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EE9 Comes to a Close

by on Nov.20, 2014, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

I just put my last update for Exclusive Education 9 on Girl Spanks Girl. It was a really great one so I’m sort of sad to see the new stuff end. It was a great shoot and a high energy epic scene.

Outstanding case of EE9

Outstanding case of EE9

Take-aways for me were – Tori Black walking off set before the shoot started, Amelea Dark, a sexy model, working as the second camera operator, but mostly, an amazing and co-operative cast!

Amelea Dark goes from EE9 behind camera to star in Jan.

Amelea Dark goes from EE9 behind camera to star in Jan.

I have been thinking about and even talking with a few models that I would love to use for EE10.  Cupcake, who will be appearing soon on Girl Spanks Girl for a special Christmas episode. Ivy Sherwood. Stevie Rose, who pointed out she has never appeared in an EE (I couldn’t believe it but looked it up and she is correct). Maddy Marks, who is a terrific spanking model.

Hope to see Cupcake in EE10

Hope to see Cupcake in EE10

And of course I will have to get some of the most popular models we missed on the last EE to either return for EE10 (are you reading this Veronica Ricci and Sarah Gregory?) or make her first appearance (how about you Missy Rhodes and Pandora Blake?). I am tossing around some ideas and considering some fantastic and interesting fan suggestions (one included alien invasion).  I am leaning toward a slumber party theme, but it’s early yet.  For now, farewell EE9 I hope you all enjoyed!

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Exclusive Education 8 Coming Soon

by on Aug.26, 2013, under Spanked school girls

I have all sorts of great stuff for my Fet Con Part 2 blog, but it will have to wait for a couple of days. I have been getting a lot of questions recently about Exclusive Education 8 and I want to clear that up on my blog for those members who read this.

It is something a little different this year, but still involves a lot of school girls. Less than last year because of the magnitude of the shoot – which included an actual field trip to Southern France. So the set up goes like this.

Veronica spanks Celeste Star while Ela Darling waits her turn

Part 1 of the epic starts in a dorm room in the states.  Student Veronica Ricci has learned that Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating in class.  Veronica won’t tell Teacher Snow, who is heading the field trip, if the girls agree to take a spanking. So Veronica gives them both a sound hand spanking.

Her classmates really marked up poor Veronica’s bum

But she tells anyway, so the two girls team up and spank Veronica super hard, also using a wooden mirror to mark her heavily.

They wouldn’t smile if they knew what was in store

Part 2 was actually shot in France, so it had the feel of an actual field trip, with the models all staying in one place, and Snow Mercy (as teacher Snow) keeping the girls in line.

It’s Veronica’s turn for the hairbrush

So in the classic tradition of the Exclusive Education series, she spanks each naughty schoolgirl one by one with hand on the first round, then with hairbrush on the second round.The schoolgirls are Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Nikki Rogue, Koko Kitten and Buffy Buffington.

Revenge is sweet

There was a Part 3 shot on a hike, with some of the schoolgirls looking for revenge.

I plan to shoot one more scene to complete the big production back here in the U.S. Perhaps I can round up Principal Miller for this. Anyway, I tried something a little different this year, but plan to shoot more girls and keep it local next year. But I like to experiment with new ideas from time to time always looking for the next big home run!

The first part will start this Wednesday.

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Episode 25 on Sorority Site is Spectacular

by on Mar.09, 2013, under Spanked school girls

Not sure if I am tooting my own horn here, but the latest episode on Spanking Sorority Girls is pretty f’in’ spectacular!  It has Veronica Ricci showing up late for class a third time, and getting spanked hard for it.

It has much of the cast from EE7, in which Veronica made a cameo, but did not get spanked.  Well she makes up for it here.  Snow Mercy plays the teacher who delivers the spanking over the knee, while the class laughed at the humiliated school girl.

I have been informed by many of the sites fans that when girls laugh at other girls while they are getting spanked, that this is a good thing.  Well the laughing was very genuine here.  Veronica was in so much pain that she started making sounds like an opera singer.

Veronica gets a real punishment for being late

Her close friend Phoenix Askani, who was sitting in the front row of class, had an especially great time laughing at her friend’s misfortune.  Teacher Snow ends Veronica’s spanking by having her bend over the desk and take ten hard ones with a large wooden yardstick. This left huge mark on Veronica’s poor bottom.

Paris Kennedy also got spanked by Snow Mercy

But Snow decided Veronica needed more humiliation and sent Veronica into the corner while Snow spanked a naughty Paris Kennedy. Just using her hand, Snow made Paris’s bottom red and heavily speckled.

This is a spectacularly real spanking scene in which the models were given a basic premise and ran with it – offering real punishment and humiliation. I wonder if Veronica thinks about this at all the next time she is late somewhere?

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The Return of Paris Kennedy

by on Aug.05, 2012, under Spanked school girls, Spanking


Paris Kennedy shot with Clare Fonda Productions when Paris was just 18 years old.  We were the first shoot she did of any kind.  Paris had short hair, was a bean pole and seemed very shy back then.  We shot her for a few years, for a variety of sites.  We watched her become more outgoing and get a few lady curves.  She was a regular on the Kara Prepare Yourself site, which can be found now as part of Spanked Call Girls.

Well, Paris got away from spanking for a some time, and focused more on her own sites, which centered around Superheroines.  She developed into a big name adult entertainer.  Clare often talked about reuniting with Paris for another spanking shoot.  But something always seemed to prevent it.  Clare and Paris always remained great friends and I would see her from time to time at a party (usually her birthday party – and yes she would get a birthday spanking). Recently, Paris started shooting spanking scenes again.


Finally, Paris is back on the CF sites, as she agreed to be one of the schoolgirls in EE7, found on Girl Spanks Girl.  With Paris returning, I thought she needed to be featured prominently in the schoolgirl scene.  There had to be some reason for the class to be disruptive.  Christy Cutie is in the cast.  I know she is great at playing bratty, and can take a harder spanking than anyone in the cast, which would be something you would expect to happen to the instigator.  So here was the marriage. Christy strips off Paris’s clothes and calls her a slut.  The class breaks out in chaos and of course that leads to all of them getting spanked.


I remembered that Paris’s butt turned red pretty quickly, but I don’t remember speckling.  Wow, did she ever speckle!  Snow laid right into poor Paris’s milky white bare bottom full force right away.


Welcome back to CF Worldwide, Paris!  After the shoot, Paris admitted it was a long time since she had a spanking like this one. But she is game to do it again.  So be on the lookout for more spanking scenes with the great Paris Kennedy!

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Paper Work – Time to Talk About Spanking

by on Mar.05, 2011, under Spanked school girls


Okay for a looong time I have been looking for a way to videotape some modles as they do their paper work after a spanking shoot.  Sometimes it’s not that interesting as they talk about dates, pets, clothes, etc. 

But sometimes it would be priceless footage, as they talk (unsolicited) about how sore their bottom is, how they can’t sit down – and many ask me to take a shot of their butt – in close up – with their phone – so they can send this photo to someone. 

I’m not sure where this footage would go in terms which appropriate website, and it generally happens while I am putting away my camera and lights, so I have often missed this opportunity.  And the few times I raced to get my camera so I could get some video, the models would stop talking.  And usually give me a funny look (which I interpret as “hey bozo, we did the shoot already, put that camera away). 

So if this is to work, and I am to capture this unsolicited talk about the spanking the models just got,  it has to by on the sly, is my conclusion. 

So please enjoy the above sneaky photo (sorry no video) taken of Ten, Alicia Panettiere and Mary Jane as they filled out their papework after doing a 3 girl schoolgirl shoot that is up on Clare Fonda’s Hotgirlsspanked, which is a Clips4sale studio that features exclusive scenes. 

While these three did their paperwork, they talked a little about spanking, and as you can see, Mary Jane (back to the camera) is the one who was not sitting on her bottom, as perhaps she felt a little more tender than the other two.  Until I figure out exactly how to capture these golden behind-the-scenes coversations, this photo will have to hold you over.

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Madison Vs. Madison

by on Jan.15, 2011, under Spanked school girls

Schoolgirl spanking
What’s better than one spanking Madison?  How about TWO spanking Madisons?  We shot Madison Martin and Madison Young for My Spanking Roommate in an excellent school girl scene in a classroom.  Madison Martin of course is one of the stars of the site. 
But this is Madison Young’s first appearance on the site.  Madison Young has shot a great number of spanking scenes, though she has been doing wrestling and other fetish work lately and it is nice to bring her back to the spanking world with this scene.  She embraces her characters and can give and take hard spankings. 
Happy to say the two Madisons had great chemistry.  In fact, sometimes when you are watching from the sidelines as I am, it almost looks like the girls have more than chemistry, that they have a phsyical attraction.  Maybe that’s just a cameraman’s blurry line between fantasy and reality.
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