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Ashley Rose Behind the Scenes

by on Mar.09, 2020, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking, spanked call girls, Spanked To Tears, Spanking

There is a scene coming up in a few weeks featuring Ashley Rose on Spanking Veronica Works and it occurs to me that is the last scene starring Ashley Rose. Ashley has appeared in a lot of our scenes (on all of our 7 sites) over the past 7 years, but she recently retired from modeling, moved away and went back to school.  We discussed doing a custom, but it doesn’t look like it will happen. So the upcoming scene will be her last.

This scene with Ashley Rose spanking Veronica Ricci at a cabin will be Ashley’s last scene.

Ashley first shot with us when she did a very long Spanked Sweeties interview that included several re-enactments as she was spanked a ton growing up. Syren De Mer plays her mom with great enthusiasm!

Ashley was spanked often growing up — Syren De Mer plays her mom in this re-enactment

Ashley is very sweet and fun loving and it was always a pleasure filming with her. One interesting note about her is that she could talk for about 5 minutes straight without taking a pause – so one, long sentence. Sometimes I would have to grab her arms and interrupt, “Ashley, hold that thought, we need to set up the next scene.”  She would laugh.

Here Ashley Rose does an impromptu lift and carry of Veronica displaying her strength

Ashley is very tall and strong and even though she has a somewhat submissive personality, she could deliver a hard spanking when it was asked of her. I remember doing a scene for Spanked Call Girls in which Ashley just ad libbed a lift and carry, easily picking up Veronica Ricci, who is pretty tall herself, before spanking Veronica. Ashley had the ability to channel her inner dominant nature.

A custom in which Snow Mercy canes Ashley Rose, bringing her to real tears

Aside from being, tall, sweet and having a nice round booty, Ashley was popular for taking very hard spankings. We did a custom that appears on Spanking Sorority Girls in which Snow Mercy spanks, canes, paddles and whips Ashley, leaving her extremely sore and marked. It was a custom and Ashley embraced it and told Snow she wanted her to make her cry, which Ashley does in this scene.

Enjoy Ashley’s last scene coming up, even though it is a brief one, and check her out on all of the sites if you haven’t already.  Spanks for the Memories, Ashley Rose!

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Friend Ashley Rose on Spanked Sweeties

by on Mar.25, 2013, under Interviews

Sometimes I shoot models and don’t feel much one way or another.  They are doing their job and I am doing mine.

Occasionally (but very rarely), I shoot a model and find her to be annoying and hope that I don’t have to work with her again.

And once in a while, I shoot with someone who has a stand-out personality and I end up considering her a friend. Ashley Rose, the latest Spanked Sweeties,  is someone I consider a friend now.

Ashley Rose takes a hard spanking

Ashley is so sweet and fun to be around.  And she is a great model who cares about her work.  She has a nice, curvy bottom and even though she isn’t all about the pain, she is willing to take a lot of it getting spanked because she wants her work to stand out.

Ashley was spanked often growing up and though I am sure they were painful spankings, you can’t help but smile as Ashely goes through her interview on the site because she smiles and giggles and has almost fond memories as she lays out the discipline she received.  Does this mean that she enjoys spankings?  I don’t think so.

Ashley says she had a small sitter who spanked hard!

I’m not really sure what it means. If any of you watch her interview and the re-enactments she receives from “father,” “babysitter” – who is played by Casey Cumz, or her “Nanny” (played by Syren De Mer, then please comment on this blog.

Syren De Mer interviews and spanks Ashley

I would very much like to get to the bottom of this.  How can someone so sweet talk about getting spanked and have it bring a smile to the viewers face?  Hmmm.

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Cabin In The Woods Spankings

by on Oct.19, 2012, under Spanking

Just got back from a nice trip to a cabin in the woods where I filmed LOTS of spankings with Veronica Ricci and Ashley Rose.  Most will be for a new site starring Veronica and lots of her sexy and spankable friends along with many of our regulars, too.  Below is a pic of Veronica and Ashley posing for behind-the-scenes in the woods.  I assure you that there was plenty of LOUD and hard spankings going on right out there in nature.  So you can look forward to seeing those scenes in the near future.


The new site is not yet named but it will involve Veronica trying out different jobs – that sometimes end up with her making out with another lady, but ALWAYS end up with lots of hard spankings and juicy red bottoms.

Veronica and Ashley were very adventurous out in the woods. Our biggest concern was that a ranger would ride up and fine us (or even try to arrest us for indecent exposure?).  Veronica had a hunch that if someone did discover us, he would be a fan of the sites and want an autograph.   Ashley volunteered to autograph his ass.  With blood.  Her own blood. Since Veronica spanked her so hard she bled in a few of the scenes and had some blood to spare.


Above is a photo for the scene we shot (13 scenes total were shot in 3 days) that will appear the soonest.  It is an erotic scene for Girl Spanks Girl.  All of the scenes we shot were created and directed by Veronica, though Ashley had considerable input in a couple of the scenes (not this one – this one was ALL Veronica aka V-dog which we started calling her on set after this scene).  Veronica plays a girl scout predator – and she came up with this naughty line – which she tells Brownie Ashley – “Girl Scouts sell cookies and eat brownies.”  Ashley (the Brownie) tries to resist and ends up spanking Veronica.


But Veronica convinces Ashley that if she wants to get ahead, she will do anything it takes.  What it took was a ride on a strap-on.  This is only the second ever strap-on scene I have filmed.  The first was years ago with a very young Harmony Rose and Dana Dearmond.  I’m not going to lie – this was pretty exiting to film.  I have shot many scenes with a dominant woman doing her thing to a submissive woman, but I’m not sure I have ever scene 100% dominance and 100% submission, which was the balance in this scene once Veronica’s character took charge.


I love how my job takes me to some wild and exiting places.  But truly, it will be hard to top this one.  Check out this scene, which will start next Wednesday on Girl Spanks Girl.  Look for updates on the progress of Veronica’s new site.  And please check out Veronica’s blog to get her take on this cabin/spankfest.

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