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The Many Faces of Clare Fonda

by on Jan.22, 2011, under Spanking

Clare Fonda faces

The other day I was editing the photos from a shoot when I happened upon Clare Fonda making a funny face.  I never really thought about this (don’t ask me why) but Clare makes A LOT of interesting (okay funny) faces during a shoot.  Well they are not just funny. 

She’s an excellent actress and is very expressive – so most fit the scene she is in perfectly.  I think that’s what makes her one of the best tops out there.  She also mixes up her look. 

The other day I was watching a clip from a site that I have never shot for, but do enjoy watching.  They were featuring the top they use for a large percentage of their shoots.  She was making pretty much the same expression she always makes. 

So now I feel lucky that I get to shoot the very expressive Clare.  So without spending too much effort tracking down the funniest faces Clare has made, I dug up some random face shots from recent shoots and put them all in the montage above.  Hope you enjoy!


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  • Dave

    wow I love this collage you put together!

    An awesome montage. You nailed it, the expressiveness and dynamic of Clare…is a beauty to behold. I also really love that, of course, she has a wonderful sense of humor and is very funny.

  • admin

    I believe the secret to be successful at acting is to have little or no inhibitions – and that is Clare. Of course you are right on about the sense of humor. Clare can be hilarious! I always look forward to working with her.

  • Clare Fonda

    As we said- not only ins the variety of faces frightening the changes in hair color are enough to make a gay man say “Chill out, bitch!’ C-man you have some good ones. Eve Howard said in the recent Shadowlane shoot, “You pull some wacky faces. Please forgive me for running the pictures!”

  • admin

    Clare – if you mean “ruining” the pictures – you could NEVER do that. But maybe you did mean “running” the pictures. You could do that.

  • Clare Fonda

    haha well i do top from the bottom.. she meant she was gonna use em no matter how silly they looked. I told her it was okay to publish ANY picture of me unless I had a tampon string hanging out

  • Clare Fonda

    and that’s why they call me one of Bob’s Classy Ladies (Titty bar in Reseda)

  • tim

    Clare makes great vids with you and beautiful young spankee girls ,best from tim .

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