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Best Picture Tonight – Why Not Paris Is Burning?

by on Feb.28, 2011, under Spanking


Just finished watching the Oscars – not any surprises.  And while at least one film I  know of got nominated included a spanking scene (TRUE GRIT), none of Clare Fonda’s films got nominated. 

Too bad PARIS IS BURNING was actually shot some time ago, but is now available on Girl Spanks Girl, since maybe it would’ve won some award.  It was one of the first scenes we ever shot with Paris – I believe she was only 18 at the time.  This is how I remember that scene coming to pass.  We did our first shoot with Paris at Clare’s place (an apartment back then). 

 And Paris was talking about all of the circus tricks she could do – eat glass, take a bath in broken glass, light parts of her body on fire, put a screw driver in her nose, etc.  So me being me, I suggested we incorporate some of those “tricks” into some of our scenes. 

So we shot at these 2 goth girls super cool creepy house and we actually lit Paris’s ass on fire (again my suggestion) while one of the Goth girls spanked out the flames.  Then of course continued spanking her. 

Check it out and tell me it is not worthy of some sort of Oscar.  Come on, ask yourself this – how many other scenes have you seen in which a girl has her butt lit on fire (FOR REAL NO TRICKS) and it gets spanked out?  Maybe I’ll start working on a very short acceptance speech.


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  • tim

    yes it is a great vid with young Paris and the other girls nice to see it ,best ,Tim.

  • admin

    Thanks, Tim, looks like it would get at least a couple of votes for Best Picture. Personally, I love shooting Cheerleader scenes. And the goth girls even make Paris do a “spanking” cheer.

  • Dave

    What kind of sorcery is this?


    p.s. yes pls, more cheerleaders.

  • admin

    Dave, this is real, man. Paris let us ACTUALLY light her bum on fire. No tricks. Paris was in fact burning!! I kid you not.

  • Dave

    You literally took the threat “I’m gonna light a fire on that sassy backside, young lady!” to a whole new level. 🙂

  • KJ

    I am enjoying this very cute video on your site right now. I wish Paris Kennedy had not gotten out of the spanking business. Her stuff now is not my thing but I find her beautiful.

  • admin

    There is always hope that Paris will come out of “spanking” retirement and do one more Clare Fonda spanking video. Working on it. We won’t light her butt on fire this time, though.

  • Jefferson

    My friend told me there was some new thing going on with spankings. I didn’t think it involved FIRE though. I love it! Great video.

  • admin

    New meaning to the word aspirin “Ass Burn” (old joke)

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