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Tall Spankers

by on Feb.10, 2019, under spanked call girls, Spanked school girls, Spanking, spanking sorority girls

One of the nice things about finding tall spankers is that they have long legs – the better for getting over their knee. Height difference between spanker and spankee is something to admire for sure, and maybe it is underappreciated.

Quite a difference in the height of stars Elori Stix and Mia Vallis

There is a scene now on Spanked Call Girls that has Mia Vallis, who is over 6 feet tall, spanking Elori Stix. Mia has gorgeous long legs that are featured nicely in this scene. She is a foot PLUS 3 inches taller than Elori.

Elori looks great over Mia’s long legs!

Seeing the super cute Elori over Mia’s knee should be a delight for any fan of spanking.  The ladies embrace this difference and have fun with it.

Lux Lives is another model over 6 feet tall who is good and dishing out a spanking

Another model over 6 feet tall is Lux Lives. She will appear in an upcoming scene on Spanking Sorority Girls with Lola Anderson, who is nearly a foot shorter.  There is a great dynamic in this scene which has Lux overpowering the smaller sorority girl in the kitchen.

Lux enjoyed putting the naughty Lola over her knee

Hope you enjoy the tall and short of it as there are plans to feature more of this kind of spanking in the near future.

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Early Retirement

by on Feb.06, 2016, under spanked call girls, spanking soap opera

Some spanking models are around for a number of years. 10, 20 years for some of the all time greats. Though many don’t make it to that decade mark or some will re-invent themselves, taking the mom or MILF roles as they get a little older.

Mia with Kay Richards up now on My Spanking Roommate

Mia with Kay Richards up now on My Spanking Roommate

But some are gone before they even get going. I was  very excited when I shot Mia Vallis a few years ago.  I saw her at Fet Con in Florida in 2013. I never got to meet her or find out what her name was there, but I somehow managed to track her down, write her and set up her first ever spanking shoot when she came to Los Angeles.

Bettie Bondage helped turn Mia into a good spanker

Bettie Bondage helped turn Mia into a good spanker

The reason she stood out to me so much was her combination of height and beauty. She is the tallest model I have shot at 6 ft 2 in. She is slim, with long legs, and a curvy bottom. What’s not to love? The first time I met her, I was thrilled at how sweet she was and eager to deliver what we wanted in a shoot.

Kay's hand leaves Mia's tender bottom very sore

Kay’s hand leaves Mia’s tender bottom very sore

She didn’t have a very high tolerance for spanking, but she took all that she could. So her reactions are VERY real. The first scene she ever shot was with Bondage Bettie, who helped teach Mia how to be a good spanker. She shot for My Spanking Roommate (many times), Spanked Call Girls and Spanking Veronica Works, in which she appears in a spectacular scene as a volleyball player (she actually plays).

Possibly Mia's most impressive scene with Veronica Ricci

Possibly Mia’s most impressive scene with Veronica Ricci

I had plans to shoot her much more, but she has disappeared from the grid. After just a couple of years, she seems to have bolted from the fetish modeling world (she was a rising bondage star). Sometimes this happens because a model’s personal life finds interference with her line of work. Sometimes a model has simply had enough of this world and transitions into a more vanilla job.

Tallest spanking model ever?

Tallest spanking model ever?

On a rare occasion, a model will pop up again after something changes in her life and hit me up for a shoot again. If this happens with Mia, great I’ll shoot her again of course.  If not, enjoy her run on My Spanking Roommate as Kay’s roommate. There are a couple more episodes until I run out of Mia content. In the meantime, if you run across a very tall, sweet, beautiful model with a curvy bottom who is willing to push her pain tolerance levels, send her my way!

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The Long and Short of Spanking

by on Jul.24, 2015, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

Sometimes it is great fun and even thrilling to shoot a spanking scene between two ladies of significant varying heights. Right now on My Spanking Roommate there is what might just be the greatest height difference in an all female spanking scene – EVER.  Maybe.

Mia & Kay at least a foot apart

Mia & Kay at least a foot apart

Mia Vallis is about 6 ft 2 in and Kay Richards (aka Kymberly Jane) is 5 ft-Really-Short-inches.  Let’s say just over 5 feet, barely. We play up the size difference and even though it is a scene in which the ladies spank each other, and the height difference has a great role in the scene, in my opinion.

Kay can still fit this giant beauty over her knee

Kay can still fit this giant beauty over her knee

As a new roommate to Kay, Mia must submit to a spanking. This makes sense.  But when it hurts so much (and it does as Kym is a great/stingy hand spanker) then it makes perfect sense that the larger and stronger Mia will then overpower Kay and give her a taste of her own medicine.

But Mia can easily overpower Kay

But Mia can easily overpower Kay

By her natural instincts (and not something she was directed to do) Kym stands on a chair after her spanking and hugs Mia.  Even then they are at about the same eye level.

Kay needs a chair to look eye to eye with Mia

Kay needs a chair to look eye to eye with Mia

Fortunately, since they are now roommates in the story line, you can expect more scenes between these two on the Roommates site.

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Mia and Bettie

by on Dec.12, 2014, under Spanking

When the very sexy Mia Vallis did her first ever spanking shoot, we did a few scenes.  Running now on Spanked Call Girls is the last of those scenes.  And since it was the last, she had gotten a few spankings on her virgin bottom, and well, last but not least.

Bettie spanks Mia Vallis on Spanked Call Girls

Bettie spanks Mia Vallis on Spanked Call Girls

This one (the last that day) was REALLY painful for her.  After the shoot, Bettie (a spanking pro) gave Mia a nice rub down on her bottom using Arnicare. I took a few photos of this as it was both a kind act and a uh super hot act.

Bettie rubs on some arnicare

Bettie rubs on some arnicare

Pain and compassion. And some aftercare.

Sore bottom needs a little aftercare

Sore bottom needs a little aftercare

It was quite a shoot. Very cute theme – Mia lies on her application to work as a call girl, since the organization was looking for an “alternative” girl, even though Mia was all white, extremely tall, no tats.

Mia has an amazing bottom!

Mia has an amazing bottom!

So Betty has no other choice but to teach Mia a lesson with a sound spanking.  Which Mia returns.


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Hurts to Sit Down

by on Jul.27, 2014, under Spanking

I believe that if I had a camera running non-stop at every shoot that I would get a little bit of boring stuff and my data cards would fill up fast but I would also record some stuff that spanking fans would really appreciate. And I don’t mean “peeping” material.

Ludella Hahn has trouble sitting

Ludella Hahn has trouble sitting

My spanking shoots have been called everything ranging from too light to too severe. Most of the time they are somewhere in between. But the spankings are very real, and they almost always cause lots of pain to the model who is getting spanked. Most models, especially the first time they shoot a spanking scene, complain a lot about how much it hurts to sit down after (and sometimes during) the shoot.

It REALLY really hurt Mia Vallis to sit on her first shoot

It REALLY really hurt Mia Vallis to sit on her first shoot

They often rub their bottom, or have another model rub Arnicare gel all over her bottom. And, to most of my member’s delight, they almost always have trouble sitting down.  This is always nice when it is included in a scene.

Mary Jane knows that spankings make for a tender bum

Mary Jane knows that spankings make for a tender bum

But trust me, this goes own all during a shoot.  Out of the corner of my eye while I moving a light or setting up a camera, I catch a model sitting, yelping, standing, rubbing her bottom and saying something along the lines of “hey it really does hurt when you sit down.”

Alyssa Reece says "ouch" on her first spanking shoot

Alyssa Reece says “ouch” on her first spanking shoot

So whenever you see it in a scene, when near the end a model struggles to sit and then rubs her bottom, believe me when I share that this is real stuff, and only skims the surface. Spanking shoots really do make a model “hurt when she sits down.”

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The Week of the Tall Hotties

by on Jan.29, 2014, under Spanking

I had three shoots last week, and they all featured unusually tall hotties. Now I must confess that I love to shoot tall models in spanking scenes. Their long legs are great for putting someone over-the-knee. And when they are getting spanked, seeing the long legs kicking and what-not, well, it’s all good.

Veronica Ricci was in two of the shoots, the first and last of the week. She shot with Gigi Allens, who checks in at around 5′ 10″.  Giggi is a stunning blonde with an amazing body. Presently Gigi is in a scene with Cheyenne Jewel that is running on Spanked Call Girls.

Gigi Allens gets buzz as bee

Gigi Allens generates  buzz for playing a bee

Gigi is fantastic, with such a cute Australian accent.  You gotta love the way she says “spanking!” The scene Gigi shot with Veronica that will appear soon on Spanking Veronica Works is all about bees.  As in Veronica plays a bee keeper and finds a giant bee (Gigi) in her backyard. Lots of spanking ensues.  Stingy spanking on girl’s bums who don’t bee-have.

Alexis Grace is tall whether suspended or not

Alexis Grace is tall whether suspended or not

Next up was Alexis Grace, who shot with Bettie Bondage.  Alexis is an even 6 ft tall.  Bettie spanked her long and hard in a scene that will be appearing next week on Hot Girls Spanked.  She used a handful of implements that left Alexis in tears.  It was shot 37 minutes without stopping but I will break up the clips for the clip store.

Mia Vallis is a naughty roommate

Mia Vallis is a tall, naughty roommate

The final tall girl (the tallest one in fact) was the lovely Mia Vallis, who stands a whopping 6’2″. Included in the scenes Mia shot was one in which she and Veronica play volleyball players (Mia of course did play volleyball). Mia is becoming a recurring character on My Spanking Roommate, so of course shot for that site as well.

Don’t know if I’ll ever have a week like this again, shooting 4 super tall ladies (Veronica is also very tall), but I sure hope so.

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