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Meet Unusual Sweetie Alice Goods

by on Jul.16, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking

Typically when I recruit a new Spanked Sweeties model, I contact someone and ask if she was spanked growing up and if she feels comfortable talking about it on camera. Surprisingly, considering the times, many of these young ladies were and are still disciplined with spanking. Some that weren’t spanked growing up, such as recent Sweetie Chrissy Marie, still have interesting stories to talk about and we then do a role play.

Alice Goods gets a firm spanking from “mom” Snow Mercy.

Current Sweetie Alice Goods ended up on the site in the most unusual way.  First, she contacted me upon a referral from Clare Fonda, who she reached out to about shooting. When a model I was trying to get for a custom shoot couldn’t make it, I contacted Alice, who agreed to do her first ever spanking shoot – with the full blessing of the custom producer (shout-out to Ms Ash).

Alice explains to her friend Elori Stix that in this house you are never too old to get spanked

The custom was a mother/daughter shoot, and as per the custom, Snow Mercy was requested to play the mother. Alice said she got spanked often growing up, but had never been spanked since she was a teen. So we used the custom on Sweeties, and had Elori Stix, who plays her friend in the custom, interview her.  It is a brief interview, but loaded with juicy spanking memories. I’m entertaining the idea of one day shooting Alice again and having Clare talk to her more and play her mom, so we can re-enact Alice actual spankings.

Elori learns first hand just how hard “mom” Snow Mercy can spank a naughty girl

But as it stands, Alice’s Sweeties contribution is significant. It was a very real spanking she received from Snow. Her bottom got red, speckled and was VERY sore afterwards, but she wanted to take it as hard as she was able to – and then some. This tall Australian beauty also agreed to try her best American accent – which was respectable. She was a runway model there and we’re pleased as punch to have this gorgeous lady on our site.

She is game to shoot again, so perhaps I’ll shoot her more for Sweeties, and definitely for the next Exclusive Education!

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  • Mike P

    Since never said age as teen she last was spanked my guess might of been 13-15 age range alway seem to me you get lot of model who was spanked growing up not really enjoyig it
    Who now as adult is into Spanking iam sure like Everyone didnt enjoy being spanked growing up but now as adult lot of them enjoy and into spanking Funny how these things work out

    Bet lot model back then didnt know be getting spanked or spanking someone when adult and get paid for it as well

    this new model of your have new fan in me sound like you be shooting her lot more we be seeing her lot more maybe she be Top in some shoot that is if intrested being top i said before seem like even some model you introduce us to is being spanked to me some look like can be the Top and spanking somebody

  • Mike P

    Alice Good has aother fan in me even so never said age was in teen or when teen last got spanked i will say age 13-15 was the age she was when got spanked if i am right i get slap her butt lol if wrong she get slap my butt wonder if she be up for it even so will admit i want be spank by her if willing be Topv be her decison she is cute as well

    i notice in some model you post does become Top after getting spsnked but as talked about before some dont have that type personality will admit some i look at knowing yes they be perfect top and dish out spanking even so i know depend on the certain model how they feel about it

    what even werid some model who been spanked or got spanking as kids or teen never think how as adult they can get paid to be spank to give someone a spanking iam sure if ask any of them they would admit never had this idea at time

  • Tim

    Cameraman yes Alice is a cute new young spankee girl who is spanked by Snow ,best from Tim .

  • admin

    Thanks, Tim, I agree.

  • admin

    Mike – I have tried to get Alice Goods again for a new scene, but she may have moved back to Australia. If she comes back to the US, I’ll try to shoot her again!

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