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Seeing Red

by on Mar.09, 2015, under Spanking

Some cynical (or uninformed) people are under the assumption that a successful spanking is one that simply yields photos of red and/or marked bottoms. After many years of shooting spanking scenes, I am here to tell you that the amount of red on a model’s bottom in a photo might or might not have any correspondence to how painful her spanking was.

First, while I don’t use Photoshop to alter photos to make model’s bottoms appear to be red (or redder than they are), I know of some companies that do precisely that. Using filters or other tools to add redness or marks.

Second, photos are taken sometimes quite a while after a model has been spanked, especially on my sites, which have a lot of switching in scenes, so the model who was spanked first might lose some or all of her redness by the time she is finished spanking the other model or models in the scene and it comes time to shoot the stills, which are shot after the video is completed.

Thirdly, some models have skin that marks easily, even if she wasn’t spanked very hard, and some you can spank over and over again with everything including the kitchen sink and she barely shows any red. So in this case, of course, it is very difficult to judge how much the spanking hurt just by looking at a photo.

Ashley Rose holds her marks long after a shoot

Ashley Rose holds her marks long after a shoot

In the above photo, Ashley Rose was caned, paddled and spanked hard.  Ashley has skin that marks quite easily and holds the marks for days. So she is great for photos taken long after the spanking was  filmed.

It takes A LOT to get marks or even redness to show on Christy Cutie

It takes A LOT to get marks or even redness to show on Christy Cutie

In the above photo, from a Spanking Sorority Girls scene, Christy Cutie was punished just as hard as Ashley was in her scene, but instead of a cane, she received whacks with a wooden bath brush and large wooden paddle.  In this scene, Christy was filmed being punished by Veronica, who was then punished by Christy. So by the time it came to shooting photos, Christy, who did get red while her punishment was being filmed, had completely lost her redness by the time the still photos were taken. And it’s not like you can give her a few swats before taking the photos to get her red again. So while she had an equal punishment level to Ashley, you can clearly see the two different results – one bottom looks blistered,the other barely touched.

Veronica shows her redness fairly well if spanked hard enough

Veronica shows her redness fairly well if spanked hard enough

In the above photo,Veronica was spanked by Christy in this same scene on Spanking Sorority Girls. The photo was taken closer to the time of the actual spanking, but Veronica also holds her redness more than Christy, so her bottom looks more punished, even though it was pretty much a draw (or you could argue that Veronica was spanked less severely than Christy was, but looks like she got it harder).

Sometimes lighting and photo contrast effect the amount of redness you see

Sometimes lighting and photo contrast effect the amount of redness you see

In the above photo, taken of Veronica on a different Spanking Sorority Girls shoot, you can see that her bottom looks more marked than the previous photo. It was a similar level punishment, but the one harder paddle whack left a lasting mark on her right butt cheek.  Also, the lighting on this day allowed for more contrast, which shows more punch to the redness.  So sometimes, a fourth factor in how punished a bottom looks in a photo can be how the lighting and contrast can effect images differently.

The “bottom” line is you can’t always judge how hard a bottom was punished by looking at a photo taken (who knows how long) after the actual punishment. Since frame grabs can’t measure up to the quality of a photo taken from a pro still camera, we will continue to take photos after the scene is finished.

And you can use the photos as a guide, but trust what you see in the video!

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So Long Sadist

by on Nov.27, 2013, under Spanked school girls

Roxy Jezel is one of my all time favorite models. Not because of her height. She is kind of short (but don’t make the mistake of calling her that).

Not because of how she can take a spanking. She doesn’t. She worked as a top only on the sites.

Her accent? Okay I can cop to loving her British accent and the awesome way she says “spanking.” And Roxy spanks hard, which is great for the sites. But not just the reason I love her.

The real reason I adore Roxie is that she is a true sadist. She loves inflicting pain. This may come across politically incorrect for me to say this, but the fact that Roxie is willing to spank another model hard is something as a producer I can embrace and I know my fans will appreciate.

Roxy can swing a paddle like Babe Ruth swung a bat

Now don’t get me wrong, Roxie is as sweet as they come and most of the other models love her. So I’m going to say (as weird as this sounds) that Roxie is a sadist in the best possible way.

She is working with ladies who expect to be spanked. So it is a heavenly marriage in my books and such a HUGE relief to work with a Roxy instead of the much more common model attitude of “I just don’t want to hurt the other girl when I spank her.”

Roxie spanks Christy Cutie and Riley in her farewell scene

Think about that and digest it and mourn with me as Roxy Jezel has essentially retired from videos. She moved away from LA and is raising a family.

Again, I am going to swear to you that Roxy is an awesome human being, someone you can count on, dependable, humorous, kind and well, just happens to be the best kind of sadist possible!

Roxy can be found exclusively (her last ever scene in which she gives a good-bye spanking to Riley and Christy Cutie) on Spanking Sorority Girls.

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Christy Cutie Becoming a Rising Star

by on Apr.28, 2013, under Spanking

It has been a while since I have interviewed a model and I need to start this up again.  Maybe Christy Cutie, who I am shooting with this week, would be a good candidate.

Christy smiles even though the paddle is coming this week on sorority site

I always love working with Christy. She has become a good spanker as well as (many of you know this) an outstanding bottom.  She can take an incredibly hard spanking and continue bratting off all the while, until on the rare occasion, she actually cries real tears.  She is cute with a nice bum, and so sweet when she’s not being bratty.  What’s not to love?

Christy gets paddled hard – a lot

In the current episode of Spanking Sorority Girls, Christy is getting spanked by Sarah Gregory as the scene leading up to the big initiation scene.

On Wednesday, the same day we are shooting with Christy and Veronica Ricci,  the epic initiation scene with 9 pledges getting spanked and paddled will debut.  Snow Mercy plays the teacher and Sarah Gregory the senior sister.  After the pledges take turns spanking each other, Snow and Sarah dish out whacks with a large pledge paddle.

I will blog more about this big production later this week.  Of course Christy is one of the stars, and the pledge who gets the most whacks with the paddle!

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