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Exclusive Education – Elise Graves

by on Aug.24, 2010, under Spanked school girls

Schoolgirls spanked
Elise Graves was the biggest surprise to me in EE5, which is now up and running on Girl Spanks Girl.  She did a shoot once for Clare Fonda, but I was not available to work that day, so I had never met Elise.  In her photos, she looked very skinny.  And she seemed like she would be shy and quiet.
In fact, in person, she is shy, quiet, and skinny, but she has a wonderfully round bottom – definitely one of the best of the shoot. She also cried real tears – she was sobbing.
There was a drawing found without a name – see photo above.  It was quite a work of art making fun of the teacher.  It could’ve been anyone who drew this naughty picture, but I suspect it was either Marie or the very surprising and unpredictable, bubble-butted Elise.
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Spanked Comedy

by on Aug.22, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Spanked Secretaries
Ashli Orion is featured in a scene that starts running on My Spanking Roommate tomorrow.  The set up is that Madison Martin got penalized on the tax return that accountant Chloe Elise did for her.  Ashli tags along to make sure Madison gets justice.  Now wouldn’t you all like to spank your tax lady – especially if she looked like Chloe Elise?  After Madison is finished spanking Chloe, she spanks Ashli for recommending Chloe. 
This was a hilariously funny shoot – in that the girls were cutting up and goofing around.  Sometimes that can be annoying when you’re trying to finish a shoot – but in this case it was enjoyable because these three are truly hilarious.  The spankings were real enough for sure – but they had a good time and it shows in the content.  If you check it out, be sure to catch the blooper.  Ashli, Madison and Chloe are usually good for a blooper or two on a shoot.
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Exclusive Education – Nikki Rogue and Natasha

by on Aug.18, 2010, under Spanked school girls

Spanked school girls
I had heard that Nikki Rogue had done some shoots for heavy handed sites.  And Dallas and Shadow Lane spoke glowingly about her.  She was indeed delightful, funny and she took on the much needed personna of the bad girl.  Which of course gets her in trouble – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Nikki can take it hard and has great reactions. 
Natasha was another new model – never having done a spanking shoot before.  She started working at The Dominion recently.  She was very cute.  And for some reason I thought she would be tiny, but she was tall, curvey and beautiful – which of course is a great combination.  Here is the note that Natasha wrote:   
Dear Marie,
I hate your stinking guts, you make me wanna vomit, you are the scum between my toes! 

And here is what Nikke wrote:

This is m my report.  I am cheating off of Sandy’s papr.
Nicole Elizabeth Rogue  (drew smiley face here)
This was an unsigned essay — but April O’Neil was the only slightly late student:
This morning I was late getting up for school.  I did the best I could to make it out to the bus but it had already left without me.  My mom had already left for work so I ran the 4 blocks to school and I was just a little late.  I hope I’m not in trouble I think the teacher noticed me slipping in after the bell had rang.  It is going to be along day. (drew heart here).
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Kailee Paddled

by on Aug.15, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Spanked sistersSpanked sisters
Kailee is a wildly popular model because she is beautiful and can take and give a hard spanking.  She appears on Clare Fonda’s  My Spanking Roommate as Madison Martin’s sister, Kailee Martin.  As a regular on the site, she pops up often.  In this episode, her sugar mamma Simone (played by Lana) gives Madison an over the knee spanking, followed by a paddling to Kailee and Madison – who both took it hard. 
Kailee has a reputation as a tough girl who doesn’t back down from anyone.  From what I see, though, she is sort of quiet, introspective, sensitive, considerate and very, very sweet – so I just don’t see “the bad girl” unless she is playing the role for a video. 
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The Girls of Exclusive Education – Sandy

by on Aug.14, 2010, under Spanked school girls

Spanked school girl
Sandy was another school girl from Exclusive Education that I had never worked with before.  She was very co-operative and very quite – even when getting spanked.  If the stoic girl is your thing, she will be your girl.  Her bottom was nicely rounded and she had an exotic look – couldn’t tell if it was middle Eastern or maybe Hispanic (based on the last name she used in the shoot).   She had two notes in her possession – the first was her “essay,” which read:
This is a report I’m writing during a shoot.  This is the best report ever!  Oh my goodness!  It’s so amazing that it is blowing my mind!  Screw the Hair Brush.
Sandy Mendoza
Her second note (passed back and forth between Sandy and Marie) said:
Yeah!  Bring some boyz with you. — Marie —
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The Girls of Exclusive Education – Marie Elle

by on Aug.13, 2010, under Spanked school girls

Spanked school girl
The run down on each of the school girls in the recent Exclusive Education 5 shoot will begin with Maire Elle.  Having never met her before, I didn’t know what to expect.  First thing she said was “when is the shoot over?” followed by “can my boyfriend stay?”  Not a great beginning.  Can you imagine at least 13 boyfriends lurking around our compact classroom set – all trying to get a free view? 
Thankfully there was a no boyfriend on set rule.  This way – no peep shows, no guys wandering around getting in the shots, no extra drama.  Things got better of course.  Marie was outstanding verbally (she was born in France and broke out the accent near the end of the shoot).  She says she is a life style player – though she was the only model to call “mercy.”  But all in all she was very game and brought a lot of spark to the shoot. 
And many of the girls were actually writing something when they were supposed to – and Marie had the funniest “assignment.”  This is exactly what she wrote (spelling as is from her paper – and she drew a heart over ithe “i” in her name. 

Dear Daddy,
America is not as fun as you said.  This is NOT normal.  We have to take our panties off when we get spanked.  I want to come back to France.  I miss Paris.  I don’t want to get spanked anymore.  Please send me a plane tickit home. 
I love you, 
Marie Elle.

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Red Bottoms

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Spanking

School Girls SpankingsSpanked school girlsSchool Girls Spankings
So without naming names – there are sites that use software like Photoshop to make bottoms more red when taking photos.  I have done it 3 times in 12 years.  I understand the reason for doing it – the girl gets spanked, her bottom is VERY red, then you don’t take  the photos immediately, and the red goes down (or away).  So you alter the photo to put more red in and try to match what was real – and what viewers will see on the video. 
That is the reason I did it those 3 times.  But mostly if we don’t get the photos right away, I just figure “oh well” and don’t cross that line.  Making bottoms redder than they were during the shoot is the number one offense.  There are others – such as taking away blemishes (acne, tats etc) or even making models look thinner.  But come on, isn’t someone going to watch the video and see the truth?  In EE5, we had to shoot many scenes – and when we came to taking the line of butts photo, it had been a long time since the girls had been spanked. 
The reddest butt belongs to Nikki Rogue in the line because she was recenlty paddled.  See the above photos – the top photo is untouched, the one below it is the same photo with a very subtle amount of red added to the butts – except for Nikki’s butt – and the last photo is untouched butts shot shortly after their first spanking.
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Exclusive Education – the Shoot

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Spanking

Spanked school girls
The shoot for Exclusive Education 5 (to appear on Girl Spanks Girl) went amazingly well today – 4.5 hours without stopping for a second – so it should be a long action packed video – which should take me at least a week to edit.  Hollie Stevens missed her flight from Northern California, so Natasha from The Domion filled in her spot so we could have 10 spanked school girls. 
There was lots of excitement and lots of spanking.  I will break down what each girl brought to the shoot in future blogs.  But for now, enjoy the classic line of ten butts photo above.
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Casting Exclusive Education 5 – the final list

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Spanking

Spanked school girls
Here is one last photo to go with the casting of Exclusive Education school girl video to be shot tomorrow for the Girl Spanks Girl site.  One school girl dropped, another one was added (Kisa).  So the final cast expected to show up for some serious spanking is:
Our bottoms: Kisa, Marie Elle, Elise Graves, Lindsay, April O’Neal, Nikki Rouge, Sandy, Katherine St. James, Hollie Stevens, and Sarah Gregory.
Our tops: Lana and Alicia Panettiere and of course Clare Fonda.
About to pack up all the gear – three cameras, lots of lights (got a new Kinoflo light – gives a soft look), tripods, light stands, still camera etc. etc.  Shooting something else on Monday, then again on Tuesday – but will check in on how it went first chance I get.  Imagine – every where you look, a sea of beautifully round, spankable bottoms, on hot girls who mostly enjoy being spanked.  Tough job but someone has to do it. 
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Spanking with Wrestling and Medical Sets

by on Aug.06, 2010, under Spanking

Spanking and Wrestling
There are many, many pieces that go into making a spanking whole – from positions, to costumes, to implements, dialogue, locations and so on and so on.  Quite often, two areas of interest cross over, like bondage and spanking, or tickling and spanking.  On My Spanking Roommate, quite often wrestling and spanking meet, which is the case of the episode presently running on that site. 
Kay Richards wrestles with her boss Layla, who is trying to take Kay’s cell phone away from her.  Once she does this, she takes Kay over the knee for a more traditional spanking.  It is a short scene, and the site has much better wrestling scenes to offer, but this was real wrestling, with the story going forward based on who won the brief tussle over the phone.  So in that regard it was something you don’t normally see on a spanking site. 
Another point of interest in this episode is the setting – a medical room.  In this scene, there is nothing like an anal probing (check out Spanked Call Girls if that is your thing).  Instead, it serves as the work place for Kay’s character in this spanking soap opera. 
While this is a set in a studio, Clare Fonda has actually shot in real medical offices.  Only on the weekends – but still – there is alway the concern that a weekend cleaning lady will hear some mysterious slapping sound, followed by a yelping female, and call the police.  Or maybe even walk in during the middle of a spanking.  At that point we can only hope she is a fan.
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