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So as most of you by now must be aware, there are many, many movies and TV shows old and new that feature scenes with spankings included.  Most of the scenes are typically M/F, but you can definitely find some F/F if you look hard enough – especially in older foreign films.  Classic spankings from movies have included “McClintock,” and recently “Secretary,” in which the scenes are pivotal plot points.  And in TV shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Bewitched” have provided spankings that have helped mold fantasies. 
There is a new film out now called THE KILLER INSIDE ME, which claims not one, but TWO spanking scenes, both with mega hot chicks getting spanked – Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.  Jessica’s spanking can already be found all over the web, even though the film is still only in theaters (good luck finding one showing it though).  But we will have to wait until the film is released on DVD to see Kate Hudson getting her spanking, which she talks about all over the internet.  As someone who has filmed fight scenes and well as spanking scene in feature films, you should know that spankings aren’t faked for film. 
You can hide a punch in a film by using forced perspective – meaning with one character’s back to the camera, a “miss” will look like a punch has landed – with the help of the actor selling the punch and a good sound effect.  But screen spanking is real.  No forced perspective – thankfully.  And there are many takes – and multiple angles.  So if Kate Hudson looks like she gets 5 or 6 swats in the film, it means that she probably got as many as 100 swats. 
And she claims that she was giggling through her spanking scene (nervous laughter no doubt) and that some of the smacks really hurt.  Most likely, she was very sore from the real spanking she gave for her art.  Thanks Kate and Jessica for taking one (or 100) for the team.

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  • sixofthebest

    In my opinion if they ever make a remake of a movie called “Roots of Heaven”, I would love to see Helen Mirren plays Madam Orsini, the big game elephant huntress. Of course I would play Morel, and be the one to spank her. But after, I raise her evening gown waist high, take down her ‘directoire knickers’, I would cane her, and I mean cane her, 25 strokes worth, on her naked bare bottom. Who would you choose to play Madame Orsini.

  • admin

    Can I cast Clare Fonda? If not, Helen Mirren works –

  • Angela Bauer

    Like the new feature “The Killer Inside Me” in which Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson each get spanked, in 1963’s John Wayne epic, Maureen O’Hara playing his wife and Stefanie Powers playing his daughter Becky get spanked, By the way, Stefanie got spanked by Patrick Wayne playing her boyfriend.

    In the DVD commentaries O’Hara and Powers remembered those spankings vividly. In the movie’s climax, by the time O’Hara gets spanked by Wayne using a small coal shovel, she was only wearing skimpy bloomers. She said that Wayne was being not just realistic but enthusiastic while spanking her. Because of the costume she could not use a protective pad as was common in those days.

    Powers said that she did have a thin protective pad, but with all the many takes, the small coal shovel Pat Wayne was using really hurt her. When she did her own riding stunt a couple of days later Powers said she still could feel the throbbing. O’Hara commented that at least Powers did have a “spanking pad” which was an unfair advantage.

    I was not born until 1964, so I was a long-time adult spanko before I saw those spanking scenes, and older still when McLintock! finally was released on DVD.

    Another classic romantic spanking scene has Elvis teaching Jenny Maxwell a necessary lesson in Blue Hawaii from 1961. Maxwell plays a cute and obnoxious brat teen named Ellie. She has been giving tour guide Elvis a hard time. Then tries to drown herself, wearing only a sheer pink nightie. Elvis pulls her from the water, sits on a beach boulder and spanks her very wet bottom. Of course there could be no protective pad. Somehow the Production Code let Maxwell’s bottom show through the wet material, very daring for 1961!

    By a happy coincidence my vastly older husband was visiting his pal Lucien Ballard, ASC, on the set of 1963’s “Take Her, She’s Mine” Maxwell has a relatively smaller role in the film as a friend of Sandra Dee. So she had time to start a conversation with my future husband. Two years after Blue Hawaii, she was still saying how much more it hurt getting spanked on a wet bottom. Elvis was spanking hard, with a lot of coverage. She lost track of the total number of spanks, which she claimed was many hundred. Edited on screen it is about 22, so she might well be correct.

    It is interesting that Maxwell admitted, without being asked, that as an older child she had been spanked by her father on her bare bottom, which hurt far less than on her wet bottom in the movie. Charles Lang, Jr was the DP on Blue Hawaii. Maxwell blamed him for having her bottom soaked before every take.

    According to my husband, as Maxwell said all that, the first AD told her, “Jenny, you will be eating lunch based on the spanking from Elvis the rest of your life!”

    Sadly Jenny Maxwell and her husband were murdered in 1981, so she never had a chance to record a commentary for a DVD of Blue Hawaii. Aloha Jenny!!!

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