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Celebrating Episode 200

by on Sep.08, 2015, under spanking soap opera

It was 8 years ago when Clare and I approached Kay Richards (aka Kymberly Jane) about starring in a new site called My Spanking Roommate. We first met Kym a few years before that when she answered a Craigslist ad for models who had never been spanked. And then Kym got her first ever spanking from Clare for Spanked Sweeties.

This is Kay's first ever spanking - from Sweeties

This is Kay’s first ever spanking – from Sweeties

Kym actually asked about using the name Kym for the shoot, but Clare thought it would be a good idea to create a spanking name for her. We believe this was Kym’s first, or close to first shoot ever – and certainly her first spanking shoot. A star was born.

Kay and Madison meet for the first time for Episode 1 in 2008.

Kay and Madison meet for the first time for Episode 1 in 2008.

And no, Craigslist never gave us another model of note – so for us Kym was the one and only Craigslist superstar. After shooting many scenes for us over the next couple of years, we approached Kym about starring in her own site, a spanking soap opera.

Kay gets spanked first for Episode 1

Kay gets spanked first for Episode 1

But she would need a roommate for the site. She pitched her friend Madison Martin, who was already shooting spanking scenes for a few other sites.

Kay gets her revenge in the next episode.

Kay gets her revenge in the next episode.

We fell in love with Madison’s beauty and curvy bottom and in 2008, we started shooting scenes with the 2 roommates. Since it was a soap opera, we had to make elaborate story lines and introduce a series of characters.

Madison deep in thought about what name to make up for her new roommate.

Madison deep in thought about what name to make up for her new roommate.

A few interesting notes about the site and this episode: Episode 100 did not star Kay or Madison and we caught a lot of flack about that so we made certain that they were the stars of Episode 200, even though they are no longer roommates on the site.

We shot the first few years in Kym’s real apartment, but note to stalkers – she has since moved so don’t bother trying to figure out where that was.

Kay gets her bum speckled cuz they wanted it hard.

Kay gets her bum speckled cuz they wanted it hard.

The paintings on the walls of Kay’s apartment are all her actual paintings as she is quite the artist. Madison has an amazing singing voice but she doesn’t want to sing in episodes (though she did get spanked by Chloe Elise while singing a Christmas song for Episode 69).

They even insisted on taking the dreaded hairbrush!

They even insisted on taking the dreaded hairbrush!

We shot this episode 200 a number of months before it was released. So despite an advanced story line for the soap opera, we weren’t sure who their roommates would be when Episode 200 was released (they change roommates often now).  And the premise behind the episode was that Madison and Kay were spanking each other to learn who their new roommates were.

Madison gets the hairbrush, too

Madison gets the hairbrush, too

So we had each model make up a roommate – essentially lying about who it is – and if you have seen this episode, you might by now figure out what name Kay and Madison come up with. They had a great time shooting this episode and they really wanted to bring a hard spanking – so they both agreed to use what they consider an extremely painful implement – the hair brush.

Hope you enjoy the episode and I guess when it comes time to shoot Episode 300, we’ll have to come up with something even more spectacular if that’s possible.

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Custom Confessions

by on Nov.03, 2013, under Spanking

The majority of the content on my sites is original, made up from my head or the heads of some of the models. Some of the sites are soap operas, like Sorority and Roommates, so they have many episodes charted out well in advance.

It is quite costly to hire models, pay for servers and the billing companies all take huge chunks of my income. There are locations, costumes, food, equipment, etc.  I am not complaining, I LOVE this and I hope it shows in all that I bring to the sites.

Custom with Clare Fonda & Elise Graves with often repeated theme

But I will confess that I shoot quite a few custom videos. Those are scenes that are requested and paid for by members. They tend to be very specific in the direction of the scene, and the Custom producer will select which models he wants for the scenes. I have on occasion passed on a custom as it was not something I could use on my sites.

Cinderella Spankings was a custom request with Veronica & Jennifer

The custom producer covers all costs except for mine, and what I get in return is the use of the content. This is done by most fetish site producers and I think it is a very good thing.  Chances are what the custom guy likes, many of the members will also enjoy.

Back when Clare Fonda was producing most of the content, she got many requests from one particular custom guy. His customs all ended up on the Girl Spanks Girl site and were pretty popular. Unfortunately for me, this guy only likes to deal with women when it comes to ordering customs, so many of my new custom clients have a formula that varies from this one guy’s.

His stories were always maternal, usually with Clare as a mom figure, spanking a very meek young lady. Always very serious. I think I will look to shoot another variation of this scene (non custom) some time soon as it has been a while since I have shot one.

The first Exclusive Education was a custom – but not since (EE8 all original)

The very first Exclusive Education was actually a custom request from this guy. But the others we paid for ourselves as a way to make our sites stand out from other sites.  The most recent Exclusive Education 8 is still a serious, stern schoolgirl spanking scene in the tradition of the previous 7 annual large scale scenes in this series.

Governess Rules was popular with most members (not all)

The more recent customs have tended to be lighter in tone (but just as hard if not harder with the level of the spankings). Many have requested that Veronica Ricci be in the customs.  Good choice as she has a nice bottom and can take a hard spanking. But I am starting to hear a few complaints about the newer direction, and a longing for the older theme.

You must realize that I can’t please everybody and what one person loves, another will loathe and vice versa. If there is a very specific scene that you would LOVE to see shot, with your dream models, by all means email me at to see about ordering a custom.

If you can’t afford to order a custom (might not be as costly as you imagine), I don’t mind if you write me once and tell me what you like to see. Maybe it is something I can work into an upcoming scene and it will fit – so it is worth a shot.

Coming soon a custom with Snow Mercy, Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci

Or drop a note in the comments section of this blog. But as you can imagine I get hundred of emails every day, and I don’t want to read multiple times about some model you don’t like or some scenes you don’t like. I will comprehend it the first time your write me, I promise.

Nun & Priest do the spanking in this custom found on Hot Girls Spanked

While most customs appear on the Girl Spanks Girl site, occasionally they will appear on the Clips4sale store Hot Girls Spanked. That was the case with the custom that had a priest in it (no male/female spankings on GSG site).

If I can incorporate your suggestions, I will do it when I can. I want to please all members, it is just a tall task. In the meantime, the bums will just keep getting spanked. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of new models, too – as I approach 300 different models shot for the sites – and 10 new ones just recently and in the next few weeks.

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