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Shooting In Small Places

by on Jan.31, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

My Spanking Roommate

Clare Fonda often requests a spanking scene to be shot in a bathroom.  Now if you figure that I try to shoot with two cameras and at least two lights, plus me operating one of the cameras, and that there are at least two models in the scene, the math doesn’t add up. 

How do we fit 3 people, two lights and two cameras in one tiny space.  Well, the short answer is that we drop a few items.  One light bounced instead of 2 or 3 lights.  Sometimes it is just a one camera shoot.  And there is no space for the models to roam.  The above photo is Miss Chris (playing Officer Chris) spanking Clare in a bathroom for the My Spanking Roommate site. 

I was in the tub filming, and actually we had a second camera – being filmed through the bathroom door by Sarah Gregory.  The one light was bounced from the only corner that was not reflected off the mirror.  Yikes.  Clare actually cries during the scene. 

I wasn’t sure if she was crying from the pain (Miss Chris has a very heavy hand) or if Clare was crying from the guilt of suggesting we shoot this big scene in a tiny bathroom.  I’m still waiting for the day she suggests we shoot inside a closet.

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Tough Girls – Physically and Mentally

by on Jan.27, 2011, under Spanking


There is a long scene currently running on Girl Spanks Girl called Panties Down.  Now this was an interesting shoot that was very challenging for the two girls who were getting spanked.  Normally shoots are very controlled and the girl getting spanked can “cut” if the pain gets to be too much or if she is having a hard time emotionally. 

But during this shoot, Lana acted very much like the girl’s mom (though she was playing their Aunt) and would not let them pull back in any way.  Sydnee Capri has done spanking shoots before, yet this one was really making her feel the pain and her reactions are VERY real. 

But poor Kandi Kreams probably had no idea what she was getting herself into – as she has no spanking experience other than what she got growing up.  And she said not only did this bring back memories of childhood discipline, it hurt A LOT more.  Lana went to town on these large bottoms and it is a very powerful scene – which runs about an hour. 

The shoot was also challenging because there was an unwanted male in the house where we were shooting and he apparently did not approve of what we were doing.  He was huffing around, slamming doors.  But believe me, unlike many (most??) models, these girls are mentally strong and were not phased at all by this rude guest. 

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The Many Faces of Clare Fonda

by on Jan.22, 2011, under Spanking

Clare Fonda faces

The other day I was editing the photos from a shoot when I happened upon Clare Fonda making a funny face.  I never really thought about this (don’t ask me why) but Clare makes A LOT of interesting (okay funny) faces during a shoot.  Well they are not just funny. 

She’s an excellent actress and is very expressive – so most fit the scene she is in perfectly.  I think that’s what makes her one of the best tops out there.  She also mixes up her look. 

The other day I was watching a clip from a site that I have never shot for, but do enjoy watching.  They were featuring the top they use for a large percentage of their shoots.  She was making pretty much the same expression she always makes. 

So now I feel lucky that I get to shoot the very expressive Clare.  So without spending too much effort tracking down the funniest faces Clare has made, I dug up some random face shots from recent shoots and put them all in the montage above.  Hope you enjoy!

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My Top Ten Spanking Shoots of 2010

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Spanking

Top Spanking shoots
Please check out The Cherry Red Report to view my top 10 shoots of 2010.  There were many great shoots and it was very difficult cutting down to 10.  I missed some amazing models such as Isobel Wren, Hollie Stevens, Sophie Nova, the return of Alice Wonder, any so many more. 
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Madison Vs. Madison

by on Jan.15, 2011, under Spanked school girls

Schoolgirl spanking
What’s better than one spanking Madison?  How about TWO spanking Madisons?  We shot Madison Martin and Madison Young for My Spanking Roommate in an excellent school girl scene in a classroom.  Madison Martin of course is one of the stars of the site. 
But this is Madison Young’s first appearance on the site.  Madison Young has shot a great number of spanking scenes, though she has been doing wrestling and other fetish work lately and it is nice to bring her back to the spanking world with this scene.  She embraces her characters and can give and take hard spankings. 
Happy to say the two Madisons had great chemistry.  In fact, sometimes when you are watching from the sidelines as I am, it almost looks like the girls have more than chemistry, that they have a phsyical attraction.  Maybe that’s just a cameraman’s blurry line between fantasy and reality.
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Amazing Grace

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Spanking Interviews

Sometimes it is all about the expectations.  Clare Fonda usually sends me a photo of a model we will be shooting a month ahead of time or so – just to give me a heads up and/or solicit my opinion on her looks.  I’m sure she sent me a picture of Alexis Grace some time in November, but for whatever reason, the photo didn’t register or make a strong or lasting opinion. 
So when Alexis showed up one day in December to film her Spanked Sweeties (which is presently up on the site), I was BLOWN AWAY.  She was tall (nearly 6 feet) and stunning.  With a curvey bottom and a fantastic personality.  Check out Clare’s blog to see how much (a top 10 list) Alexis wowed us.  We filmed Alexis on her 22nd birthday – she even invited us to give her a birthday spanking. 
I look forward to the next time we shoot Alexis and if you love to see amazing looking young ladies getting spanked hard, and talking about her many spanking experiences, you should check out Alexis on Spanked Sweeties.
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by on Jan.03, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

Spanking the Maid
So the latest episode on My Spanking Roommate features Kay Richards teaching her maid to speak English – while spanking her like crazy.  So I came up with the word “spanklish” to cover this.  Pretty hilarioius, huh? 
If you like a little comedy, with a very solid spanking – hand and a nasty hairbrush – then you should check this one out.  Rosario Stone plays the maid and her English could use some work in real life, so this episode has a real ring of truth. 
 If you can speak Spanish (that is spoken really, really fast) then this episode can be an added bonus because Rosario goes on and on in Spanish – I assume talking about how she does not want to be spanked any more. 
By the way, does anyone know the word for “spanking” in Spanish?
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