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Spanking in Movies and TV

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Jessica Alba SpankedKate Hudson Spanked
So as most of you by now must be aware, there are many, many movies and TV shows old and new that feature scenes with spankings included.  Most of the scenes are typically M/F, but you can definitely find some F/F if you look hard enough – especially in older foreign films.  Classic spankings from movies have included “McClintock,” and recently “Secretary,” in which the scenes are pivotal plot points.  And in TV shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Bewitched” have provided spankings that have helped mold fantasies. 
There is a new film out now called THE KILLER INSIDE ME, which claims not one, but TWO spanking scenes, both with mega hot chicks getting spanked – Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.  Jessica’s spanking can already be found all over the web, even though the film is still only in theaters (good luck finding one showing it though).  But we will have to wait until the film is released on DVD to see Kate Hudson getting her spanking, which she talks about all over the internet.  As someone who has filmed fight scenes and well as spanking scene in feature films, you should know that spankings aren’t faked for film. 
You can hide a punch in a film by using forced perspective – meaning with one character’s back to the camera, a “miss” will look like a punch has landed – with the help of the actor selling the punch and a good sound effect.  But screen spanking is real.  No forced perspective – thankfully.  And there are many takes – and multiple angles.  So if Kate Hudson looks like she gets 5 or 6 swats in the film, it means that she probably got as many as 100 swats. 
And she claims that she was giggling through her spanking scene (nervous laughter no doubt) and that some of the smacks really hurt.  Most likely, she was very sore from the real spanking she gave for her art.  Thanks Kate and Jessica for taking one (or 100) for the team.
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Spanking Fantasy

by on Jul.13, 2010, under spanking in the news

Anna ChapmanAnna Chapmananna3.JPG
Most of you have probably heard of Anna Chapman, the lady who was kicked out of the United States – back to Russia, because she is supposedly a spy.  If you are really into spanking, perhaps you often hear a news story like this, involving a young, attractive woman who is in trouble – not the really big kind of trouble that leaves you shocked – but more like the kind that makes you think of a scenario you might have heard of or seen in a spanking video. 
This Anna Chapman story is a classic – soon to be copied in the adult fantasy industry.  Can’t you hear it now – (since it is my blog – the “punisher” is female)  a stern woman says “Anna, we have proof that you are a spy.”  Anna says “Please, Miss, I won’t do it again.  Please, I’ll do ANYTHING if you let me stay in this country.”  Next thing you know Anna is over the woman’s knee getting a hard spanking.  Maybe she even gets paddled.  The perfect casting would be Annabelle Lee as Anna Chapman, an uncanny look-alike seen in an above photo from Girl Spanks Girl
By the way, if we think this fantasy is way out there, here is a News Story that discusses how kinky Anna Chapman might be – including her being into whipping.
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Spanking In The News

by on Jul.09, 2010, under spanking in the news

Do you ever hear a news story that begs to have the offenders spanked?  Well perhaps there is no story you will hear that begs for a justice spanking more than this story.  Two 19 year old girls were working in a nursing home in Minnesota, when they were caught spanking the senior citizens they were supposed to be taking care of (also they spit on them).  The two girls were charged for their crimes, but no doubt are serving no time – probably community service. 
Can you think of more fitting justice than having someone like Clare Fonda take them over her knee for a sound spanking?  You can click here to see the girls being charged in this news story.  The butts above are compliments of Kay Richards and Madison Martin,  – to help visualize the targets (curtosy of My Spanking Roommate).
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