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Camera Angles

by on Oct.18, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Medical spanking
The cameraman can make spanking videos more interesting by mixing up the camera angles during a shoot.  Some viewers favor some angles over others, so offering a wide variety of angles is always the best bet. 
Looking at some different angles from the current episode on My Spanking Roommate, with Kay Richards, Susan and Layla, you will see a shot from above, one from below, another from the eye level of the characters in the scene and then one slightly looking down (because it is from my eye level and I’m taller than these ladies even though Susan was nearly 6 ft). 
The views here don’t stray too much from eye level, so it is a pretty standard shoot.  In the future I will blog about shoots with radical angles — which can be great if it’s your thing. 
To me, variety is the spice of life, so some shoots are closer to eye level, such as this one, and some are a wild ride (with angles from ground level to the camera 8ft high).  If you really love spanking, though, it’s hard to find an angle that won’t work.  It’s mostly about the ladies spanking and getting spanked.
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Spanking with Wrestling and Medical Sets

by on Aug.06, 2010, under Spanking

Spanking and Wrestling
There are many, many pieces that go into making a spanking whole – from positions, to costumes, to implements, dialogue, locations and so on and so on.  Quite often, two areas of interest cross over, like bondage and spanking, or tickling and spanking.  On My Spanking Roommate, quite often wrestling and spanking meet, which is the case of the episode presently running on that site. 
Kay Richards wrestles with her boss Layla, who is trying to take Kay’s cell phone away from her.  Once she does this, she takes Kay over the knee for a more traditional spanking.  It is a short scene, and the site has much better wrestling scenes to offer, but this was real wrestling, with the story going forward based on who won the brief tussle over the phone.  So in that regard it was something you don’t normally see on a spanking site. 
Another point of interest in this episode is the setting – a medical room.  In this scene, there is nothing like an anal probing (check out Spanked Call Girls if that is your thing).  Instead, it serves as the work place for Kay’s character in this spanking soap opera. 
While this is a set in a studio, Clare Fonda has actually shot in real medical offices.  Only on the weekends – but still – there is alway the concern that a weekend cleaning lady will hear some mysterious slapping sound, followed by a yelping female, and call the police.  Or maybe even walk in during the middle of a spanking.  At that point we can only hope she is a fan.
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