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Risks of the Hotel Shoot

by on Mar.30, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Shooting in a hotel always holds a few extra risks than shooting in most other places.  For one thing, someone is paying for the hotel and has given his or her credit card info to the front desk.  So if someone complains about strange noises, it can lead to some odd predicaments. 

A couple of years ago, there was a Clare Fonda shoot in which somone complained to the front desk and a hotel worker knocked on the door asking for us “to keep it down.”  Fortunately, this guy didn’t come into the room or he would’ve seen movie lights and FOUR NAKED WOMEN.  Clare talked to him for about 5 minutes before he finally went away. 

A recent shoot, which is now up on Spanked Call Girls features Ten and Alicia Panettiere, along with Clare Fonda.  It brought back memories of this hotel bust because the talent was especially loud – with hard spanking and screaming.  A couple of times the girls went out in the hallway, dressed in “hooker” outfits. 

And there was plenty of loud talking from a bunch of dudes watching some sporting event (with their hotel door open) across the hallway.  But somehow, we made it through the entire shoot without getting a call or visit from the hotel management.  Just the risks we take to provide you all with the best spanking entertainment.

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What is the Place for Tears in a Scene?

by on Mar.19, 2011, under Spanking Interviews


How valuable are tears in a spanking video?  No, I don’t mean my tears over another psycho ex-boyfriend stomping around the set.  I mean, of course, how valuable is it when the lady being spanked starts crying? 

The first time a model started crying when I was filming  (which was some time ago), I turned off the camera, thinking that something was wrong.  It was for Clare, who also wanted to cut.  You feel intrusive.  But many models have explained that they are okay with being filmed crying.  That it is part of their package as a model . So after years of filming spanking scenes, I realize that sometimes crying is a part of what a model brings to the table. 

The latest sweeties up on Spanked Sweeties is Lynn Leona.  She could not take a very hard spanking.  In fact, a very mild spanking brought her to tears.  Real, streaming down the face, and in one of her spankings, snot dripping out of the nose crying.  Does it make the scene work?  I don’t know, for some it will, for others crying (real crying like this) may be a turn off. 

At least I have learned to keep rolling when the crying begins.

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Who Doesn’t Love Birthday Spankings?

by on Mar.08, 2011, under Birthday Spankings

Birthday Spankings

One nearly sure way to access most booties (including non-spankos) has been the excellent tradition of the birthday spanking.  Talk to almost anyone, from an uptight teacher to a lawyer to a fast food worker to a porn star, and nearly all will know what a birthday spanking is, and most will have some experience with them. 

Talking to models behind the scenes, you can ask them about their experiences with a birthday spanking and that will almost always lead to some wildy entertaining story. 

In honor of Kay Richard’s recent birthday, we shot an extended birthday spanking episode on My Spanking Roommate, which is now running.  She gets spanked with a yardstick in her boss’s office, then comes home to get spanked by her ex girlfriend in her apartment.  Then in her bedroom, she is spanked by the maid.  Lots of coutning, messing up the count, starting over, etc.   

In this episode, the spanking at work and the spanking by the maid might be fantasies, but my best guess is that most birthday spankings happend between boyfriends and girlfriends.  So Kay’s ex-girlfriend (played by Ariel X) gives her what came across as a very real spanking between two friends. 

When I was in high school, I remember a girl I liked daring me to give her a birthday spanking.  Of course, I obliged.  Perhaps that experience shaped my interests for the rest of my life.  Who knows?

If any of you readers have a birthday spanking story, feel free to share.

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Paper Work – Time to Talk About Spanking

by on Mar.05, 2011, under Spanked school girls


Okay for a looong time I have been looking for a way to videotape some modles as they do their paper work after a spanking shoot.  Sometimes it’s not that interesting as they talk about dates, pets, clothes, etc. 

But sometimes it would be priceless footage, as they talk (unsolicited) about how sore their bottom is, how they can’t sit down – and many ask me to take a shot of their butt – in close up – with their phone – so they can send this photo to someone. 

I’m not sure where this footage would go in terms which appropriate website, and it generally happens while I am putting away my camera and lights, so I have often missed this opportunity.  And the few times I raced to get my camera so I could get some video, the models would stop talking.  And usually give me a funny look (which I interpret as “hey bozo, we did the shoot already, put that camera away). 

So if this is to work, and I am to capture this unsolicited talk about the spanking the models just got,  it has to by on the sly, is my conclusion. 

So please enjoy the above sneaky photo (sorry no video) taken of Ten, Alicia Panettiere and Mary Jane as they filled out their papework after doing a 3 girl schoolgirl shoot that is up on Clare Fonda’s Hotgirlsspanked, which is a Clips4sale studio that features exclusive scenes. 

While these three did their paperwork, they talked a little about spanking, and as you can see, Mary Jane (back to the camera) is the one who was not sitting on her bottom, as perhaps she felt a little more tender than the other two.  Until I figure out exactly how to capture these golden behind-the-scenes coversations, this photo will have to hold you over.

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