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Some Interesting Niches on My Spanking Roommate

by on Jun.03, 2012, under spanking soap opera

The last couple of episodes on My Spanking Roommate included a few niches.  Some have come via viewers suggestions, some come from what the models just happen to wear or improv about during a scene.


Episode 107 included one girl (the new Miss Claw) going over the laps of two others (a popular request).  In this case, it is Madison Martin and Missy Rhodes.  In the scene, they are both getting revenge on Miss Claw for either spanking her (in Missy’s case) or being responsible for Madison getting a spanked.  Both girls had to sit on their sore bottoms (another popular request) to spank Miss Claw otk (which has consistently been the favorite fan spanking position).

Miss Claw wore a tight, short leather skirt (her winning choice) and Madison and Missy were both wearing short skirts so that we could see their legs as well.  They used the word “spanking” often during the scene (a wildly popular choice).  Lots of long hair, hard spanking, good reactions.  Hope to use Miss Claw a lot more.  She is young (only 19) but is very experienced (she works at Sanctuary LAX) and mature for her age.  They spanking Miss Claw with their hands and with the always classic hair brush.


Another popular scenario is for a drunken girl to get overpowered by a smaller girl, only to have her drag her over her knee for a spanking.  In the current Episode 108, Mary Jane plays the drunken girl (so convincingly you would think she must have some experience at this).

Mary Jane even risked her ass by literally falling off Lilia’s lap and landing so hard on her curvy bottom that the second camera (which was on a tripod) shook.   Mary Jane wore a skin tight short dress that she almost needed help getting into (her excellent choice).


And a last popular niche was having Mary Jane forced to sign a lease while she is getting spanked.  Hey we listen to fans when possible for suggestions we can incorporate into scenes.  These two episodes included some fan input.  Scenes being shot presently (that will appear in the future on various CF sites) will  also include the occasional fan suggestion.

I hear you guy who likes to have a girl embarrassed while a friend watches her get spanked….

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Lilia Spinoza and Veronica Ricci Are Now Spanking Bloggers

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Spanking


Lilia Spinoza has been blogging for a few weeks now, but this is my first chance to give a formal shout out.  Check out her blog Spanking Lilia.  She likes to write about her spanking shoot and various other fetish related goodies.

Lilia’s latest scene on My Spanking Roommate just wrapped up today.  As one of the main stars of the site, you will never have to wait too long to see her in another episode.


Veronica Ricci has also started a new spanking blog, called Spanking Veronica.   She has a terrific sense of humor and although she is new to spanking blogs, she has been blogging about other modeling work for quite some time.  So I look forward to lots of entertaining posts on spanking.

In the photos above, Veronica is spanking Katie Jordin for a scene from Girl Spanks Girl.  It was an erotic scene and the two made out, but the spanking was very hard.  Katie was said to have some bruising for a few days after the shoot.  Sorry about that, Katie.

Yes that looks like a blonde wig Veronica is sporting as she plays a Brittney Spears type pop diva character.  And everyone knows Britney probably gives a good spanking and certainly needs one.

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Episode 100 Introduces New Roommate Stars Lilia Spinoza and Missy Rhodes

by on Feb.18, 2012, under spanking soap opera


Episode 100 of My Spanking Roommate is up now and it stars Missy Rhodes (who made her debut on the site January 1) and Lilia Spinoza, who is making her debut in this episode. 

Lilia and Missy will be joining the original talents Kay Richards and Madison Martin as the four main stars of the site.  There are, of course, many supporting stars, many with huge roles in this spanking soap opera. 

Missy was picked to be one of the main stars because of her willingness to push her limits when it comes to spanking, and because she is wildy hot and an amazing performer with great energy and very real reactions.  She has a cute bottom that will get red and speckled often for the site. 

Missy has a blog in which she talks about all of her fetish work, and occasionally posts about spanking.  She said she will blog more about spanking as her role on this site grows.  Missy is an awesome person and I feel confident fans of the Roommates site will love her. 

Lilia is a rising spanking star and we were thrilled when she agreed to be one of the stars of the site.  She has shot with a number of spanking sites, and her high threshold for a heavy spanking is becoming well documented.  She is pretty good at giving a spanking as well.  Lilia will be starting a blog soon. 

In Episode 100, Lilia spanks Missy, first over a tight, black mini-dress.  Then on Missy’s bare bottom.  And then she convinces Missy (through spanking) to work as a waitress at Cleopatras. 

Missy’s character is a bratty aspiring actress.  After Missy is humiliated and made to put on the Egyptian uniform, Lilia spanks her with a wooden hairbrush. 

Lilia’s lovely round bottom will be on the recieving end in future episodes as well.  For now, I hope you guys enjoy our landmark 100th episode of My Spanking Roommate

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