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New Record For Saying The Word “Spanking”

by on Oct.03, 2014, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

On certain shoots, I will suggest a few “buzz” words or phrases to models.  Words that they might work into certain scenes to enhance the members viewing. Not on all sites and scenes, of course, but some sites and scenes will benefit from some key lines or words.

Sadie Holmes get a sound spanking from Riley

Sadie Holmes get a sound spanking from Riley

In most cases, models get caught up in the scene and rarely if ever use the buzz words, or work in characters that appeared previously on the site for their specific storyline (which is something I will also prep them on).  Which is fine, of course.  It’s always great when the models make a scene their own, make it real so to speak.  But there are times when models fall in love with and embrace a word or phrase. Most of these words would be obvious to any spanko.

They set the record for using the word "spanking" in a scene

They set the record for using the word “spanking” in a scene

The word “spanking” is great to hear and used in the right moment, can push a scene to another level.  The latest episode of Spanking Sorority Girls stars Riley and Sadie Holmes.

Sadie looks like Katie Holmes, who needs a spanking

Sadie looks like Katie Holmes, who needs a spanking

I suggested a few words and phrases to them. They both seemed to focus on only one, which was a word. “Spanking.”  If you watch this scene, you will marvel (or laugh or maybe even groan) at how many times they work the word “spanking” into their scene, sometimes naturally, sometimes you-gotta-be-kidding-me she said it again.

Sadie had a truly sore bottom after this "spanking"

Sadie had a truly sore bottom after this “spanking”

Personally, I enjoy the scene.  It is full of high powered energy, and Sadie takes a pretty solid hand spanking, which really did make it hard for her to sit down, for real. I don’t think they used the word too much. And if it does indeed give some viewers a charge, he/she may actually hear it so many times your head will explode.

Enjoy hearing that word.  SPANKING.

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Spanking Sorority Girls Site Building Steam

by on May.24, 2012, under spanking sorority girls


The Spanking Sorority Girls site is finally running properly.  It took a while to get all the bugs out, which is not uncommon for a new site that relies on several different people – producers, talent, web guys etc and some different companies – billing, server etc to get it launched.

The billing was a little screwy initially and some people had trouble with the 5 site membership.  Thanks to all those who braved the challenges and supported the new site.  It is running smoothly now, and building some steam.


The present episode finds Kat (Katherine St. James) and Karina spanking Riley and Amaya Meda.  Riley did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently, which is running on Spanked Sweeties.  We loved her bubble butt and willingness to take spanking pain despite having a low tolerance for it, and a butt that gets red and speckled.  Her reactions are 100% real.

We were Amaya’s first spanking shoot as well.  She is very edgy and can give a super hard hand spanking, which will be proven in future episodes.

The next episode will include most of the pledges and Roxy.  There have been some requests to have Roxy spank site star Veronica Ricci again, so there is a good bet that will happen.  Hey please check out Veronica’s blog, called Spanking Veronica, and drop her a comment or two.  If you like the site, definitely let her know as she is a driving force behind it!

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New Sweetie Riley Fresh Reactions to Being Spanked

by on May.01, 2012, under Spanking Interviews


There is a model new to spanking scenes currently up on  Spanked Sweeties and her name is Riley.  I met Riley on a bikini shoot and she was talking about how she was spanked a lot growing up and also mentioned that she was interested in doing more shoots.  Hmmm.

So here she is being interviewed about her childhood spanking experiences and getting spanked by Clare Fonda, who plays here mom and also her nanny, who spanked her, too.  Riley has many fascinating stories and an amazing bubble butt.

What I found most interesting about her shoot, though, was how she reacted to being spanked.  She has a very low pain tolerance, so the spankings hurt her A LOT!  She has this rare reaction to being spanked that I’m sure a few of you reading have come across from time to time.  She has a nervous giggle.

When you hear this nervous giggle, you should know that this is the moment she is feeling the most pain, and she is fearing what it coming next.  In Sweeties, this causes her to break her young character mode a bit, but it something rare and worth seeing.  I recruited Riley for the new Spanking Sorority Girls site and just turn her loose as herself, so that these reactions make perfect sense.

Riley is very tall and strong and she can be found spanking Clare Fonda, who plays her anger management therapist, on Hot Girls Spanked.  Hope you guys enjoy Riley’s scenes and very natural (and unusual) reactions as much as I do.

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