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Behind The Scenes of EE14

by on Jan.24, 2020, under Spanking

Clips for Exclusive Education Year 14 are being posted this month on the Girl Spanks Girl site and hopefully you all are enjoying the spanking action. Here are some observations of what happened behind the scenes.

Elori Stix gives Auzzie Alice Goods a sound spanking. The other girls join in, too

First, it is fun to watch how all of the personalities mesh on set. Since models are basically improvising what they say based on a premise.  Their characters develop during this long (nearly an hour) scene. The girls are supposed to spank the tall beauty Alice Goods when coach Snow Mercy leaves the room, because they believe that her mistakes cost them their recent match. Even though she is the smallest one in the cast, Elori Stix called on her inner domme and was the one who put Alice over her knee to get spanked by her and the others.

Ashley Lane was late to the shoot and Snow worked that into the scene with this spanking

Ashley Lane was a little late to the shoot due to unforeseen circumstances, so Snow worked that into the scene. She returns with Ashley to discover the Alice spanking going on and decides each girl must get spanked by her and by Alice.  And Ashley will get in more trouble for being late. It is a very real spanking that Snow gives Ashley.

Joy Luck decides to act up and be a brat and gets extra spanking for that

Joy Luck was a switch at the time of the shoot (she is top only now) and she decided to be very bratty during the scene. She paid extra for that as she got some extra attention from coach Snow, including some hard whacks with a wooden ruler.

Cupcake is a heavy player which she works into this scene with a paddling

Cupcake is legendary for taking a hard spanking. Here, she gets the heavy wooden paddle, which she requested. Also of note, there was one pair of super short-shorts, which was the pair Apricot Pitts selected for her wardrobe.

You will find a row of red butts shot like this in all 14 years of Exclusive Education scenes

The plan in the works for EE15 is a new format (more on that in a future blog). In the meantime enjoy this multi-girl long spanking scene that is EE14.

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Tall Spankers

by on Feb.10, 2019, under spanked call girls, Spanked school girls, Spanking, spanking sorority girls

One of the nice things about finding tall spankers is that they have long legs – the better for getting over their knee. Height difference between spanker and spankee is something to admire for sure, and maybe it is underappreciated.

Quite a difference in the height of stars Elori Stix and Mia Vallis

There is a scene now on Spanked Call Girls that has Mia Vallis, who is over 6 feet tall, spanking Elori Stix. Mia has gorgeous long legs that are featured nicely in this scene. She is a foot PLUS 3 inches taller than Elori.

Elori looks great over Mia’s long legs!

Seeing the super cute Elori over Mia’s knee should be a delight for any fan of spanking.  The ladies embrace this difference and have fun with it.

Lux Lives is another model over 6 feet tall who is good and dishing out a spanking

Another model over 6 feet tall is Lux Lives. She will appear in an upcoming scene on Spanking Sorority Girls with Lola Anderson, who is nearly a foot shorter.  There is a great dynamic in this scene which has Lux overpowering the smaller sorority girl in the kitchen.

Lux enjoyed putting the naughty Lola over her knee

Hope you enjoy the tall and short of it as there are plans to feature more of this kind of spanking in the near future.

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Elori Stix With Spanking

by on Nov.06, 2017, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera

Elori Stix (see the pun in the headline) is a super cute young spanking model who just happens to be popping up on all of our sites, many  in current scenes out right now.  Elori may be tiny (under 5 feet tall) but she is a pretty solid spanker and of course she can take a good spanking on her curvy bottom. She has some acting training, which comes out in her very energetic characters across the sites.

This was Elori’s first spanking scene for us.

She first appeared in Spanking Veronica Works about a year ago, getting spanked by her mom (played by Julie Simone) and also by Veronica, who was playing a therapist. After that scene, it was clear she needed to get booked for many more shoots so all members could have a chance to see that combination of beauty and energy and ability to take a spanking.

Elori is spanked by Kay as she learns her new roommates rules

She appears in the newest My Spanking Roommate scene, as Kay’s new roommate, where she learns the rules the hard way – by getting over Kay’s knee for a spanking while Kay recites the rules for her.

Elori chose her own costume for this scene

Elori also gets spanked on Girl Spanks Girl by Steve Rose in a Halloween scene. Stevie is upset Elori convinced them to dress slutty and lose a costume competition. Elori picked out her outfit for this scene, which was indeed very sexy.

Elori gets a chance to show her spanking skills on the Sorority site

Elori gets to give a spanking on Spanking Sorority Girls and this one goes to Stevie. It’s worth noting that this is a very solid spanking and Elori really loved dishing it out.

A few months ago, Elori called me and mentioned that she had a friend who loved getting spanked and also was a professional clown and wondered if I could marry those two facts. I knew that Snow Mercy also enjoyed playing a clown, and Elori shared that she does too.

Note the size difference between Snow and Elori

So the idea for the clown spanking shoot was hatched. The clown spanking scene for Spanked Call Girls, that is currently up on the site, is probably the hardest of the clown spanking scenes. In this one Elori gets spanked and caned by Snow. Notice in the photo the size difference between a very tall Snow, and tiny Elori, who must stand on a sofa so that Snow can properly cane her (that was Snow’s idea).

I guarantee that if you ever see Elori in person, your first impulse will be to hug her like a cute teddy bear. Then perhaps, if you’re lucky, give or receive a sound spanking from her.

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The Mirror Spanking is Back

by on Aug.24, 2017, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

There is a very good scene up now on My Spanking Roommate that brings back Stevie Rose as a cop who believes in stern discipline. She spanks Elori Stix and Kay Richards for jaywalking. The scene features a favorite of many – the mirror shot, which is something that lets you see the face react at the same time you see the bottom getting spanked.

This mirror shot shows Elori’s bottom getting punished and at the same time her facial reaction

It works really well in this scene, which also includes the popular third girl watching the spanking, either anticipating what might happen when it becomes her turn over the knee, as Elori must do, or rubbing her bottom in pain, as Kay does after she gets the first spanking in this episode. It’s always a challenge to do the mirror shot – to not show any lights or a cameras, but it has a big payoff when it all works well.

Elori anticipates what might be in store for her while Stevie spanks Kay hard

Of course there are other shots as well, that focus on other elements to the spanking, including close ups of the facial reactions and the bottoms turning red.  Stevie has come a long way as a spanker and she really packs a punch.

Some genuine rubbing and painful sitting going on here

Elori rubs her bottom at the end, and Kay has trouble sitting down – all very real expressions of what happened. Hope you all enjoy the mirror work.

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Meet Unusual Sweetie Alice Goods

by on Jul.16, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking

Typically when I recruit a new Spanked Sweeties model, I contact someone and ask if she was spanked growing up and if she feels comfortable talking about it on camera. Surprisingly, considering the times, many of these young ladies were and are still disciplined with spanking. Some that weren’t spanked growing up, such as recent Sweetie Chrissy Marie, still have interesting stories to talk about and we then do a role play.

Alice Goods gets a firm spanking from “mom” Snow Mercy.

Current Sweetie Alice Goods ended up on the site in the most unusual way.  First, she contacted me upon a referral from Clare Fonda, who she reached out to about shooting. When a model I was trying to get for a custom shoot couldn’t make it, I contacted Alice, who agreed to do her first ever spanking shoot – with the full blessing of the custom producer (shout-out to Ms Ash).

Alice explains to her friend Elori Stix that in this house you are never too old to get spanked

The custom was a mother/daughter shoot, and as per the custom, Snow Mercy was requested to play the mother. Alice said she got spanked often growing up, but had never been spanked since she was a teen. So we used the custom on Sweeties, and had Elori Stix, who plays her friend in the custom, interview her.  It is a brief interview, but loaded with juicy spanking memories. I’m entertaining the idea of one day shooting Alice again and having Clare talk to her more and play her mom, so we can re-enact Alice actual spankings.

Elori learns first hand just how hard “mom” Snow Mercy can spank a naughty girl

But as it stands, Alice’s Sweeties contribution is significant. It was a very real spanking she received from Snow. Her bottom got red, speckled and was VERY sore afterwards, but she wanted to take it as hard as she was able to – and then some. This tall Australian beauty also agreed to try her best American accent – which was respectable. She was a runway model there and we’re pleased as punch to have this gorgeous lady on our site.

She is game to shoot again, so perhaps I’ll shoot her more for Sweeties, and definitely for the next Exclusive Education!

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Top 20 Spanking Scenes of 2017

by on Jan.03, 2017, under Spanking

It’s that time again for my list of the top spanking scenes of the past year. This time I am choosing 20, but will include some M/F spanking scenes (that were too popular to keep off the list of 2016 best scenes).  Counting down toward the best (which was actually difficult to narrow down to 20), we have–

Mom Julie Simone Spanks Elori Stix

Mom Julie Simone Spanks Elori Stix

20.  Episode 112 from Spanking Sorority Girls, Julie Simone plays Elori Stix’s mom, who gives her a nice otk spanking in her bedroom, with hand and hairbrush.

Nun Ginger Sparx punishes naughty schoolgirl Veronica Ricci

Nun Ginger Sparx punishes naughty schoolgirl Veronica Ricci

19.  Also from Spanking Sorority Girls (episode 111, Ginger Sparx does a nice job of playing a nun who disciplines Veronica Ricci, with hand, yardstick and even a large wooden paddle. But Veronica was accused incorrectly and gets a chance at revenge.

John Osborne Spanks Bratty callgirl Sarah Gregory

John Osborne Spanks Bratty callgirl Sarah Gregory

18.  John Osborne and Sarah Gregory have great chemistry on and off camera and in this scene for Spanked Call Girls John gives a very bratty Sarah the spanking she deserves.

Mom (Lana Miller) paddles her daughter (Sunny X)

Mom (Lana Miller) paddles her daughter (Sunny X)

17.  The always strict and powerful Lana Miller played a mom for a few Spanked Sweeties scenes, but this one with Sunny X especially stands out for its realism and dominance.

Bella Bathory and Snow Mercy are great together

Bella Bathory and Snow Mercy are great together

16.  Snow Mercy got marked up nicely by Bella Bethory in this scene of battling madams on Spanked Call Girls.

The incomparable Clare Fonda gives Harley Havik the hair brush

The incomparable Clare Fonda gives Harley Havik the hair brush

15.  Clare Fonda is our most popular sexy mom on Spanked Sweeties, and this hairbrush spanking she gave Harley Havik is one of her best ever!

Alex Reynolds is one of the best Sweeties ever!

Alex Reynolds is one of the best Sweeties ever!

14.  Alex Reynolds gave an excellent Spanked Sweeties interview about her first experience being spanked by a friend, played perfectly by Tai Crimson.

No list would be complete without Gigi Allens

No list would be complete without Gigi Allens

13.  No list would be complete without a scene from the amazing Gigi Allens, who spanked Lily hard with her hand and a painful wooden bath brush for the Spanking Sorority Girls site (episode 104).

Alaina Fox took a hard caning from Mr. Ford

Alaina Fox took a hard caning from Mr. Ford

12. Turns out Alaina Fox can take a very severe punishment, which she proves in Episode 225 of My Spanking Roommate, getting spanked and caned long and hard.

Everyone loves to see lotion rubbed over a red, sore bottom

Everyone loves to see lotion rubbed over a red, sore bottom

11.   In Episode 65 of Spanking Veronica Works, Veronica and Raine give each other very hard spankings and paddlings and even rub in some lotion to soothe the pain.

Lots of girls, lots of spanked butts.

Lots of girls, lots of spanked butts.

10.  Episode 100 of Spanking Sorority Girls includes 5 hotties hiking in the woods and finding reasons to spank each other. Veronica gets it the worse from teach Snow Mercy, and the other girls join in, too.

Christine Carter turns Angela Sommers beautiful bum bright red

Christine Carter turns Angela Sommers beautiful bum bright red

9.  Angela Sommers has made some great spanking scenes, and this one with Christine Carter is near the top – as Christine spanks Angela’s beautiful bottom in Episode 115 of Spanking Sorority Girls.

Nurse Veronica administers a shot where it belongs

Nurse Veronica administers a shot where it belongs

8.  In Episode 67 of Spanking Veronica Works, Veronica plays a very realistic angry nurse who gives Phoenix Askani a shot in the butt, followed up by a painful spanking.  Super high energy scene!

Principal Miller does her thing

Principal Miller does her thing

7.  In Exclusive Education Part 2 on Girl Spanks Girl, Principal Miller dishes out and supervises the spanking of Yasmine de Leon, Channel Hart and Ashley Luvbug.

Super charged outdoor scene on Spanking Veronica Works

Super charged outdoor scene on Spanking Veronica Works

6.  Who does love a 3 hottie spanking spectacular out in the woods that includes a switch – is what you get in Episode 79 of Spanking Veronica Works when Veronica picks up Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark hitchhiking and takes them out to the woods to punish them.  An electric scene!

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut

5. One of my personal favorite scenes ever to appear on My Spanking Roommate (episode 232), Madison Martin punishes Jenna Sativa and in her first spanking scene, curvy bottomed Mandy Muse.

Superstar Dani Daniels gives Kay a hard spanking

Superstar Dani Daniels gives Kay a hard spanking

4.  Dani Daniels is one of the superstars of porn and you can see why in Episode 212 of My Spanking Roommate when she plays a pilot who spanks naughty Kay Richards.

Clare Fonda paddles Violet October

Clare Fonda paddles Violet October

3.  Clare Fonda plays stepmom to Violet October in a series on Girl Spanks Girl that is spectacular and includes all sorts of delicious punishment from a spanking legend and a growing Star in Violet!

Linny is pain from the wooden bath brush

Linny is pain from the wooden bath brush

2. This scene on Spanking Veronica Works (episode 84) saw Private Investigator Veronica Ricci draw blood from Linny Lace with a very extreme wooden bath brush spanking. But it’s not the blood that makes the scene so amazing – it was the chemistry that Linny displays as the crying submissive to Veronica’s powerful justice-seeking dominant woman! Must see for serious spankos.

EE10 is a classic!

EE10 is a classic!

1. Hard to top the Girl Spanks Girl Exclusive Education series and the 10th in the series was a great one, with teacher Bella Bathroy punishing naughty students Angela Sommers, Stevie Rose, Maddy Marks, Tori Avano, Elori Stix and Marie.

Hope you all enjoyed many or all of these scenes the past year and I look forward to presenting some new and amazing scenes this year too!!

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