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GSG Upates

by on Feb.28, 2016, under Spanked school girls

As some of you have noted, I put up a bunch of updates for Girl Spanks Girl that covered over a week. It’s rare that I do that and this is the only site that doesn’t include remote or timed updates as it is still running off the old Dreamweaver software that doesn’t allow for scheduled updates in advance. This is getting changed over, but that could take a while.  In the meantime, I finally found an older version of Dreamweaver that I can use for a while (I lost my newer version when my computer crashed a few weeks ago).

Principal Miller holds detention at her home on a Saturday.

Principal Miller holds detention at her home on a Saturday.

So sorry to those members who enjoy the daily updates – but the regular update world will be back in action soon (from March 3rd and on). In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek photo of Exclusive Education 10, Part 2, which is coming soon to the site.

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A Wheely Good Spanking

by on Feb.15, 2016, under spanked call girls, Spanking

Believe it or not, I’ve had a few requests for wheel chair spankings over the years. I have one up now on Spanked Callgirls that stars Christy Cutie and Natalie Rose.

Christy took a little convince to shoot this not so PC scene

Christy took a little convince to shoot this not so PC scene

Christy is a sweet, kind young lady and she was a little reluctant to shoot a scene involving a model in a wheel chair. It took a little prodding but I convinced her that our members have a good sense of humor and we weren’t being malicious, just having some spanking fun centered around a wheel chair.

Natalie Rose gives Christy's character a sound spanking for discrimination

Natalie Rose gives Christy’s character a sound spanking for discrimination

In the scene Christy’s character is reluctant to hire Natalie as a call girl because of her disability. Natalie complains that it is discrimination and she gives Christy a spanking right over the wheel chair, to teach her a lesson and also to demonstrate how physically capable she is.

But Christy gives an even harder one because Natalie was "faking it"

But Christy gives an even harder one because Natalie was “faking it”

But when Chirsty later learns that Natalie was faking this disability to get the job, she spanks Natalie in perhaps an even more deserved spanking. Christy eventually embraced the spirit of the scene (not exactly PC but hopefully not offensive either). A bit risky, but the spanking is hard, fast and furious with lots of energy and hope you guys appreciate it (along with its slight whackiness).

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Early Retirement

by on Feb.06, 2016, under spanked call girls, spanking soap opera

Some spanking models are around for a number of years. 10, 20 years for some of the all time greats. Though many don’t make it to that decade mark or some will re-invent themselves, taking the mom or MILF roles as they get a little older.

Mia with Kay Richards up now on My Spanking Roommate

Mia with Kay Richards up now on My Spanking Roommate

But some are gone before they even get going. I was  very excited when I shot Mia Vallis a few years ago.  I saw her at Fet Con in Florida in 2013. I never got to meet her or find out what her name was there, but I somehow managed to track her down, write her and set up her first ever spanking shoot when she came to Los Angeles.

Bettie Bondage helped turn Mia into a good spanker

Bettie Bondage helped turn Mia into a good spanker

The reason she stood out to me so much was her combination of height and beauty. She is the tallest model I have shot at 6 ft 2 in. She is slim, with long legs, and a curvy bottom. What’s not to love? The first time I met her, I was thrilled at how sweet she was and eager to deliver what we wanted in a shoot.

Kay's hand leaves Mia's tender bottom very sore

Kay’s hand leaves Mia’s tender bottom very sore

She didn’t have a very high tolerance for spanking, but she took all that she could. So her reactions are VERY real. The first scene she ever shot was with Bondage Bettie, who helped teach Mia how to be a good spanker. She shot for My Spanking Roommate (many times), Spanked Call Girls and Spanking Veronica Works, in which she appears in a spectacular scene as a volleyball player (she actually plays).

Possibly Mia's most impressive scene with Veronica Ricci

Possibly Mia’s most impressive scene with Veronica Ricci

I had plans to shoot her much more, but she has disappeared from the grid. After just a couple of years, she seems to have bolted from the fetish modeling world (she was a rising bondage star). Sometimes this happens because a model’s personal life finds interference with her line of work. Sometimes a model has simply had enough of this world and transitions into a more vanilla job.

Tallest spanking model ever?

Tallest spanking model ever?

On a rare occasion, a model will pop up again after something changes in her life and hit me up for a shoot again. If this happens with Mia, great I’ll shoot her again of course.  If not, enjoy her run on My Spanking Roommate as Kay’s roommate. There are a couple more episodes until I run out of Mia content. In the meantime, if you run across a very tall, sweet, beautiful model with a curvy bottom who is willing to push her pain tolerance levels, send her my way!

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