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History of the Hairbrush

by on Apr.14, 2011, under Spanking

Hairbrush spanking

I looked up the history of the hairbrush and no one can pinpoint when it was first used, though it is theorized that hairbrushes were used thousands of years BC.  Well the theory is that the hairbrush was used on hair.  No one can really say when the first frustrated mother decided her hand was not punishment enough while spanking her naughty daughter and so she yanked out he implement she was using to brush her hair and whacked the poor girl’s bottom with it. 

As far as shooting spanking scenes with a hairbrush, it can be trickier than you think.  The thing about the hairbrush is that it can really, really sting even when it is not be used at full force.  The problem with this is that it doesn’t make that loud sound you want, so it doesn’t look too hard, but the girl is still going crazy fighting the pain.  But when you find a model who can take a hard spanking, and the spanker whacks hard enough to make that crisp, echo-y sound when the brush meets the bottom at full force, then you meet success. 

A good example of the successful hairbrush scene is now up on My Spanking Roommate.  Chloe Elise is spanking Kailee  with a hairbrush.  Kailee can take it hard, Chloe can deliver with a brush, so it works. 

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  • Angela Bauer

    All that is so true. Being spanked in a romantic way has been my major turn-on even before I actually was legal to attend adult spanking events.

    Fortunately before I could actually get spanked for my pleasure, I found ways to obtain reading material about adult spanking. It seemed to me there was no reason why the editors of adult spanking publications would lie when they wrote that the wooden hairbrush can cause so much pain it can be very anti-erotic.

    Therefore when I did finally get to place myself over the lap of a top I did not request being spanked with a hairbrush.

    The lack of noise from the hairbrush has been handled differently by various producers of adult spanking videos. I remember one such guy who wanted to recruit me as a model about 1985 just before I entered law school. He said that he added the hairbrush sound in post production by using a cap pistol. He was just arrogant enough he failed to realize everyone seeing his pathetic videos realized he was not a talented sound effects editor.

    Some hairbrushes make more noise than do others, but the fact is the models receiving a hairbrush spanking need guts. Also it helps if the crew is using appropriate microphones placed in the correct position in a room with lively reverberation.

    This is one of the many features elevating Clare Fonda Productions way about the ordinary “cap gun” wannabes.

  • admin

    Angela – I’d love to watch the video you mention with “cap gun” sounds for a hairbrush spanking that don’t exactly line up – might be pretty funny (though not in a good way).

  • Dave

    Cool post….I’ve noticed, at least in vids, those large plastic “paddle-brush” style hairbrushes make quite a loud “popping” noise, which is certainly a lovely cinematic effect.

  • mike

    iam huge fan of chloe and Kailee they both sexy and beautiful young lady. did kailee get to give chloe the same treatmen and sweet renvege with the same hairbrush she got spanked with meaning was Kilee able give cloe a spanking with same hairbrush

  • admin

    Dave – we’ll have to explore the “paddle-brush” as you call it. Do you know where to get one?

    Mike – I also am a big fan of Chloe and Kailee. We haven’t shot anything with Kailee spanking Chloe with that hairbrush. Yet. But we’ll work on it and see what we can do.

  • Dave

    I’m referring to those larger-style rectangular plastic hairbrushes you can get most anyplace, such as, say, Target or Amazon. 🙂

  • Jefferson

    My Spanking Roommate is great for variety as I have recently seen a caning, paddling and much hairbrush action. Thank you for keeping this in mind. I like to see the ladies use the tools even though my favorite is hand.

  • admin

    Thanks for the feedback. We do try to get some variety with the implements on My Spanking Roommate, though most will agree that nothing beats the hand spanking.

  • Mike

    that ok iam sure Kailee would be up to givng Chloe the same treamtnet she got and would love to spank chloe butt with the same hairbrush lol i would say so she will know what like be spanked with hairbrush but all these model already know what it is like lol

    another think i noticed some of the model as gave other spanking with paddle or hands but usally not with hairbrushes. not sure but has there been spanking with bathrbrush done

  • tim

    yes young Chloe gives big spanks to young Kailee ,best ,tim .

  • KJ

    Kailee is one who we have not seen enough of as late. I’m a big fan and if she is reading this- please do the schoolgirl video!

  • --------

    Given the parallel histories of other products, it is quite likely that popularization of the hairbrush as a disciplinary tool was largely the result of peddlers and pitch(wo)men. Quite likely, the trend was also the product of urbanization and women’s rights. This is how these three elements might have come together in the United States.

    Without a doubt the most common implement of correction in history was the switch. In most places on earth suitable for agriculture, useful material was easily available and free for the taking. After use, the switch could be discarded without incurring economic loss.

    Then, as people began moving to cities to find employment, they discovered switches were no longer plentiful. Interestingly enough, early patents for commercially produced hairbrushes roughly coincided with the period when over half the American population began working for someone else. It was also the same time when the production of mass-produced manufactured goods began to dominate the economy.

    At a time when women were first beginning to exercise their newly won political rights, at about the same time women got the right to vote and began fraternizing with men as equals, mass-produced hairbrushes allow mothers to deliver a sting equivalent to that of a man’s hand. In other words, now Mom could spank just as hard a Dad.

    Not surprisingly, when the average number of children in a family numbered between 3 and 4, hairbrush manufacturers such as Fuller realized there was a ready market for their products. As a result, as those living in early to mid-20th century recalled, door-to-door sales(wo)men sold a lot of stay-at-home mom hairbrushes specifically intended for spanking.

    It is probably not an exaggeration to suggest that at least 3/4 of American women of the World War II to Baby Boom generations got their bare bottoms spanked by a mother wielding a hairbrush. The things were everywhere and, although widely praised by mothers for their effectiveness, were greatly feared by daughters of those very same mothers!

    Since then, of course, an almost magical aura has grown up around mother’s hairbrush.

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