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Kay Richards Spanked in a Diaper

by on Jul.06, 2010, under Spanking

Clare spanking Kay
Yes, that title is correct, a recent shoot included Clare Fonda spanking Kay Richards in a diaper for Naughty Diaper Girls   I must be honest and say that while I have filmed hundreds – possibly thousands of hot chicks (tough job but someone has to do it), I have never really found any lady to be super hot while wearing a diaper.  Kay comes close, but – I don’t know – I guess it’s just not my thing. 
But if you like it, then you gotta love this latest scene – which included lots of baby play and some seriously hard spanking (which you don’t always find on the diaper shoots).  If diapers aren’t your thing, well hopefully you can still enjoy this photo of Kay – doing her best to look hot in a diaper – and the always sexy Clare delivering the goods.
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Madison and Kay Spanked by Gemini

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Spanking

Swimming spankingMadison Spanked by Geminir55e26l2.JPG
Madison Martin and Kay Richards are 2 of the stars of and this is a really great episode currently running on the site to showcase them.  IMO a great and classic example of girl spanking girl.  Kay and Madison are spanked by their landlady, played by Mistress Gemini, for swimming in the pool while it was closed.  The pool was actually closed when we filmed this, so Madison and Kay had to sneak in the pool area while I filmed them from the hallway overlooking the pool. 
So there was of course real anxiety in that they couldn’t get caught there and I couldn’t get caught filming – or at least have someone come up to me and say “hey what are you filming?”  Then what would I say?  “See those two hot chicks down there in the closed pool area?  Well I’m going to film them getting their spectacular wet asses spanked brutally red.”  Think that might result in a call to the apartment  complex manager?  Or worse – the police?  Well we got away with it.  And the always game Madison and Kay did in fact get their wet asses spanked hard (inside the apartment) by Gemini  – who is not very tall – but packs an unbelievably heavy hand.  Just ask Kay and Madison. 
After spanking them otk, she had them lean up against the kitchen wall while she spanked their sore butts with a hairbrush.  The one thing that stood out to me about this shoot – aside from the joy of not getting caught doing something “unusual” was how red and speckled Kay’s butt got (see above photo).  Definitely worth checking out myspankingroommate if you haven’t already done so.
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Clare Fonda Spanking Lily Anna to Tears

by on Jul.03, 2010, under Spanked To Tears

Lily’s tears

One of the scenes that is presently on the site Girl Spanks Girl features Clare Fonda spanking Lily Anna.  It was quite a long shoot the included several scenes – and Lily Anna had a very sore and red bottom when the shoot was over.  Now you should know this about Lily Anna – she has a fantastic personality – she is strong, yet can be submissive when the scene calls for it.  She is wickedly funny with one fantastic and memorable laugh – yet she was pretty serious during the shoot for GROWING PAINS as it was a long and intense shoot. 
She has a pretty solid tolerance for spanking, but I know for fact that she was pushed to her limits and maybe slightly beyond – which resulted in real tears for the last spanking scene of the shoot.  Clare Fonda is a great top as she has an endless supply of ineresting characters – pimp, letcherous girlfriend, angry sister, scolding aunt, and so on and so on.  But perhaps she excels most at playing the fed up mom who as a last result must spank her daughter.  Lily plays the perfect brat in this scene who even does texting while her desperate mother is scolding her.  Clare brings it hard in this shoot – stopping for breaks only when moving our location from the kitchen to the living room.  So Lily was getting spanked basically for 3 hours with only a few minutes off while the lights were moved from the kitchen to the living room. 
She got it with the hand and with the hairbrush.  After 4 spanking scenes, Clare gave Lily a mouth soaping in the bathroom.  Some models won’t do mouth soaping, but Lily is an energetic gamer – though it didn’t seem like she enjoyed the mouth soaping at all.  I don’t know if Lily is one of the models who is into spanking or not.  Sometimes during a shoot, you can easily tell which model loves it and which model hates it.  It wasn’t clear with Lily – but it was clear that she was game to take all that she could for the sake of our art – and she did exactly that – and then some.  This is an amazing series of spankings – if you enjoy the reluctant mother spanking the bratty daughter – HARD – you shouldn’t miss this scene.  And keep tabs on Lily Anna.  As a person and as a performer, she is awesome! 
Lily Anna has her own blog.  Please be sure to check it out – just click on her name in this paragraph and it will link you to her blog.
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