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Interesting Spanking Positions

by on Nov.26, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Spanking Positions
The latest episode on My Spanking Roommate offers 3 interesting spanking positions – 2 girls wrestlings while spanking each other, the classic over-the-knee (OTK) and 2 girls bent over each other while getting spanked. 
The episode begins with Madison and Kay spanking each other while wrestling.  They are being too loud and forgot to close the front door to their apartment.  The landlady Lina (played by Mistriss Gemini) hears them and walks into their room to first administer and OTK spanking to each girl – then she has them bend over one another for a strapping. 
 I will blog some time in the future about more spanking positions, but this episode is a good sample of some of the most traditional ones.  OTK seems to be the most popular, followed by the bent over position.  Madison and Kay are game for any position. 
Mistriss Gemini is a veteran top, who has often represented the fetish world in radio interviews and the like, and she really brought it on this shoot.  I’m not sure where she is from, but she has a British accent and is amazing verbally.  She is small, but definitely packs a wallop.  Check out her site.
Mistress Gemini is one of the most stern ladies I have ever filmed.  So check  out the latest epsisode if you like stern ladies and a variety of spanking positions.
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Testing My Memory

by on Nov.22, 2010, under Spanking Interviews

Spanked Sweeties
So Dave over at Cherry Red Report contacted me about showing me some photos that I have taken for Clare Fonda shoots.  They ranged from sort of recently to many years ago.  It was a bit like one of those psychology tests where they show you a strange image and ask to give your first impression. 
So since I’m a little crazy, I found it theraputic – and sort of a kick.  Check it out at Cherry Red to see if I passed the test.
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Clare Fonda’s First Shoot

by on Nov.18, 2010, under Spanking

Clare Fonda’s First Spanking
Maybe I am one of those people who remember way too much (well long term stuff anyway), but I recall the very first spanking shoot that Clare Fonda did on January 5, 2000.  I was the cameraman for that historic moment and I have total recollection.  Clare hasn’t changed much over the years.  Her hair is a little longer and she has toned up with workouts and a healthy diet. 
But she still has the irreverant sense of humor that she displayed behind the scenes of this first shoot.  The shoot, done at the Chateau in North Hollywood (which has since closed down) was supposed to have more of a dungeon feel to it.  But co-star Penny was about as submissive as one can be, and at that time Clare was more of a sub (since then she has gone on to spank thousands of asses), so it was a rather mild shoot. 
The portion where Clare is spanked by Penny is now running (as retro content never before on a website) on the Sensual section of Girl Spanks Girl.  Check it out if you want to see the first time Clare was spanked on camera, ironically enough by submissive Penny, who never spanked anyone on camera again after this.
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Alicia and Alanah Realistic Relatives

by on Nov.11, 2010, under Spanked To Tears

Girl Spanks Girl
Alicia Paniettere and Alanah Rae are playing relatives on the latest series running on Girl Spanks Girl.  They could be sisters, really.  Both are blonde and have similar builds (outside of Alanah’s boob job).  They are spanked by Snow Mercy in a hard and realistic long scene with lots of over the knee hand and hairbrush spanking. 
It helps that they look similar enough to be related as I have shot more than once scenes in which sisters are, well, very different.  One of my favorites was when Darling (VERY white) played sister to a model we shot only once called Monica Breeze (who was Hispanic).  Monica was cute, had a nice bootie, but didn’t look like Darling in any way by any stretch of the imagination (although they both made wildly entertaining reactions when spanked). 
To my best recollection, the  video was a custom and the client wanted those two models.  Maybe he thought they looked alike.  It also appears on Girl Spanks Girl and is called The Governess.  They are both worth checking out altough if you like your spanking scenes more realistic, then definitely check out the new Alicia scene.
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Brooke Is Back

by on Nov.05, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Brooke Lee Adams Spanked
Brooke Lee Adams is back on Girl Spanks Girl.  And as they like to say in the song, Brooke’s “got back.”  Her nice bootie was spanked again by Mia Lelani.  Then the two make out on a sofa.  In this story, Brooke takes a spanking because she wants Mia to cook for her, to impress someone who might hire Brooke.  Here is what was going through my mind as I filmed this scene – is it tantalizing if the model is being spanked to her limit, even if it looks like a light spanking? 
Now it is true that Brooke sneezed (on camera) a few times while being spanked because of her allergies, but she also had a few tears because she has such an unbelievably low pain tolerance.  Despite how it might look, this was a very REAL spanking for Brooke, but it put it next to a heavyweight spanking you might see someone like Kay Richards or Chloe Elise take, and it pales (literally as the butt doesn’t get very red) in comparison. 
But after the shoot and the cameras stopped rolling, Brooke complained about how sore her bottom was and how difficult it was for her to sit down.  Clare has been trying to schedule a Sweeties shoot with Brooke and her sister, who were both spanked growing up.  It has been hard to schedule and it probably won’t happen until some time next year.  But it will be interesting to see how Brooke takes a spanking from Clare, who spanks much harder than Mia.  Stay tuned.
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Exclusive Education 5 – last week

by on Nov.01, 2010, under Spanked school girls

Spanked Schoolgirls
This is the last week for the big school girl video running on Girl Spanks Girl, outside of a few profile photos that will get worked in later.  So here is a look at a few behind the scenes photos. 
TOP LEFT: The girls break from character while standing in a row in front of the blackboard to present sort of a spanking chorus line.  Most of these ladies had a great sense of humor, so they were just cutting up for a few of the last photos of the day. 
TOP RIGHT: While the girls have a sense of humor about most things, most of them seem to be very serious about makeup.  Here Lindsay applies some lipstick prior to the shoot. 
BOTTOM LEFT: Lana is never shy about complaining about all the “pussy juice” (her words) that is dropped on her lap after a long day of spanking girls over her knee.  We should be so lucky to have this problem.  In the photo, Lana was caputre fanning off some of that “juice” using a nearby folder. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: It looks like Clare Fonda is getting ready to moon Marie in this photo snapped by the 2nd cameraman.  I’m not really sure what she was doing, but it may have had something to do with setting a wedgie free??  That is my camera and hand making a cameo on the side of the frame.  So maybe she was going to moon Marie (AND ME!). 
Wednesday the School Girl video ends with a blooper.  Hint:  it probably includes Lana and her folder.
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