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Language Barrier

by on Sep.30, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Maid spanking
Sometimes it’s hot to watch a spanking video in a language you don’t understand.  But how about one that is presently up on My Spanking Roommate, where one lady speaks English (sort of) – Kay Richards, and the other speaks Spanish – Rosario Stone.  In this epsisode, Rosario lectures Kay in Spanish. 
Kay doesn’t understand.  So then Rosario uses the universal language of spanking to make Kay understand she is being too messy.  This scene features a tall girl (Rosario) manhandling a much smaller girl (Kay), which is an added interesting dimension. 
And Kay chose her own wooden bath brush to be used for the scene.  When she says “wait stop that thing really hurts” she is not acting.  The most interesting aspect to this shoot, however, might be the true to life language barrier.  Rosario is from (I think) Puerto Rico.   
We don’t really know how much English she speaks or understands.  I happen to have driven her to the shoot, which was at Kay’s apartment in Orange County.  So it was a long drive with Rosario.  I would ask her a question, and she typically would answer “yes” (pronounced “Chyes”). 
I said “I heard you are a marine biologist.”  She answerd “yes.” I asked “what’s that like?”  She answered “yes.”  So you get the general idea what the ride was like.  A long one.  Ironic that the scene played out a lot like the car ride.
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Marvelous Mary Jane

by on Sep.27, 2010, under Spanking Interviews

Spanking big bootie
We shot with Mary Jane this past Saturday.  She is currently up on Spanked Call Girls, but her interview was so amazing that we will be doing a part 2 to this Sweeties shoot before posting her on Spanked Sweeties. 
As promised here are some photos of this beauty.  I numbered them so I could refer to the positions, which is what I’d like to blog about today.  Sometimes when a photographer wants to accentuate the curves of the bottom, angles must be considered. 
But Mary Jane’s behind looks great from every angle.  Typically, girls look flat when shot from above and they are over-the-knee, as Mary Jane was in Photo #2 (her ass does not look flat of course).   Shooting from below, such as Photo #5 is usually flattering for most models (MJ is no exception). 
But look at Photo #4 (this photo was snapped by Clare Fonda) – a photo taken from above like this is another angle that will often make the mode’s bottom look flatter than it is.  No problem for MJ. 
Photo #1 shows off her nice, long legs.  Photo #3 shows that MJ can take it hard, as evidenced by those sweet red marks.  She said that after Saturday’s shoot, she expects some welts and bruises to show.  And she was going to drive to Northern California right after the shoot and said “I know it will be painful sitting on the entire drive.”
But of all these shots, it is Photo #6 that is most impressive.  Again, when the model is otk, gravity will often lessen her curves.  But Mary Jane stands tall in all her glory and invites one to just long to “spank it good.” 
The shot I missed, that I didn’t realize would be a great shot until I hugged Mary Jane when she was leaving, was a shot looking straight down at her juicy target (from the hugger’s point of view).  I asked her if people didn’t look at her behind and just want to give it a nice smack.  She said “it happens all the time.”  Take a look and ask yourself, could you resist giving that bootie a smack?
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Big Booty Confession

by on Sep.23, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Big Butts
I confess.  Like the song says “I love big butts I cannot lie.”  The photo above has 3 of my all time favorite booties belonging to (from left to right) Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardasian and Eva Mendez
If things go according to plan, there will be a shoot this Saturday featuring Mary Jane for Spanked Sweeties.  The three booty beauties pictured above have nothing on Mary Jane.  After the shoot, I will post a photo on the blog. 
Mary Jane will be exclusive to Clare Fonda Productions and I am predicting big things for this young lady.  So be on the lookout for a Mary Jane booty sighting.
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Dangerous Curves

by on Sep.20, 2010, under Spanking Interviews

Spanked Sweeties
Attactive women come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Clare Fonda recognizes this and casts models accordingly.  The stunning beauty Natasha did a recent shoot with CF, bringing with her those glorious curves many spanking fans love. 
What was shocking to hear, though (and this was not during her filmed interview for Spanked Sweeties but just when she was talking on the set), was that Natasha was recently employed by another spanking site that would not use her again because she was too curvy for them.  Guess some spanking sites only like stick figures. 
Their loss is Clare Fonda’s gain.  That site attempts to get all their models to work for them exclusively, so if they enjoyed Natasha’s curves, you wouldn’t be seeing her interviewed about her childhood spankings – which were fascinating, then having those hard spanking re-enacted.  Behind the scenes, Natasha was confident, fiesty and has an electric smile.  She is proud of her curves. 
She was in Exlusive Education 5, in which she has a scene spanking Clare Fonda, and she also works at the Dominon in West Los Angeles.
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Chloe Elise vs. Kailee vs. Snow

by on Sep.16, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Chloe Elise is back on My Spanking Roommate in a really great scene.  She gets spanked by Kailee.  The shoot was pretty comical actually as Chloe get playing with a tiny stuffed bear she found on the set, having her character taunt Kailee’s character with the little bear. 
Of course that only encouraged Kailee to spank her harder.  Then the scene called for Snow Mercy to arrive (as Chloe’s roommate) and punish Kailee for this disturbance.  First with an over the knee hand spanking, followed by a caning. 
Kailee had a shoot the next day and was worried about marking, but she took a respectable level of caning from Snow for the scene.  All the while being taunted again by Chloe.
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More on “Killer Inside Me”

by on Sep.14, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Spanking in Movies
I finally watched THE KILLER INSIDE ME on DVD and was surprised to discover that it had THREE spanking scenes, not just the two now famous Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba’s spankings.  The one with Jessica Alba is fairly lengthy, Kate Hudson gets about 5 swats on the bare bottom. 
And they cut to a young (incredibly) kinky mom (played by Caitlin Turner) who has marks on her bare behind she says are left from her husband.  Then she spanks herself with her hand and invites her young son to spank her, too.  The movie is not easy to watch because Casey Affleck’s  character beats his girlfriends sensely, which no spanko wants to see.  But the spanking scenes are pretty good.
 They seem very real.  And knowing that for each shot, there were many, many takes, and with all the different angles to cover the scene, no doubt these three starlets, all spanked on the bare, were pretty sore after filming their spanking scenes.
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The Bags are Packed

by on Sep.09, 2010, under spanked call girls

Spanked Callgirls
Models all have different ways of bringing their wardrobe to the set of a Clare Fonda shoot.  But typically, they bring a suitcase filled with clothes and shoes and of course panties, to provide a variety of options.  Sometimes the suitcases are rather large. 
On the most recent Fonda shoot however, a record was set for SMALLEST suitcase, and for MOST suitcases brought by one model and LARGEST suitcase. 
The smallest was brought by Amy Hunter, who had one tiny – I don’t know what to call it – it looked like a purse (see above photo).  Amy has done many spanking shoots of course and had perfect outfits for her 3 scenes, and all the proper panties. 
Riley Evans, however, brought 3 suitcases, one of which was the largest I have ever seen.  She had to climb on top of it to get it shut (see above photo that provides one with an urge to give Riley a friendly swat – at the very least). 
Ironically, Riley had probably 50 pairs of panties, but none that were suited for her scenes.  I think she borrowed a pair from Amy.  After the shoot, I tossed Riley’s suitcases in her trunk for her – and the largest one might’ve weighed close to 100 pounds.   Both girls were good natured about their travel bags, and were fine with me posting these photos of them and their “luggage.” 
They were great to work with (Amy has a fantastic sense of humor and you gotta love her Brittish accent).  Check them out on Spanked Call Girls, where you will see Amy spanking Riley’s bubble butt (but no, it was not for bringing too many suitcases to the shoot).
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Interview on Cherry Red Report

by on Sep.07, 2010, under Spanking Interviews

Cherry Red Report
If you look over at the right side of this blog, you will see a list of sites and blogs that I truly check out.  One of these excellent blogs, The Cherry Red Report, just interviewed of all people — me.  So check out the site and the interview (which amounts to a week’s worth of blogging for me).  
Dave of Cherry Red made or had made a couple of cartoons for the interview (see above – compliments of Cherry Red).  It covers many topics, but the gist of the interview is about Exclusive Education 5 on Girl Spanks Girl, and our “no boyfriend on the set” rule.  Clare Fonda likes to add “no husbands either.”  Please check out the interview here.
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Madison Martin – Real Tears

by on Sep.03, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Spanked secretary
In all of my shoots with Madison Martin, she has cried real tears twice.  One of those scenes is now up on My Spanking Roommate.  We shot a few scenes the day we did this shoot, and maybe it was a culmination of pain.  A wooden paddle was used when the tears came.  Or it could’ve been something in the scenario that triggered the tears.
Sometimes models cry from pain, but often it is more about where they are emotionally.  This scene was about starting a relationship with a boyfriend, and disappointing him by continuously being late – something that Madison struggles with in real life on occasion. 
Whatever the cause, Madison was clear about us going on with the shoot despite the tears.  So there you have it – Madison Martin – beautiful, outstanding spanking bottom, and gamer.
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Call Girls Spanked – Hollie Stevens & Sophie Nova

by on Sep.02, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Spanked call girls

Clare Fonda has a site called Spanked Call Girls which is pretty amazing and always a kick to shoot for.  Typically the shoots are done in hotels (another story for another day) but this recent shoot featuring Hollie Stevens and Sophie Nova – which is now running on the site – was shot at a house. 
Sometimes Clare – who plays  a pimp on the site – goes to the homes of the girls, or brings them to her home, to spank them for their wrong doings.  Sophie and Hollie had great chemisty.  They seemed to take on distincitive characterizations that worked well off each other.  Sophie was the perky, bratty Brittish girl, Hollie was the tough America party girl. 
Together, they spelled trouble.  Check out the wardrobe to see how each model had a different idea as to how an escort might dress.  Different, but equally good. 
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