke off and called my great friend Clare to see if she had any suggestions. She is wise and experienced and much to my delight, she came up with a plan that far exceeded my expectations.

Clare Fonda delivers the goods in the first “Mother’s Concern”

Clare said that she would return to shoot one (2 part) scene for me if I shot 2 scenes for her new site Jamie Foster Strips. I did, and the models were much better performers for forced stripping (the scenes have yet to appear on Jamie’s site).

Clare Fonda will be spanking Cassie Calvert in the sequel

I am SO EXCITED to be shooting MOTHER’S CONCERN PART 2 this Sunday, starring Clare Fonda, with our 300th model Casey Calvert, plus an appearance in the second part from Veronica Ricci.

A few members of Girl Spank Girl have requested some of the more old fashioned style that many of the past scenes on the site included, and this will be a throwback to that style.

Syren De Mer’s nun returns & will be spanking Casey the same day

Casey will first be shooting the third chapter of the Hallway House series that has been appearing on Hot Girls Spanked. Syren De Mer will be returning to play her strict nun character and there is a large cast.

But this big scene and the other custom being shot 2 days after that one (also starring Syren De Mer – but this time as the governess) is deserving of another blog.

This entry is all about the RETURN OF CLARE FONDA!! Even if it is for just one (2 part) scene – I am stoked and excited!! And all true fans of spanking should be as well.

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You Guessed It! Model #300 = Casey Calvert

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Spanking

You guys took lots of great guesses before calling it correctly – when Casey Calvert appears before our cameras on December 15th, she will be exactly the 300th female model we have shot.

Casey Calvert will be our 300th female model

Casey shared the above photo – she looks great and I’ve heard amazing things about her so I am super excited to shoot her. On the day of the shoot she will be doing a big custom in which she plays a bad girl at a halfway house.  Part 3 of a series appearing on Hot Girls Spanked.

She will also be shooting a scene with a very special guest. No, I’m not going to make you guys guess, but that is quite a story that you will be getting more details on very soon.

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Mystery Model #300

by on Dec.03, 2013, under Spanking

I have a big shoot tomorrow with some new models that include a MILF named Sandy, Daisy Elizabeth and Gigi Allens. Sites veteran Cheyenne Jewel will also be shooting. This is all leading up to a shoot on Friday that will include another newbee (to our sites at least) the tantalizing Skin Diamond.

Lexi Belle was model #250. Who will be #300???

Then in the shoot after that, on December 15th, I will be shooting the official 300th new female model for our sites. Her first name begins with a “C” and she is not new to spanking. Those are big clues.  Can anyone guess who the 300th model will be? I’m pretty exited to meet that magical number. Here is the list of models.

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